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Case Study: Boosts Signal in Florida Hospital

May 31, 2021

Case Study: Boosts Signal in Florida Hospital

Coral Gables Hospital Boosts Cell Signal in off-site Emergency Center.

Coral Gables Hospital was building an off-site Emergency Center in Florida and realized that the Cellular Signal in area was not up to the standard in which the Hospital would like to have inside the building. deployed cellular signal enhancing system that permanently fixed poor cell reception problem in Hospital Emergency Center.


To improve the Cellular Signal in a new off-site Emergency Center in Florida, Coral Gables Hospital had to find a way to boost the weak signal in the area so that the office space, lobby area and hallways of the center were fully covered with a strong signal. The Hospital IT Director was desperate for a solution. So, he did his homework and managed to find the website.

THE SOLUTION. scheduled an On Site Survey with one of our Local Field Technicians to obtain measurements and RF readings in the surrounding areas, the roof top and inside the building. This enabled us to provide a proposed Red Line of cable pathways, system mounting, antenna locations etc.

We then made recommendations and were able to come up with an adequate plan and presented the Client a proposal for a Cellular Booster Installation.

We were able to install a 6-Dome Antenna Cell Booster System. This system consisted of a WilsonPro 1100 Amplifier, a Directional 4G Antenna on the Roof, one dome antenna in the admin office space and five domes throughout the Emergency Center and Lobby area.

External Antenna Aimed Towards Direction of Maximal Incoming Signal:

External Antenna Aimed Towards Direction of Maximal Incoming Signal

View of Commercial Signal Amplifiers Installed:

View of Commercial Signal Amplifiers Installed

Indoor Signal Broadcasting Ceiling Antenna Installed Professionally:

Indoor Signal Broadcasting Ceiling Antenna Installed Professionally

Cell Phone Signal Reception Problem Solved in off-site Emergency Center in Florida


Installation was a huge success, resulting in ample Cellular Signal in all spaces.

Bars on cell phones have increased from 1 bar to 3-4 full bars. The spectrum readings in all areas have shown improvements of 10-20db. Needless to say, we now have a full functional working system and a very happy client. Cell phone signal reception problem solved in off-site Emergency Center in Florida.

We look forward to working with this client again and helping with improving any and all issues with their cellular signal in other locations.

The moral of the case study: Signal boosters are good for business and at times, they can even save lives. If you're in the medical industry and see that poor cellular connectivity is harming specific aspects of your business, look to for a solution.

If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • This case study of the signal booster in the emergency center makes me think of how a hospital needs cell phone coverage just like other businesses. It sounds as if medical staff need cell coverage just as much as office workers or factory workers. An added benefit is giving visitors a strong signal when they’re waiting for someone to receive treatment.

    Eugene Montaya on
  • Mark, as far as bad Florida weather and your question “would a cell booster (home or hospital) help a person make a call in severe weather?” Yes, severe weather results in higher density of air particles, water (rain), or snow which all cause signal to weaken more before it can reach the phone inside a house. A signal booster enhances signal indoors so it would help even more during bad weather.

    Jerry T. Paz on
  • Communications during an emergency is essential. I’m curious whether these cell phone boosters help in severe weather. I know that Florida gets its nasty weather like hurricanes and that storms can affect your cell phone calls. My question is would a cell booster (home or hospital) help a person make a call in severe weather?

    Mark Salsbury on
  • Making a phone call in a hospital can be a nightmare. Unfortunately, I have been to the hospital too many times and it’s almost always frustrating trying to call out. I don’t comprehend why hospitals don’t make things easier for families by installing cell phone signal booster systems like this Florida hospital has.

    Mattie Pennyworth on
  • I hate going to hospitals but if I have to go there, I want to be able to make and receive phone calls because people usually want me to update them on a loved one’s condition. I’m not worried about playing Candy Crush (although waiting in hospitals is so boring). This Florida hospital’s case study is another instance of cell phone boosters helping people with tricky situations like calls from hospitals.

    Andrew Temple on
  • It’s funny how cell phones used to be banned in hospitals or limited to a particular spot. Now, you see people using them everywhere. I often wonder if medical equipment has improved so that cell phone signals don’t interfere with it. Whatever the reasoning, it’s helpful for families to be able to use their cell phones so they can contact loved ones about a patient’s condition. Having a cell signal booster system set up in a hospital seems like a no-brainer.

    Simon McCoy on
  • It’s sad to see hospitals are still coping with poor cell phone reception. I enjoy reading about technology and I know that blocked or weakened cell phone signals are a plague on hospitals due to the heavy construction materials used and the number of electronics situated around them. Both factors can ruin any chance of making a call so it’s imperative that people are able to make calls. Glad to see this Florida hospital found about the cell phone boosters.

    Bill Gordan on

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