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Wi-Ex zBoost Signal Boosters & Cellular Signal Booster Installers

zBoost (previously Wi-Ex) offers cell phone signal boosters that amplify cellular reception in homes and buildings. zBoosts provide strong wireless connections for clearer mobile conversations, instantaneous texting, and faster internet on 3G and 4G LTE data networks.

Best Selling zBoost Booster: Home & Office zBoost zb545. For affordable solutions to improve your cellphone connection, you can rely on award winning amplifiers by zBoost (WiEx). zBoost amplifier kits have been awarded multiple awards from CNET, CEPRO, and CTIA. All products come with one year manufacturer's warranty support at (previously, Browse the list below to choose the kit that meets your boosting area size needs and installation requirements or call us for a free consultation. Contact us if you need a zBoost part and we may be able to special order it for you at a very low price. Thank you!

zBoost brand is discontinued and not available anywhere. Please consider the premium band, weBoost boosters which is owned by the same parent company. If you already have zBoost cell phone signal booster and would like it installed, we offer zBoost certified installation by certified installers.