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Cell Phone Signal Booster Integrator, DAS Wireless System Integrators.

Feb 01, 2018

Cell Phone Signal Booster Integrator, DAS Wireless System Integrators.

Living in a home or working in a commercial or business environment where the cellular signal is weak can lower the quality of life. Business profits can dip significantly. Installing a cell phone signal booster kit or distributed antenna system (DAS) in your business premises or residence requires integration with existing wireless equipment, cabling, and wireless networks using various different technologies. A cell phone cellular booster system is a superb tool which ensures wireless voice communications are clear, text messages are sent and received instantaneously, and wireless mobile data transfers on fastest 4G LTE networks occur as fast as the network and equipment can process them. Dropped calls then become a thing of the past and poor voice quality on a mobile device is dealt with capably. Cell phone signal booster integrators are wireless system integrators that make integration and installation possible with their experience, knowledge, and expertise.

Internet speeds are improved to a point where your cell phone or computer device hits 4G LTE levels. If such problems aren't dealt with, your business can slump. Personal communication and quality of life at home will be highly affected. Cell phone boosters work by amplifying existing cellular signal. Voice quality and data on your phone are improved within your business complex, healthcare institution, apartment, rural homes, large homes or buildings with big spaces. Made up your mind to set up a cell phone signal booster in your building? There're a number of reasons why involving our signal booster integrators is as important as the quality of cell phone signal you will end up with.

Certified and qualified.

Performance of the cell phone signal booster or DAS depends on implementation process. For instance, the way we set up a commercial-grade cellular signal booster system is a job few home or business complex owners can do. Such a job should never be given to a maintenance team of a residence or commercial complex or even an IT department of a business. Working with our qualified, certified and expert integrators right from the beginning has its perks. It pays big.

Understand federal regulations.

As experts in the business, Signal Booster integrators understand necessities and individual needs in any situation. The typical commercial cell phone signal booster is a complex and powerful product with a number of components. They must work seamlessly.  Installation should follow laid down requirements. Our trained integrators ensure all federal regulations are professionally followed. They ensure the best cellular signal reception is attained and the amplifier equipment is effectively exploited.

Interacts with you.

Our integrator comes in handy in various ways. For instance, the professional interacts with you to identify real glaring problems. He checks what the serious coverage problems are, on your internet access, voice, or both. Carrier signals are different and the Signal Booster integrator helps you to know the best to the worst around your building. We can then provide integration design that addresses only areas with weak reception to save to cost of equipment and installation.

As experts in their trade, our integrators always take the process a notch higher. They offer more info on the kind of home or building you work from or live in. They will share details on the location, size in terms of square footage, and even the layout of the building and how they affect the quality of your cell phone signal. Our integrator will call you before the visit to have a basic understanding of a number of things. A comprehensive survey on the signal around your building can then be scheduled.

Site signal strength assessment.

Site signal strength survey is critical before the cell phone signal booster is installed in a home or commercial complex. Once our integrator lands on site, he or she will read the signal on your building and record the signal strength inside and outside the premises. Through the reading, a strongest cell phone signal point within the location and its source will be determined. Based on this, our certified installers will then come up with the wonderful idea of the best place to have your donor antenna installed. Choice of the repeater system will depend on the signal strength of outside signal.

On the ground, our DAS integrator will walk around the commercial or residential building. Observations will be made both indoors and outdoors to ascertain the perfect locations for antenna installation. Ideal route where the cable can run from the building's roof to signal amplifier inside will be determined. Signal Booster integrators also go a step ahead to find the most ideal place to set up the actual cell phone signal booster for internal signal amplification. Technician will use the information to evaluate your building size effectively. Other critical information will be gathered to come up with the most ideal amplifier installation solution and process.

After the site survey.

With the completion of the site signal strength survey and consultations our integrator's job isn't done yet. Custom installation plans required in your building will be set down. It is possible for a complete installation to be done in less than seven days although it all depends on the complexity of the solution and the building size in square footage.

As a distributed antenna system (DAS) or cell phone signal amplifier customer, be prepared. Firstly, in case of cell phone booster system, outside donor antenna (exterior antenna) is needed for installation on the building's roof.  Through the donor antenna, the cellular signal booster will use the existing signal from the closest carrier towers. Outdoor antenna is best placed on the rooftop. Coaxial cables are needed to run into the building from outside antenna. Where penetration points aren't present, Signal Booster integrators will find an access point for the cable.

On the inside, the broadcast antenna (indoor antenna) will be mounted by the integrator either on the ceiling or wall. The layout will help with the best choice. AC power access will be needed once the antenna and amplifier is installed for the operation of the amplifier. You can actually keep away AC power box hidden in a closet or IT section and the installation won't be violated.

Why rely on our certified integrators?

  1. They understand signal strength and frequency complexities.

Our DAS integrators are certified and trained to deal with radio frequencies from all carriers in United States and Canada. They are experts conversant with maximization and detection of 3G and 4G LTE voice and data services.

Cell phone signal boosters have to work as required in accordance with the current signal strength of available signal within these radio frequencies. Working with these frequencies and deciphering the best that works can be a handful, particularly when setting up wideband systems needed to simultaneously boost all the available frequencies and all the carrier signals within that area.

Our experts have the ability to fine-tune and detect available radio frequencies for the production of the strongest cellular coverage within a building.

  1. Efficiently prepared for the task.

Any expert cellular amplifier integrator requires specialized tools and equipment to professionally and expertly install the cellular signal booster kit and measure the signal strength present. Our integrators arrive prepared with such tools as signal meter to ascertain the strength of the reception in dBm (decibels).

Signal meter is an expert-grade handheld gadget used to determine and display the strength, frequency and bandwidth of a signal with certainty. Such information is superb for cell phone signal amplifier installers to work on for a successfully informed installation process. At times our integrators need to do a number of alterations inside your building, walls, roof or ceilings. They are highly experienced and arrive prepared with power tools among others to guarantee an impeccably done installation.

  1. Proper DAS installation and enhancement of system components.

The typical cell phone signal booster kit comes with various system components. Each requires careful and efficient customized set up for the best indoor cellular reception to be broadcasted. The multiple components can confuse anyone without prior knowledge of an amplifier system.'s integrators know how to ascertain the number of antennas and signal boosters needed in a building depending on the square footage, location, layout and proximity to carrier towers.

They have the experience and training to know the best place to have the donor antenna placed and effective coaxial cable connection without deteriorating the signal gain. Our integrator knows how far a cable should run, when signal splitters are needed and how extra inline repeaters will affect overall quality of the cellular reception. This knowledge allows Signal Booster integrator to easily balance every little yet complex system component ensuring the whole cell phone signal booster works as required.

  1. Understand state and federal guidelines and regulations.

Working with our professional integrators puts your mind at rest where cell phone signal amplifier federal and state laws are concerned. They are trained to follow these guidelines and understand the local laws and regulations on cellular reception amplifier technology. They obtain pre-approvals of all cell phone service providers when required for commercial-grade & industrial-grade signal boosting systems. They also make sure local fire marshal's fire codes are followed. They get inspections done for obtaining required certifications from local county fire marshal's office.

Our cell phone booster system integrators are trained to install cell booster systems in the required manner to meet national and international law and regulation as well. They comply with rules set forth by IC (Industry Canada) and FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Both IC and FCC ensure the cellular coverage amplifiers operate as envisioned without interfering with the entire cell phone signal network.

  1. Signal Booster integrators are pros and experts in their trade.

Extensive training, background-check knowledge, understanding of all types of amplifier installation dimensions and experience makes our integrators professional and expert in their job. They are able to work faster and still do a perfect job no matter the type or size of the building or area to be covered by cellular and wifi coverage.

Issues can arise any time but the trained professional will handle them expertly or preempt them before they crop up. Wherever our integrators require some help we have a standby installation team at their disposal.

  1. Follow ups.

After a DAS or cell phone signal booster has been installed, customers around the building can be sure of a quality reception immediately. It means low data speeds, dropped calls, unsent texts and poor voice quality is a thing of the past. We provide maintenance services for life of our 3G, 4G, LTE, and 5G ready equipment. Our professional integrator is always ready to come and do follow-ups on regular basis to ensure all communication systems are running smoothly.

Nonetheless, virtually all cell phone signal amplifiers installations require no maintenance or very little, if any. They smoothly operate for years. In case of unforeseen problems, the Signal Booster integrator is always on standby to render help. For active DAS, we offer monitoring service to ensure consistent connectivity into the future.

  1. Integrator guarantees efficient installation.

Cell phone signal amplifier system guarantees a reliable cellular reception throughout entire residence or commercial building, stadium, or facility. All equipment needs to perform at optimum constantly. By working with Signal Booster integrators the installation will be smooth, clean, efficient and problem-free.

Our expert integrators ensure that installation is of very high quality with assured top performance. The building is assured the best possible cellular signal all the time. Working with an experienced integrator is definitely recommended and worth every dime.

Do you have a large building complex with a very poor cell phone signal inside? Is your home's plagued by very unreliable cellular reception? Contact our professional DAS or cell phone booster integrators today for a site signal strength survey, quote and recommendation of the perfect solution to your cellular signal problem right away.

DAS and Signal Booster integrators have all the tools, equipment, experience and know-how to diagnose your cell phone signal problem and provide a perfect working solution for your owned or leased property. We work with landowners and work with carriers to obtain funding by presenting justification proposals on your company's behalf. Cell phone signal booster integrators or DAS wireless system integrators make integration and installation possible with their experience, knowledge, and expertise. We provide wall to wall mobile coverage possible when the signal is weak or non-existent inside. Get started with our turnkey installation service today.

Submit request for installation quote along with your your location details for more information and a quote.

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  • Glad I read this. I looked at cell phone signal booster and DAS system integrators and thought it was a new kind of equipment. I know both cell boosters and DAS can improve your cell phone signals but I didn’t know there’s a person (integrator) who can work with you to make sure everything works at 110%.

    Maria Bruner on
  • “What could weaken a wifi signal?” You might be surprised at the number of things that can weaken (or even kill) your wifi signal: 1) There’s distance from your router (the further away, the weaker the signal generally); 2) Antenna type (an exterior antenna usually works better than an interior); 3) The power of your device, i.e. cell phone, laptop, etc.; 4) Interference—this can be other wifi users, cordless phones, microwave ovens; and 5) Environment—things like walls, glass, and other materials can weaken or block signals. As you can see, there are many possible culprits. The good thing is there are wifi boosters to increase your signal just as there are cell phone signal boosters for your cell phones.
    Denver Newport on
  • This sounds perfect for anyone with bad cell phone signals. On something similar, what could weaken a wifi signal? That’s an area I have problems with.
    Darius Benderson on
  • These cell phone boosters sound like they can be a big boost (no pun intended) for offices, factories, etc. However, if you’re really looking to get the maximum effectiveness from one, it sounds like you need to plan ahead with the stuff mentioned here such as a site survey and professional installation. By the way, the graphics here are really cool. Did you get the graphics for the cell phone booster from a site that sells them or in-house?

    Shannon Foster on

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