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Permanently Solve Bad Reception With a Signal Booster

Proven to work Wi-Fi & Cell Phone Signal Boosters, Amplifiers, Repeaters. ✅ 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. ✅ Fast quotes for commercial cellular and public safety signal booster installations by certified installers. ✅ Works for all mobile networks in USA & Canada. Enjoy strong wireless coverage within your home/ office, or inside your car/ truck. Provider of America's strongest cellphone signal boosters. Call 1(855)846-2654 if you need any assistance.

What is a signal booster?

It can be a wi-fi or a cell phone signal booster. It is also known as an amplifier or a repeater. It is a device that has an amplifier and minimum two antennas (exterior and interior). All items connect with coax cable(s). It boosts wi-fi and/or cellphone signals to your wireless device. It can improve Wifi & cellular in homes, offices, or cars & trucks. Wireless communication occurs over a wide spectrum. Our wireless network boosting products cover mobile, Wi-Fi & TV freq. bands used in USA & Canada. All network boosters are certified by FCC & IC.

How do wifi & cell phone signal amplifiers help?

Do you receive strong wi-fi signal from your wireless network? If not, your wireless broadband internet devices like tablets will not work. This can occur in just a few, or many areas of your home & office. It typically occurs due to weak broadband internet coverage. This can be fixed easily with a good wi-fi signal extender.

Cell phones annoy us all. The worst is when they encounter weak network reception:

Therefore, a cell phone signal amplifier is worth the cost. It is by far the best solution. Antenna bars & signal strength readings in decibels indicate reception. With a boosting system in place, such indicators would show improvement. A strong cellular reception will help both indoors, and in vehicles. It helps you to make the most of your mobile services. It enables clear talking. It powers fast internet. It makes instant text messaging possible.

Options for most of the mobile phone signal boosters.

Every location has its unique challenges which may lead to weak signals. For some, there're too few cell towers in their proximity. For others, there're physical barriers to the wireless network signal. Hills, valleys, and walls - All these hinder on-site reception. In fact, these cause major connectivity issues. Due to this fluid dynamic, a few amplifiers are kitted uniquely. All kits contain an indoor amplifier & an interior antenna. These're connected with a coax cable. Albeit, a few mobile signal boosters have 1 of 2 types of external antennas.

Commercial Wi-Fi and/or Cell Phone Booster Installations.

Large commercial buildings and other large venues with indoor spaces have 100,000+ sq. ft. They require more than 1 commercial grade and/or industrial grade amplifier. Custom designed kits by our installers would provide maximum signal strength. Customized design systems can combat weak signals over large indoor areas. Industrial mobile phone booster installation needs explicit approvals. Permissions are required from all carriers. We can help you with such approvals and permissions. We design & install mobile signal booster systems for mobile networks. All broadband wi-fi networks use wireless routers. We design & install wireless signal booster systems for broadband wifi networks. We can also design & install both 2-in-1 mobile & broadband wifi system for you. We can provide a professional wifi & mobile phone signal booster system design, for your review. Please submit details for a signal booster installation service quote.


A wireless signal booster is a device that improves broadband WiFi reception. It does this through a wireless router using technologies based on IEEE 802.11 standards using 2.4, 3.6, 5, and 60 GHz frequency bands. In contrast, a mobile phone booster is a device that improves mobile network reception. It does this through mobile networks. Mobile networking technologies incl. 3G, 4G, LTE, and 5G in the near future. Carriers require that you register it with them. Our triple technology amplifiers boost reception on Wi-Fi, HDTV, and Mobile! Our triple wireless signal type 7 Band Signal Boosters for cell phones, HDTVs, and Wi-Fi are: Fusion 7 and Force 7. Both these kits boost WiFi, Mobile, as well as HDTV!

Featured Cellular, HDTV, and WiFi Signal Boosters: