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Splitters, Taps, Filters.

What do these things do? Read about the differences between splitters and taps. Basically, splitters, taps, filters help with precise installation of signal booster kits or DAS. RF splitters help split the signal coming from one cable/wire to 2 or more in order to accommodate more exterior and/or interior antennas that the boosting system can connect. Channel filters help reduce passage of signals of certain frequency or band that is not needed which may be causing the booster/amplifier to get overpowered and consequently reducing its output for the frequency band that needs boosting. Attenuators reduce all signals to help balance the system so it does not get overwhelmed and reduce its output power below required threshold. Couplers, also known as a taps, are used to place multiple indoor antennas in a long line when installing a cell phone signal booster system. Signal Taps and Couplers can be helpful when used for sampling RF power levels, or as unequal power dividers. A combiner takes all the signals and mixes them together. Wide band diplexers implement frequency domain multiplexing, which splits high and low frequencies through different channels back into one common port.