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Refurbished Cell Phone Signal Booster: Wilson weBoost SureCall HiBoost

Choose from the best selection of renewed, reconditioned or refurbished cell phone signal boosters by weBoost, Wilson Electronics, SureCall and HiBoost. For indoor and outdoor vehicular use. These pre-owned units have been refurbished to look like new. These factory certified refurbished kits meet manufacturers specifications. Unlike used cell phone signal boosters, these come with 1 year manufacturers warranty. Furthermore, we offer our industry leading 60 days money back guarantee that they will work as specified. Indoor wireless enhancement kit selections include cellular amplifier kits for boosting reception indoors in homes, apartments, condos and buildings. Outdoor mobile enhancement kit selections include cellphone amplifier kits for enhancing reception in cars, trucks, RVs and boats. Lightly used, but like-new factory refurb. signal booster kits perform per manufacturer specs. and save you money!