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Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Installation Service Case Study

Jul 30, 2019

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Installation Service Case Study successfully installed a cell phone signal booster system in a Holiday Inn hotel located in Houston, Texas. The results were amazing and completely resolved cellular reception problem inside the solid walled concrete hotel building.

Ensure consistent cell connectivity with a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Installed by
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Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Installation Service Case Study.

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  • Yeah, I’d agree with anyone who says hotels are terrible places to try and make calls. I’m going away soon and coincidentally might be staying at a Holiday Inn Express. Hopefully this one will have a distributed antenna system so I can make my cell calls and watch YouTube videos with no restrictions.

    J. Harrison Griffith on
  • When I first saw this, I was surprised there are still Holiday Inns around. I thought they went out of business a while back, but I guess I was thinking of Howard Johnson’s. Getting back on point, this was informative because it’s always puzzled me why cell phones work erratically in hotels.

    Reggie Blair on
  • I hate trying to use my cell phone or tablet in a hotel. It’s pretty rare when I’m able to get a reliable signal for long. I wish this wasn’t a problem and that hotels took this more seriously. It’s pathetic when I have to leave a hotel (or motel) just to use my phone or look something up online.

    Ryan Schneider on
  • I wish more hotels/motels relied on signal booster and (here) DAS systems to make sure guests can have a reliable cell phone signal. Whether it’s Wi-fi or cell phone signals, you often have trouble with getting a steady signal and you end up with dropped calls, dead zones, slow downloads, and buffering on videos. This profile on what happens when you put in a DAS should be passed on to all hotels.

    Frank Finkelstein on

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