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Always Enjoy Strong Cell Phone Signal Using These Few Simple Tricks!

Mar 02, 2018

Looking for a weak or no signal fix? Read on, for tips and tricks to get a stronger cell phone signal.

Always enjoy strong cell phone signal with these few simple tricks!

Looking for a quick and easy fix for "no service" or poor cell phone signal strength on your smart phone? We do get asked frequently how to get better cell phone reception without signal boosters? Therefore, we have put together a list of top ten best tips and tricks for you below (or see PDF file above) for getting better service on your phone. They show you how to boost cell phone signal strength for free (no purchase necessary). These top 10 how to get better cellphone reception and increase cell phone signal strength tips (links to infographic display version) were chosen because they are quick and easy to implement, with the best chances to make the fastest cellular connection you need to make that call. These work regardless of which mobile carrier's service you have - Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, or any other.

Let us get started with tips for improving cell phone reception:

  1. The Window Trick:

    Go close to a window for better reception, or better yet - open the window and your phone or tablet will get a stronger signal. Why? Walls block signals more so than windows.

  2. Phone Holding Trick:

    Hold the phone using opposite hand or better yet - place it on a table or dashboard away from you (use speakerphone). Why? Our body blocks antenna in phone from catching a weak signal.

  3. Airplane Mode Trick:

    Turn on Airplane mode for 5 secs and then turn it off. Why? Your cell phone will stop trying to connect to cell tower yielding weak signal and search for new cell tower with stronger signal.

  4. Wi-Fi Calling Trick:

    Most carriers offer free Wi-Fi calling. If connected to broadband Wi-Fi internet, enable Wi-Fi calling option in your phone to call using Wi-Fi signal instead of weaker cellular connection.

  5. Elevation Trick:

    Go to a higher floor or climb a nearby hill to get a stronger cell connection. Why? The lower your elevation, the more obstructions exist that block line of sight connection to nearest cell tower.

  6. Battery Trick:

    Charge your phone to give it more power to operate its signal search function. Why? When battery is low, the phone automatically goes into energy conservation mode that does not search as hard for signal anymore.

  7. Closing Apps Trick:

    Close all non-essential apps and web pages. Why? The processor can use all its resources and max power to perform cell signal search function, instead of diverting some of its power to maintain running apps and web pages.

  8. Location Trick:

    Move away physically as far as possible from current location with weak signal. Why? In crowded places, your phone is competing with others for cellular signal so it is best to create distance from others.

  9. Cell Tower Trick:

    Locate the closest cell tower using available apps or by putting your phone in test mode. Why? When you locate it, you can try to get a better line of sight or go closer within home or outside in that direction for stronger reception.

  10. Borrowing Trick:

    If all else fails, try this old fashioned trick that you may have not considered before - ask anyone nearby to check if their cell phone carrier provides a signal there. If yes, ask: May I use it for a minute to make an urgent call?

Do you have any other tips to help make the cell phone call when cell phone reception is too weak? How else can others get a better cell phone reception (besides using a cell phone signal booster to increase cell phone signal strength)? If you do, please share with other readers in comments below. Thank you!

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  • Are these really helpful or are they urban legends? I’ve seen gullible people claim there are ways to improve your signal like getting an amplifier sticker for your phone or dialing a special code on your phone. I think I remember trying the airplane mode trick with some success, but the other ones are new to me.

    Taylor Johnson on
  • Do you have knowledge that makes people pick your brain constantly? I do. People know I like to keep up on cell phone technology so they are always asking me how to boost cell phone signal strength for free and related things like how to increase cell phone signal strength on an android and how to increase your mobile network signal in home. I tell them that getting a cell phone signal booster is good for home use, but inevitably, they ask about homemade cell phone signal booster. I tell them if they want to do things on the cheap, there are several tricks you can do (which this blog mentions). I tell them not to try making a homemade cell phone signal booster, but to invest in one made by the pros that complies with all applicable regulations.

    Joseph Thomas on
  • Thanks for good info. I have friend who lives in rural north Texas who can not get cell reception inside her metal walled custom home. I’m going to call and talk to your techs.

    cathy de la garza on
  • Everyone wants to know how to boost cell phone signal strength for free, but what really works and what is just a scheme to get you to buy an app? I’ve read there are “free” apps that claim to help you get a stronger signal, but the end result seems to be you either get spyware on your phone or you have to buy something. When someone asks, “How do I get better service on my phone?” you can tell them about some of these tricks. They work, because I’ve tried them with success. Steps 1, 3, and 6 have worked well for me.

    Brock Kenner on
  • I’ve been doing the window trick for about 15 years, but I didn’t know about these other ways to boost cell phone signal and reception!

    Jasmine Hewitt on

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