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Review of Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation Service for Hotel

Feb 16, 2018

Review of Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation Service for Hotel

Kim, General Manager of Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Houston, Texas used to receive complaints from customers that cellular reception was non-existent on all floors. She had trouble reaching her staff cell phones when they were anywhere on those floors and from her office. She reached out to for its cell phone signal booster installation service to fix this problem. Considering amount of space that needed signal boost and the medium to weak signal on the roof of the building, Commercial grade Wilson Pro 4000 amplifier kit was chosen for installation. After installation, Kim was very happy with strong 3-5 bar signals all across those 4 floors and in her office which were dead zones before. Her customers are happy and she can reach her staff easily everywhere in the building. The following images are based on this case study.

View of Commercial Cell Phone Signal Amplifier Installed:

Commercial Cell Phone Signal Booster Installed Professionally.

Exterior Donor Antenna Aimed Towards Direction of Maximum Incoming Signal:

Outside Donor Antenna Aimed Towards Direction Of Max Incoming Signal.

Indoor Signal Broadcast Ceiling Antenna Installed Professionally:

Indoor Signal Broadcast Ceiling Antenna Installed Professionally.

Cell Phone Signal Reception Problem Solved in Hotel Building with Concrete Walls:

Cellular Signal Reception Problem Solved In Hotel Building With Concrete Walls.

Do you need to improve signal in your business building?

Download our cell phone signal booster case study. Call for FREE consultation: 1-855-846-2654. Or submit details for quote of Cellular Signal Booster Installation Service, to get started. For residential properties, we offer one package cell phone signal booster installed at the lowest cost possible for good quality full home signal booster to fix cell reception problem in homes, permanently.

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  • I hope more hotels have followed this Houston Holiday Inn Express and Suite’s example because this summer is supposed to have a lot of travelers now that the pandemic seems to be over. With more people staying at hotels, they’ll expect good cell phone signals and now that there are easy solutions, there’s no reason to have poor signal coverage.

    Jerome P. Grey on
  • So glad hotels are getting into the 21st century and installing phone boosters so their guests can actually use their cell phones. Cell phones are integrated into our lives. Business or pleasure, most people use their phones when they travel and a hotel with bad cell recaption makes for a bad trip. Is it true businesses need a professional installation service with their phone booster?

    Marc Kimble on
  • Hotels have been taking a bath both with the virus and before that. I think putting in cell phone boosters can help hotels compete with Airbnb as everyone knows cell phone service is rotten when you check into a hotel. I don’t understand why, but I can’t get a signal whether it’s on my cell phone or my wi-fi. The only way I can get decent Internet is if it’s a wired line.

    Walt S. on
  • Good news for people staying at hotels. Cell phones rarely work for me in hotels and their Wi-Fi can be a real problem too. Does anyone know if hotels advertise if they have cell phone boosters so guests can know they take cell phone coverage seriously? A hotel with a booster would get my attention.

    Brad Dillon on
  • Please contact the Springhill Suites on Old Spanish Trail in the Medical District in Houston. They have this problem. Absolutely no cell coverage inside the building for AT&T wireless services. While there is some strong signal, and ocassionally a 4g LTE signal, you cannot make or receive calls

    Steven L Neibel on
  • Are there cell phone boosters for motor vehicle? Yes, and I’m thinking of getting a cell phone booster for my car because I travel frequently and often go through rural areas where it’s hard to get a good signal. Incredibly, there are times when I’m in a city and the buildings surrounding me weaken the signal too. The appeal of a cell phone booster is it will pick up the weakest signals and boost them for better call quality and data speeds. Remember that it can’t help if there is no signal, but it will boost any signal.

    Stuart Edmundson on
  • The home cell phone boosters and business cell phone boosters look promising. Are there any similar devices for cars or trucks, i.e. are there cell phone boosters for motor vehicles?

    Jameson Reynolds on
  • I used to stay at the Holiday Inn Expresses a lot, but the one bad thing I remember is the lousy cell phone coverage (it’s not limited to Holiday Inn though). I’m glad they put in a cell phone signal booster, particular because some of these hotels are in the country. Yes, cell phone boosters do work in rural areas (as long as there’s some sort of signal) which means there’s hope for anyone living in the country.

    Dory Wood on
  • I’m not surprised the hotel’s customers had trouble getting their cell phones to work. Hotels are notorious for having poor signals. Whether you want to get a DIY cell phone wifi antenna or a commercial one like this hotel used, there are options for making sure your cell phone picks up strong signals. I hope more hotels start using cell phone boosters.

    Ray Porter on

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