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Cell Service Carriers Give Pre-Approval For Signal Boosters

When it comes to approval, top wireless cellular companies have indicated their approval for signal boosters. From AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile to Verizon plus other cellular carriers falling within the CCA (Competitive Carriers Association) and RWA (Rural Wireless Association), the carrier companies have voiced their commitment to providing a blanket signal booster approval in so far as it meets the technical standards and regulations laid by FCC (in essence, “certified” by FCC). As long as they are certified by FCC, virtually all the wireless boosters sold to consumers today have met the laid out technical standards and thus pre-approved. However, your signal booster must be registered after purchase and before installation. After registration, the blanket approval enables consumers to begin using their boosters without receiving any response - Unless interference is detected and they are contacted by their carrier with instructions to correct the problem. Please contact us if you encounter any difficulty. Buy a FCC approved cell phone signal booster, today!

Cell Service Carrier Approval Letters for use of Signal Boosters.

(Registration Required)

FCC Signal Booster Approval.

Business Use Booster Approval.

AT&T Signal Booster Approval.

Sprint Signal Booster Approval.

Verizon Signal Booster Approval.

T-Mobile Signal Booster Approval.

Cell phone service carriers have thus given automatic approval for signal boosters upon registration.