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Cel-Fi is the winner of the 2014 Mobility Award at CES!

Jun 09, 2016

Cel-Fi wins 2014 Mobility Award at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Cel-Fi was selected by 60+ press and analysts to win the Mobility Award at CES in the Wireless Femtocells/Small Cells/Signal Boosters Category. Considering its "smartness", it is no surprise to us that it won such a prestigious award! From its ease of installation (simply plugging in and placing window & coverage units) to its smart signal boosting technique that provides 1,000 times higher gain than other most powerful cell phone boosters, this is hands down the best choice for cell phone reception improvement. Look for even more awards this prize winning product is on track to receive, in the foreseeable future.

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  • Do you have any articles up on other CES shows and awards for cell phone boosters and related technology? The Consumer Electronics Show is always a great spot for seeing what is coming soon and which products have performed well.

    Seth Graham on
  • I know this award goes back a while, but you can’t go wrong with cell phone boosters when it comes to powering up your cell phone to get fast data speeds and clear calls. I’m finalizing plans for a cell phone booster for my car so I can drive around wherever and not worry about dropped calls or interference/feedback.

    M. Nelson Borden on
  • 1000x more than the most powerful cell phone boosters? No wonder it won the award. This seems like a real award is it was selected by over 60 analysts and members of the press. There’s nothing as suspicious as awards that don’t state the criteria for how and why they were awarded. Frankly, anyone can claim an award, but there are ones that are earned, and ones that are basically paid advertising. Congratulations.

    Morgan Matthews on

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