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Cell Phone Signal Booster/ DAS Project Funding/ Financing

Jul 11, 2019

Cell Phone Signal Booster/ DAS Project Funding/ Financing

Everything you need to know about business or enterprise funding/ financing option for the design and turn-key installation service for cell phone signal booster system or distributed antenna system (DAS):

Maximize your signal coverage without the need for a large upfront investment:

Low repayments and flexible finance options are available through CIT Direct Capital. They offer business financing options for's design, equipment, and installation service for cellular or public safety "active DAS" / public safety or cell phone signal booster "passive DAS" projects within buildings. For lower amounts up to 500,000 we have more DAS financing options.

  • Fast, no fuss application process.
  • Credit amounts between $5,000 and $1,000,000.
  • Loan terms between 36 and 48 months.
  • Qualified customers can receive approval within minutes.
  • Competitive deferred or monthly rates available.
  • Financing supplied by CIT Direct Capital.

How to fund or finance your cellular booster system and its installation service?

Get DAS / signal booster & installation quote from us first, and then apply for financing of that amount online for prompt approval.

Why do businesses require funding?

In most instances, the service carriers will not pay for installation of distributed antenna systems (DAS) or cell phone signal booster systems of any kind. The reason for this is that they provide service using cell towers that they have to maintain in addition to ensuring constant network uptime.

Signals getting blocked due to metal and other signal blocking materials in building walls and roofs while not very common, do occur in some areas but the costs to overcome those challenges can be very high as explained below.

Therefore, businesses and enterprises mostly end up paying the bill for enhancing indoor cellular service for their employees and clients/ customers to prevent disruption of service, mitigated productivity, and loss of sales due to lack of connectivity.

For example, fixing the problem using Passive DAS in small commercial venues such as retail stores, hotels, hospitals and buildings upto 10 floors can require signal enhancement systems to cover up to 250,000 sq. ft. which can get very expensive.

Fixing coverage problems using Small Cell Systems in commercial enterprise or residential towers can require cellular enhancement system to cover 250K to 500K square feet.

Alleviating reception problems in large commercial venues such as airports, urban centers, business parks and stadiums can get very cost prohibitive because they require Active DAS to covers spaces in excess of 500,000 sq. ft. up to millions of sq. ft.

Therefore, for any of above scenarios, investment can range from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars and even reach million(s).

Why for Equipment, Installation, and Financing?'s supply and installation service for cell phone signal boosters includes everything you need for a complete turnkey solution, including:

  • Dedicated project manager.
  • Site survey and analysis of floorplan.
  • Complete system design and equipment analysis.
  • Lowest cost estimates in wireless industry.
  • Full system installation and satisfaction guarantee.
  • Comprehensive after-installation support.
  • World-class service from experienced professionals.
  • Access to top financing institutions.

Find out more about your industry wireless coverage solutions that we offer, and request equipment and installation quote. is partnering with CIT Direct Capital to offer business customers flexible new options to finance up to one million dollars for supply and installation of signal booster products we offer. Now, government entities and small to middle market businesses alike can access business finance options to finance the telecom equipment, installation, and maintenance of wifi and cellular signal boosting products and other related wireless telecommunications equipment.

CIT Direct Capital also offers leasing and financing programs for systems integrators, dealers, resellers, distributors, and manufacturers for cutting-edge telecommunications equipment and technology provided by

Terms and Conditions:

Content relating to financing options for the supply and installation of solutions is for general information purposes only and may not apply to your individual circumstances. The general information contained herein should not be taken to constitute legal, financial, accounting, or taxation advice.

Finance/ funding is provided by CIT Direct Capital, which is a division of CIT Bank, N.A. CIT Direct Capital reserves all rights to cancel, modify, or otherwise amend any options or promotional offers without prior notice and at any time.

No commitments, implied or otherwise, are made by or CIT Direct Capital as to the provision of finance. Finance is subject to the provision and completion of all documents as required, and is always subject to credit approval. Finance options are available to government or business customers only for financing cell phone signal booster systems or public safety signal boosters / distributed antenna systems (DAS).

To find out more about the business and enterprise financing solutions that may be available to you, talk to a finance expert today by calling 1-855-846-2654. Or request cell phone booster installation service, and then apply to finance that amount required for equipment and installation to fix and resolve lack of cellular reception problem permanently, inside your establishment or building structure.

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  • I just read an article about distributed antenna systems because I wasn’t sure how much they’re being used. Turns out they’re still popular and I know that they are great for big areas like stadiums and malls. They also don’t have a bunch of unsightly wires or equipment. This article does point out the only problem with it—DAS is pricey.

    Sherman Andrews on
  • That must be frustrating building a huge complex only to discover it gets poor cell reception due to the building’s materials. I’d hope that a developer would know about these issues so a client could put a cell booster system in place BEFORE the building/complex goes up. It makes more sense to buy a booster with installation before you set up shop then after. It just sounds like a major pain in the butt otherwise.

    Craig Straub on
  • Hey everybody. Whenever I see something advertised as “financing available” or ridiculous discounts like $500 off, I know it’s going to be expensive. This doesn’t mean whatever product has these discounts or financing aren’t worth it, but it gives me reason to get ready to lay out a fistful of dollars.

    Roderick Rodriguez on
  • I’ve read that DAS is a fantastic way to boost signals in certain areas, but it’s a bit pricey. Thank you for listing some possible funding resources for agencies that need DAS, but don’t have the petty cash (and it would be quite the amount) to pay for such a good but costly system.

    Kelly B. on

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