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Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation Service

Professional cell phone booster installation service by certified installers

Cell phone signal booster installation service consists of professional site survey, custom design, distributed antenna system (DAS) equipment, and integration with pre-existing components. Our expert booster installers and integrators are experienced and guarantee maximum possible reception improvement in residential homes or commercial buildings. For vehicles, request vehicle cell phone booster installation service. All installers are bonded and insured for your safety and security. Upon receipt of completed form shown below, we will prepare free system design and total expense quote for your no-obligation review. Information requested below is required for us to provide lowest, most reasonable, and most affordable quote for a robust residential, commercialindustrial or public safety wireless signal enhancement system for consumers and businesses in USA & Canada.

Cell Phone Booster Installers

We offer the best cell phone booster installation service that your business deserves, along with the best credit and financing solutions to finance your Signal Booster System or Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and make it affordable for your company.

Do you need it for a residence? Consider buying our ultra low cost combination of cell booster and installation (financing available). The kit included in this bundle boosts coverage for an entire home. It includes nationwide installation in all 50 states. It can be scheduled as early as the next day after you receive the kit with scheduling instructions. Pre-configured small to medium size business commercial cell phone booster with installation also available for up to 35,000 sq. ft.

Remember, we offer the best cell signal booster installation service that your business deserves, along with the best credit and financing solutions to make it affordable for your company.

Why Improperly deployed in-building signal boosters cause RF interference (noise). We make sure RF noise does not cause disruption by performing clean installations per FCC regulations and building codes to minimize noise, and maximize coverage.

Other Benefits Include:

  1. Competitively priced cell phone booster / DAS equipment + Low install cost = Best VALUE.
  2. MAX OPTIMIZATION to make the most of your investment. For example, we use channel filters when needed to boost reception to maximum extent possible, whereas others may not bother as long as it just "works".
  3. EXPERIENCED nationwide network of DAS / cell phone booster installers.
  4. Only best QUALITY brand new DAS / signal boosters installed that can boost signal on all frequencies reqd. incl. 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G Sub-6 600 MHz (below 6GHz) and 5G Millimeter Wave (higher 6 GHz +).
  5. CERTIFIED, licensed, and bonded installers.
  6. CLEANEST, aesthetically pleasing installations.
  7. NO cellular signal booster installation service project too big for us.
  8. CAPABLE of designing and installing all types and sizes of in-building wireless coverage systems from small homes to skyscrapers.*

*Examples include:

    • Commercial and Industrial.
    • Enterprise Small Cell.
    • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).
    • Public Safety DAS Systems (PSDAS).
    • Public Safety Signal Boosters for all public safety band frequencies including FirstNet, the new Public Safety Radio Amplification System for emergency responder radio coverage (ERRC) in buildings.

We look forward to making your indoor wireless signal STRONG. Guaranteed.

Nationwide Professional Installation Services

If you're looking for professional installation services for your cell phone signal boosting products, look no further than With a network of professional installers nationwide, we have the unique ability to install and customize all cell phone signal boosting solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential clients alike.

With a combination of standard turnkey solutions and customizable services, our installers create just the right mix of services to ensure that your installation goes smoothly to suit your individual requirements, while always delivering at the lowest possible cost.

The benefits of professional cell phone installation services include:

  • A fast, clean installation of in-building high power Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) to give you access to the services you need most - without bureaucracy and red tape.
  • Proper and complete installation and testing of your cell phone signal boosting products to ensure everything is working to capacity and that you're getting the best possible results from the installation.
  • Fully customizable installation services to suit your individual needs and the size and space of your area, ensuring access to the most reliable and strong cell phone service available in your area.
  • Faster, cleaner, and infinitely better installation results than if you attempted to install the products yourself. Our professional installers have the experience, expertise, and professional-level tools to make installation a snap.
  • Electronic RF technicians certified and trained in installing all cell booster brands including weBoost, Wilson Electronics (Wilson Pro), SureCall, Cel-Fi, HiBoost and more.
  • Tied and hidden cords for a polished, clean, and aesthetically pleasing installation of cellular booster kits to maintain original appearance as best as possible.

When you choose professional cell phone signal installation by the experts at, you're choosing to get the most out of your cell phones and other connected devices while optimizing your ability to use your existing cell phone plan from your wireless provider. Our professional installers will determine the optimal placement of your products to ensure the strongest and most consistently reliable cell phone signal at all times.

At, our expert installers are used to undertaking massive industrial and commercial signal boosting installations. However, our installers are more than happy to use their considerable knowledge and skills to meet the needs of residential clients with complex needs, or for people who due to technical issues, mobility issues, or anything else – are unable to complete a DIY installation themselves.

If you need your cell phone signal boosting products installed, the friendly team at can help. We can provide installation service as well as post-install technical support. Submit the form above, or contact us to discuss your needs.