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Which type of signal reception do you need to improve?

Wi-Fi & Mobile Amplifiers, Repeaters.

Proven to work Wi-Fi & Cell Phone Signal Boosters, Repeaters, Amplifiers.

  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Fast quotes for commercial cellular and public safety signal booster installations by certified installers.
  • Works for all mobile networks in USA such as Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint.

AT&T currently offers 5Ge (5G Evolution). It basically utilizes its existing 4G LTE band infrastructure. This means our cell signal boosters are compatible with 5G-E (aka "LTE advanced" or "carrier aggregation"). We carry signal boosters for all Canadian wireless networks too. E.g., Bell Mobility, Telus Mobility & Rogers Wireless.

Try easy fixes to improve cell phone signal. If that does not work, buy cell phone signal booster. They enable strong wireless coverage within your home/ office, or inside your car/ truck. Provider of America's strongest cellphone signal boosters. Call 1(855)846-2654 if you need any help.

What is a signal booster?

It can be a TV, Wi-Fi or a Cell Phone Signal Booster. It is A.K.A. an amplifier or a repeater. It is a device that has an amplifier and two antennas (exterior and interior). All items connect with coaxial cable(s). It boosts wi-fi and/or cellphone signals to your wireless device. It can improve wifi & cellular in homes, offices, or cars & trucks. Wireless communication occurs over a wide spectrum. Our wireless network boosting products cover mobiles, wi-fi & TV freq. bands used in U.S.A. & Canada. All network boosters are certified by F.C.C. & I.S.E.D. / I.C.

How do wifi & cell phone signal amplifiers help?

Do you receive strong wi-fi signal from your wireless network? If not, your wireless broad band internet devices like tablet PC will not work. This can occur in just a few, or many areas of your home & office. It typically occurs due to weak Internet coverage. This can be fixed easily with a good wi-fi signal extender.

Cell phones annoy us all. The worst is when cellphones encounter weak network reception:

  • Do your calls drop mid-conversation? Does your mobile network connected tablet and/or smart phone have slow internet speed most of the time? Such problems are typically due to weak cellular signal coverage. This can occur within a home & building or car & truck.
  • Poor cellular connection to the mobile tower can also cause more problems. Text messages can be lost, stuck, or delayed for hours. Voice quality can be very unclear or choppy. All of these can annoy even a calm person with a "Type B" demeanor.

Therefore, a cell phone signal amplifier is worth the cost. It is by far the best solution. Antenna bars & signal strength readings in decibels indicate reception. With a boosting system in place, such indicators would show improvement. A strong cellular reception will help both indoors, and in vehicles. It helps you to make the most of your mobile services. It enables clear talking. It powers fast Internet. It makes instant text messaging possible.

Options For Most Of The Mobile Signal Amplifiers.

Every location has its unique challenges which may lead to weak signals. For some, there're too few cell towers in their proximity. For others, there're physical barriers to the wireless network signal. Hills, valleys, and walls - All these hinder on-site reception. In fact, these cause major connectivity issues. Due to this fluid dynamic, a few amplifiers are kitted uniquely. All kits contain an indoor amplifier. They all have exterior antenna. Some have separate, or a built-in interior antenna. These parts are connected with a coax. cable. Albeit, a few mobile signal boosters have 1 of 2 types of external antennas.

  • Omni-direction antennas incl. with a few cell phone signal boosters have 360 degree coverage. They are less effective, but they pull-in waves from all directions & carriers. They help end-point connectivity inside houses & buildings. They are perfect for locations where there're strong signals outside the building.
  • Uni-directional antennas - A.K.A. "Yagi" or "LPDA". LP stands for Log Periodic. DP stands for Dipole Array. Both refer to wide band antennas that can point to phone tower. They can only point in one direction. They need to be pointed to nearest tower. They can reach a lot farther than omni-channel antennas. It is perfect for a house that lacks a strong local cellular signal outside.

Commercial Wi-Fi and/or Cell Phone Booster Installations.

Large residential or commercial buildings and other large venues with indoor spaces have 100,000+ sq. ft. They require more than one business or enterprise commercial and/or industrial amplifier. Custom designed phone booster kits by our installers would provide max. signal strength. Customized design systems can combat weak signals over large indoor areas. Industrial mobile phone booster installation needs explicit approvals.

Permissions are required from all carriers. We can help you with such approvals and permissions. We design & install mobile signal booster systems for mobile networks. All broad band wi-fi networks use wireless routers. We design & install wireless signal booster systems for wifi networks. We can also design & install both 2-in-1 mobile & broad band wifi system for you. We can provide a professional wifi & mobile phone signal booster system design, for your review. Please submit details for a "wi-fi" and / or "cell phone signal booster" installation service quote.

Cell Phone Signal Booster Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is a cell phone signal booster?
    It is a device that improves cellular signal strength.
  2. How does a cell phone signal booster work?
    It works by catching signals from cell towers outside. Then it amplifies them. Then it broadcasts them inside. This process improves indoor cellular reception.
  3. How much does a cell phone signal booster cost?
    Its cost can range from $4.95 to thousands of dollars. The cost depends upon its signal increasing capability.
  4. Which is the best cell phone signal booster?
    It is one that extends cellular coverage where you need it. It does this at the lowest cost and most effectiveness. Therefore, the best cell phone booster for each scenario would vary based on many factors. An important factor would be the signal strength outside. Another one would be sq. ft. coverage required.
  5. Which cell phone signal booster should I buy?
    To help you find one, we have designed an automated cell phone signal booster finder tool. For larger projects requiring multiple kits, please contact us. Or submit questionnaire. Our response would include scheduling a site survey, project quote, system design and professional installation service. experts are ready to provide best recommendation based on your current situation. This would include signal strength outside, and amount of sq. ft. over which cellular coverage needs extension.


A wireless signal booster is a device that improves broadband WiFi reception. It does this through a wireless router using technologies based on IEEE 802.11 standards using 2.4, 3.6, 5, and 60 GHz frequency bands. In contrast, a phone booster is a device that improves mobile network reception. Phone boosters do this by amplifying signals received from mobile networks. Such wide-area networks consist of transmitters on towers. Such cellphone towers are located all across cities, counties, and states.

Mobile networking technologies include: 3G. 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution). Real 4G. 5G E (5G Evolution). True 5G (in the near future). Carriers require that you register it with them. Our triple technology amplifiers boost reception on Wi-Fi, HDTV, and Mobile phones. Our triple wireless signal type 7 Band Signal Boosters for cell phones, HDTVs, and Wi-Fi are: Fusion 7 and Force 7. Both these kits boost WiFi, Mobile, as well as HDTV.

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