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Kids and Cell Phones in Today's Wireless World

Sep 13, 2017

Parenting is awesome with the tremendous joyful moments it brings, along with some challenges and difficulties. The video below shows a casual conversation on the topic of cell phones from a child's perspective.

Video Transcript:

Hey SureCallers, I'm here again and I brought my son today. We're going to be asking a couple of questions and kind of get a kid's perspective on cell phones and what cell phones are used for and how important it is for children to have good cell phone reception.

Alright, you ready for some questions? What do we use cell phones for? Why would you need a cell phone? Response: If your phone isn't dead, you can use it and play games and watch stuff. If you are in an emergency or something, you can call someone. Question: But what if it's not an emergency? What if you just want to order a pizza? Is that okay? Response: Yeah, okay. Yeah. Okay. Alright fantastic.

Question: So can you think about what life would be like if you didn't have cell phones at all? That would be pretty weird. Response: Yeah. Like it's like we want to have electronics like nothing. Cell phones. We have a lot of different things that we use our cell phones. We use it for games, for videos, we use it to call people. Some of us use it at work because we have to make sure that we keep our calendar on it. Question: Do you have a watch on your hand? How are you going to tell the time? Your cell phone right. So you use it for lots of different things, not just making phone calls right And have you ever had to use a phone that was actually plugged into the wall like what you have at your grandparents’ house? Is it harder to use that kind of a phone than a cell phone? Response: Kind of because I can't look at a screen or anything. Question: Right, and how many times have you as a kid had to show your grandparents how to use different things on their phone? Response: Probably ten billion times.

Yeah cell phones are really like just a part of your life huh, it's just either I've got one or your mom's got one. Question: Do you ever use it when we're at a restaurant or anything like that? Response: Not usually because it’s really rude. It is, you're right. But we see people a lot of times when we're getting somewhere, they've got their phones, they're texting or they're playing games or that kind of stuff. ...doing that. ...How do you do this? Okay give me your phone. There we go. There you go, it's fixed. Yeah, absolutely.

Question: So, when you are either playing a game or watching a video on YouTube or whatever, like what kind of videos do you like to watch on YouTube? Response: Usually games. Those are pretty much like the only videos on YouTube. So you don't make a habit out of watching cat videos. No. But you watch them whenever they're funny right.

Yeah, so how does it make you feel when you're trying to watch either a video, if you're trying to play a video game, something like that and you can't connect either to the Wi-Fi or you can't connect to the signal? You know, you've got that little circle that goes around and around and around. You're like oh, it’s so slow. Question: How does that make you feel? Response: Pretty angry and sad. Sangry. Yes, I was trying to find that word. Thank you. It’s just so frustrating to not be able to. Alright.

Well thank you so much for being with me today. I love your guts. Thank you for answering all my questions and I hope you have a great rest of the day.

And so any of you, if you have any kind of problem using your cell phone because of poor signal quality, make sure you go to, check out our line of SureCall products. We also do have a brand new line of SureCall signal boosters that also support HDTV and Wi-Fi in all the same box. So it is definitely something to go and check out. And also look at our where to buy sections you can actually figure out where our resellers are so you can get your hands on one of these units.

No doubt, parenting a child is awesome with the tremendous joyful moments it brings, along with some challenges and difficulties. For example, that was a joyful chat:) However, sometimes, moms and dads have difficulty reaching their sons and daughters due to weak cellular reception. That is not pleasant. Signal boosters help during those times.

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  • “Why is cell phone reception worse indoors?” is a question I used to ask myself. I’ve seen it pop up in the comments section in several blogs as well so neither of us are alone in experiencing this (there are also people asking why cell phones don’t work in retail stores like Walmart or Target). Anyways, from what I’ve read, the different materials in your home can weaken or block cell phone signals. If they weaken them, your bars will be low and you get slow downloads, poor reception, and other hassles. No signal and you have a dead zone where one minute you’re talking to someone and the next your call ends. Even windows can be a problem because some new windows are treated with material to block the sun’s damaging rays. I don’t know the details but they can interfere with signals.

    Mario Coppolla on
  • While you guys are trying to figure out when to let your rugrats get a cell phone, can you answer me this-why is cell phone reception worse indoors?

    Hugh Palmer on
  • More parents and guardians are asking what the right age for a kid is to have a cell phone. There are studies they can look at such as 2016’s average age to get a cell phone, statistics on children’s use of technology in 2017, and teenage cellphone use statistics in 2017, but it’s still up to them to make the choice of when it’s okay. I can’t speak for other parents other than to say what percentage of tweens (defined as ages 8 to 12) use a cell phone will surprise you. Ultimately, you need to talk to your kids about the pros and cons and go from there.

    Earl Thomas on
  • I think kids would want their cell phones embedded into their bodies if they could. I know I am on my phone frequently and I see my classmates are on their phones nonstop. Cell phones have become such an important part of modern life that you have to have them if you’re living in an industrialized nation. That means kids too, even if some parents don’t like it.

    Tyler Chase on
  • That was cute. It pretty much sums up how young people look at cell phones. They’re definitely more than just for phone calls. As others have noted, cell phones are personal computers that make phone calls. There are so many things you can do with a cell phone besides calling that sometimes the call feature becomes secondary. Although I think people spend too much time on their phones, it is a great tool. It’s like anything. You use the tool, you don’t let the tool use you.

    Michael Rickard on

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