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Why Do Characters In Scary Movies Always Lack Cellular Signal?

Sep 12, 2017

Halloween is around the corner and we think you may enjoy this video about desperate moments in scary movies due to weak cellular signal. It states that the number three reason that people die in a typical scary MOVIE is because they don't have any cell phone reception!
Watch video for more on this scary topic:)

Video transcript:

Hello SureCallers, Adam Dutcher here again. I hope you all are enjoying the Fall season. For me personally, Fall is by far my favorite season of the year for a couple of different reasons. No, I don't enjoy pumpkin spice lattes or pumpkin spice cookies or pumpkin spice French fries, whatever they have going on out there. My favorite part of the Fall season is by far scary movie season, and I hope that you’re just like me. Any movie that I'm watching that gives me a little bit of a fright, that gets my heart pumping, is definitely going to be enjoyable for me.

But as I've watched these scary movies, whether you want them to be horror movies or crime suspense movies or thrillers or dramas, whatever it is, whatever gets your blood pumping, there seems to be a common thread within I'd say about the last 10 years. And what I've noticed is that as technology has begun to progress and we've gotten more and more connected, it seems that these scary movies are not addressing that in the films themselves. What I mean by that is how many times have you been watching a scary movie and you're watching this protagonist run away from the killer or the monster or whoever it is and you notice that they are not using their cell phone to call the police?

You know, it's actually the number three reason that people die in the scary movie is because they don't have any cell reception. So what are the filmmakers in this genre doing to address technology? And the answer is not a whole lot. The way that they try to address things like modern technology in the way of cell phones, smart phones, Wi-Fi those kinds of things, is to either eliminate them completely or to make it impossible for the protagonist to be able to use that piece of technology. Now while there are challenges for those protagonists to be able to get away or survive at this movie, there are also things that you and I do in order to be able to survive these scary movies as well, and everybody uses at least one of these different techniques:

I have to go to the bathroom [Music] Anybody want some popcorn? [Music] Oh you're just going to cut those off. That's definitely not natural. That's Wow. But there's only one way for the person in the film to actually survive. Use your cell phone. Now the problem is that a lot of times, the person in the film cannot make that phone call because of bad reception whether they're on the side of the road, on some deserted highway somewhere. They can't make a cell phone call because there's bad reception or they're inside their home and there's a killer in there that they have to try to get away from.

But for some reason, they can't use their phone because they have no bars inside or they've stepped into a spooky warehouse somewhere or an old abandoned factory where once again there is no cell phone reception. So the only way for those people in the movies to survive is that they have, you guessed it, a SureCall booster.

SureCall has cellular boosters that can fit any kind of application whether it be a car, an RV a home, a factory. We have something for every sized application. For those of us in the real world that have a hard time making a phone call inside our homes or inside of our vehicles, there's a different SureCall signal booster for every kind of application so make sure you head over to and check out our line of products. You can also go to our where to buy section to find a dealer and have one of these delivered right to your doorstep. From all of us here at SureCall, have a happy and safe Halloween and thank you so much for using SureCall to help raise your bars.

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  • There’s a fun pop culture site called TV Tropes that deals with this. They actually have a page TV Tropes no signal that deals with no signal and other cellular drama, something we’ve all become aware of. Personally, I think it’s bad writing and knowing what I know now about cell phone boosters, it’s a problem few people should have to run into—even the oh-so-stupid people i.e. future victims in scary movies. Get a cell phone booster for home or car, and help is just a call away the next time Jason Vorhees shows up.

    Jay Redmond on
  • Unfortunately, 99% of characters in horror movies are idiots. The last time I saw a horror movie with intelligent characters was “Phantasm” where the protagonists loaded up on firepower before they engaged the bad guy. The movie was 1980 so cell phones weren’t around. However, if they were, these heroes would have a cell phone signal booster in their car so their cell phone signal strength was increased. Be prepared, whether you’re in a horror movie or a horrific situation like stuck in the car on a long trip with poor reception. Why listen to grandma when you play a game on your phone?

    Marvin Heywood on
  • Ha ha. This was clever. It’s so true that filmmakers go out of their way to eliminate cell phones as characters’ lifelines. I’d love to watch a movie and see the other characters struggling to get bars, only for the hero (who else?) to show off their booster and save the day. Sadly, it’s just a convention of scary movies and thrillers that the protagonists are trapped with no chance of outside help. Back in the old days, the phone lines were down. Now, the cell phone reception is bad. However, in real life, that’s no longer a problem!

    Michael Rickard on

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