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Why carries only FCC (USA) Certified and ISED (Canada) Certified signal boosters with lifetime technical support. If you order wrong country model version, we will ship correct country version based on your shipping address. Unlicensed signal boosters can cause serious harm to the wireless network and incur fines for each incident. According to FCC guidelines, a person operating a booster that is not consumer certified can receive "penalties in excess of $100,000". This is important, and thus we highlight this here for maximum awareness.

About is located in Houston, Texas. As an authorized reseller and certified installer of several Wi-Fi booster brands as well as cell phone signal booster brands, we stock and ship signal boosters from our warehouse in the city of Houston, Texas.

We offer local and nationwide installation services for all industrial and commercial grade signal boosters we sell. is cell phone signal booster supplier in Houston, Texas. Buy a residential or commercial signal booster for in-store pickup or have it shipped out. We can also have it professionally installed nationwide by certified installers.

Our aim and motto is to be well-equipped to meet all of your signal boosting equipment needs in a timely manner with our nationwide team to help install the same.

Market Challenge.

An estimated 17% to 25% of all users worldwide experience poor quality indoor wireless coverage, translating into well over 1 billion subscribers globally experiencing pain. For us, that is far too many people affected by weak signals. We want to change this because most of the people suffer needlessly. Our challenge is to raise awareness of existence of top quality signal boosting products that can alleviate weak signal problems by boosting reception for all three types of signals - cellular, broadband wi-fi internet, and high definition TV signals. We do this by offering comprehensive expert solutions. With our nationwide installer network, we not only sell but also install cell phone boosters across USA & Canada. Se habla español.

Comprehensive Expert Solution.

Our vast selection of signal boosters made by SureCall, Wilson Electronics, and others, plus our ability to have them installed for you - Meets the needs for every coverage size client from hundreds of thousands to millions of square feet. Enjoy better cellular coverage within one to two rooms with our easy install EZ-4G booster kit. Enhance coverage for cellular, Internet Wi-Fi, and HDTV for up to 20,000 square feet of indoor space with All-In-One Signal Booster kit. Boost in-building cellular reception in spaces up to 100,000 sq. ft. with a single Force 5 signal amplifier kit. Our options include wide variety of solutions, customized to tackle the most challenging dead zone scenarios. is a value-added reseller, installer and integrator of in-building wireless signal enhancement products. Our team of installers deploy Public Safety DAS in buildings to comply and exceed minimum required standards for in-building wireless connectivity for all Public Safety bands. Therefore, we have joined Safer Buildings Coalition to contribute to safety of general public as well as first responders to brainstorm and devise more advanced solutions for in-building wireless connectivity.

Dependable communication during emergencies is essential and we would like to collaborate with like-minded individuals and companies to attain the goal of minimum acceptable connectivity standards across all buildings in USA.

After purchasing commercial or industrial grade equipment, rest assured because we will have you covered with the best installation team in the business after you submit details for a quote for installation by a team of certified installers. With high caliber references that will eliminate any doubt of install capability for any size project anywhere in USA, your installation will be completed by certified installers - On time, and within quoted budget.

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