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5G Ready: 5G vs 4G / LTE - For Cell Phone Signal Booster End Users

Nov 01, 2019

5G Ready: 5G vs 4G / LTE - For Cell Phone Signal Booster End Users

News For Signal Booster End Users: Wilson Electronics Is Ready For 5G.

5G technology is upon us, but and Wilson Electronics has been eagerly anticipating this new technology and has all the equipment and infrastructure ready to handle all your cell phone signal boosting needs on the 5G network. No matter which carrier you're on in United States, we're ready to help you embrace 5G technology.

5G Versus 4G LTE.

4G LTE can transmit a low-frequency signal over a vast area. In comparison, 5G transmits using the mmWave signal frequency at a much faster rate, but over a significantly smaller area. Any gaps in coverage on the 5G network will be seamlessly filled by 4G LTE signals using the existing network of signal towers. As such, signal boosters will still be used to enhance the signals within buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions about 5G:

What is the 5G network?

The 5G network is the newest generation of cell phone networks. This new technology has been eagerly anticipated due to its much faster speeds than the existing 4G LTE network. However, with every advantage there comes a disadvantage, and it is important to understand that while 4G LTE coverage is measured in miles, 5G coverage is measured in feet. Due to its significantly limited scope, 5G will not, nor was it intended to completely replace the existing 4G LTE network. Instead, it will greatly enhance data transfer speeds in cities and major metro areas where coverage and demand are highly concentrated.

I thought I was already using 5G on my cell phone. Isn't it true that my carrier is already offering the 5G network?

There certainly has been a lot of talk about 5G lately, and it may sound like you're already connected to the 5G network. However, a lot of what is called 5G today is more accurately a type of bundling of existing 4G LTE signals to deliver greater data transfer speeds. Plenty of improvements have been made to existing signals in recent years, and this has been a vital part of the transition from 4G LTE to a mix of 4G LTE and 5G. In particular, mmWave - the new technology which provides incredibly fast speeds and improved bandwidth synonymous with the 5G network - is just one part of the new 5G spectrum. mmWave won't be complete or available widely for several years, and even then it will only become available in areas of dense population like metro areas and city centers.

How will the 5G network benefit me?

Existing 4G LTE networks can transmit cell phone signals over great distances using cell phone signal towers. In comparison, 5G will only become fully effective in much smaller areas. While 4G LTE signals can benefit from a signal booster and penetrate concrete walls and windows, 5G signals simply won't be able to. As a result, the best coverage you will have on the 5G network will be outdoors and within a small metropolitan area or city center. Even then, you will still need to be within eyesight of a cell tower to enjoy all of the benefits of 5G. As such, the 4G LTE network will still provide the majority of coverage for most people, even after the 5G network has been fully rolled out.

Is there any point buying one of your boosters now? Will it still work on the 5G network?

Absolutely. Remember that United States carriers will still be using the current 4G LTE signal network in addition to the new 5G network until at least 2030. For this reason, all boosters currently sold by and Wilson Electronics will continue to be relevant well into the future. The 5G network was not intended to replace the 4G LTE network but has been built to work alongside and in conjunction with the existing network and infrastructure. Therefore, 5G will not phase out 4G. Read more about cell boosters and 5G.

5G Event Timetime for End Users:

5G Event Timeline For Consumers

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  • The 5G technology is finally coming into its own and I see more carriers offering it. That shouldn’t be seen as a sign the technology has been perfected. I think people who have 5G (if they’re being upfront) will tell you it’s still not quite there yet and that there are times when it’s no better than 4G. I don’t know if people want to get a cell phone booster for their 5G phones though.

    Miranda Olsen on
  • Thanks for clearing up some of my misconceptions about 5G. You never know what’s marketing hype and what’s the reality. I know a cell phone signal booster can help whether you have 4G or 5G, but I didn’t know how important it could be with 5G’s limitations. Something to think about.

    Owen Frakes on
  • Are you telling me that when a carrier says I’m getting 5G, I may not be getting the entire package??? Although nothing is surprising when it comes to corporations (Buyer beware LOL), this is rotten. I did find it interesting that 4G will be around until 2030 (will we be around until 2030 though?). Might get a cell booster and skip the nonsense of phony 5G.

    Sydney K. on
  • Tyler, you’re looking for a one-stop place to check out boosters and learn about them, correct? Actually, this site has a helpful article that’s almost like a mini-FAQ. It talks about the different types of boosters and which ones are helpful for certain situations. The link is here I’ve read it and got a lot from it. You should find it helpful too.

    Gerry Clover on
  • Hi Lexi, you ask “My question is, are there advantages to buying a 5G booster over a 4G right now? 5G boosters are backward compatible so that means they would boost 5G when my phone uses it and also 4G?”

    There’s only 1 5G booster available right now: SureCall Force 8, and it is an industrial grade amplifier which requires professional installation. It is intended for companies that will want to use 5G for various relevant wireless applications for their business use. Consumers have no need for it at this time because 4G data transfer on Smartphones is fast enough for all practical purposes.

    While the 5G booster advertises use of the 600MHz band spectrum, it is for commercial use only, and is NOT a consumer product.

    It is important to note that the following are a MUST for its installation:

    A. Must be installed by a certified/ licensed installer who is FCC/ IC licensed.

    B. Each installation must have written approval from every carrier broadcasting in that location If these are not obtained, each individual installation is subject to $100K fine.

    As stated above, it is not possible to get a 5G booster at this time in a retail pack for self-install consumer use.

    Julius S. on
  • I’m excited about 5G technology and I’m also excited about buying a cell phone booster. I want to get one badly, but I’m unsure which one works best for me. Truthfully, I don’t know where to begin to look. Anyone have any ideas?

    Tyler Bowen on
  • I didn’t know 5G signals have trouble getting through walls or that 5G was not designed to replace 4G LTE networks. My question is, are there advantages to buying a 5G booster over a 4G right now? 5G boosters are backward compatible so that means they would boost 5G when my phone uses it and also 4G?

    Lexi Crowler on
  • “Unless I live near a 5G tower I can’t see any benefit. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.”

    Not to correct you, but here goes. While it may seem elusive and inaccessible, 5G has its place and benefits. First of all, the 5G towers themselves will be much more smaller and discreet because it will otherwise not be practical to erect one between every other house. Secondly, with so many towers everywhere, you will be able to access it outside while on the go – while driving, walking on a sidewalk, etc.

    Kristine S. on
  • I like reading about these boosters (and DAS tech) even though I doubt if I’ll ever get one. I was having breakfast with some friends and 5G came up. I told them 5G is out, but it’s not doing everything it’s supposed to. My friends weren’t surprised either because we’re used to things coming out on the market way before they can do all that’s promised.

    Rita J. on
  • 5G sounds like a complete waste of money. Unless I live near a 5G tower I can’t see any benefit. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    Jacob Greene on

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