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Best Cell Phone Signal Booster Affiliate Program

What is a signal booster affiliate?

Our affiliates refer buyers to our website and earn commission as a percentage of the sale. Unlike signal booster resellers, they need not worry about credit card processing fees, returns, customer service, nor providing technical support because we take care of all that.

What is a signal booster reseller?

It is an individual or company that resells signal boosters to make a profit. A signal booster reseller buys wireless signal enhancement system or equipment from a distributor ( at wholesale dealer prices, and then sells to its own clients or buyers at retail prices to be profitable. The profit can be much higher than an affiliate would earn, but a reseller has to have comprehensive capabilities to operate the business.

A reseller is basically a retailer. It entails selling signal boosters to end users directly. They can sell them in a retail store. They can also sell them online. They take payments for equipment sold directly from their customers, with no middleman. They must manage returns if they occur and provide refunds for returns sent within period stated in their return policy. They provide customer service, as well as technical support to people that buy from them. If you do not wish to do this, consider becoming a Signal Booster Affiliate by signing up below.

Why Join's Affiliate Program?

#1: Earn Maximum Earnings.

How? With our best cell phone signal booster affiliates program, you can earn maximum earnings because website visitors convert more due to the high conversion rate. Why is our conversion rate high? Many reasons. One simple reason is that is the most popular brand category killer domain signal booster website that carries practically all other brands including weBoost, WilsonPro by Wilson Electronics, SureCall and many others. Secondly, with our decades of experience, we carry the most popular models that work best and are balanced with least percentage of returns. Lastly, our website provides all detailed information related cellular amplifiers including comparison charts, videos, installation illustration graphics and everything else your website traffic would possible require to make quick purchase decision online. Rest assured, you can earn commission even if they buy within up to 30 days of visiting our site using your affiliate link (see details in chart below).

#2: Great for Content Creators.

Are you a content creator? Please know that our products are slowly becoming a necessity. The reason is that more people now work from home to make money. Home offices that were not used mainly for calling and receiving calls during the day from customers are now being used heavily via wireless data transfer using mobile devices. Cell phones, tablets, and mobile hotspot (MiFi) Internet devices require strong wireless connectivity to work seamlessly without stalling or freezing. These devices lack that required connectivity, if reception is weak indoors. To combat poor signals, a signal booster can help. Your challenge will be to make attractive content to inform your website traffic about availability of our mobile signal enhancing solutions. You will love the high returns that you will get for your content creation efforts to help sell our cellular booster kits and related accessories.

#3: Great for you!

You don't have to be the friendly neighborhood Spiderman! If you're just a good friendly neighbor, then you can help your neighbors enjoy better signal and earn cash when they buy. Most of the people you may have as your neighbor, don't know that signal boosters exist. That is our number one challenge here at Be an awesome neighbor, and help us spread the word about phone boosters. Invite your neighbors, friends and family to join you in improving their cell signal. Simultaneously, make money while you do such a helpful neighborly duty to help, and get to know them a little better at the same time.

Unlike olden days, in this day and age, we don't have enough face to face communications that can truly help with our well-being. Even if you don't need the money, this can be a great reason to get out there, trying to get to know your neighbor that can possibly become lifelong friend. No one can have too many friends, right? Here's a great icebreaker you can try, "Do you sometimes have difficulty with your cell phone connection in your house?" If they reply, "yes", you can tell them that there may be a solution which they can check out. Give them your business card or a piece of paper with your domain name that points to your affiliate link. If you like, you can tell them that this is how you earn your living - helping others with their wireless connectivity indoors and in vehicles. They will gladly use your affiliate link which you share with them, to make their purchase at

For your efforts to help us get the word out about our cellular connectivity enhancement products, you get five percent of whatever dollar amount they spend. In addition to your financial gains, who knows, it may even help you find the best friend you didn't know you could have had - your neighbor:)


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Additional terms

You will get 5% commission on total referral sales when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link. You can purchase a domain name and point or redirect it to your aff. link to make it easy for you to refer.

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Sample Text Advertisement.

You can create text ads on your website with your affiliate link(s) within the text content. Here's an example:

No Signal on Your Cell Phone? = Clear Cell Phone Calls + Fast Mobile Internet (In-Home and In-Car).
Stop Dropped Calls & Incoherent Conversations with a Signal Booster from

Note: For any questions about affiliate program, please email Thank you.