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Cell Phone Signal Improvement Tips Infographic

Mar 09, 2020

The following tips will help you to get more bars and a stronger connection between your wireless phone, and the nearest cell phone tower. Read these cell phone signal improvement tips in an infographic format because they are clearly explained and illustrated to make it easy to follow. If it does not display below, please reload this page. If it still does not load, view cell phone signal improvement tips PDF.

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  • I can attest from personal experience that every one of these tricks work for improving your cell phone signal. The ones that work the best though are the window trick and the airplane mode trick. It’s weird how these little methods help you get a signal but they can be a real help when you’re somewhere with poor cell phone signals.

    Madison Bolton on
  • I never thought about how battery life would cause a hiccup for my signal. Powering up right now! Good graphic info. jj

    jada jay on
  • I appreciate whoever put this information into a PDF. Now I can print it up and put it on the refrigerator so the family can see what they can do to improve their signals. At some point, I think we’ll have to get a booster, especially when we make the move to 5G because I keep hearing they’ll be a big help for that generation.

    Samantha Braxton on
  • “Phone holding trick?” Are you serious. I don’t know. The idea of switching hands or putting the phone on a table or dashboard sounds downright silly. Besides, I hate using the speakerphone and I hate when someone puts me on speakerphone. If you need to do these tricks, you probably need a new phone.

    Ted Preston on
  • Many good tips here. I’ve used most of them and I can verify they work. I haven’t tried numbers 9 (the cell tower trick) or 10) the borrowing trick. Speaking of the cell tower trick, are there any apps people would recommend for finding the nearest cell tower? That’s one I want to try out the next time I have a bad signal.

    Ashley Rogers on
  • I’ve seen these tips elsewhere and yet this infographic makes them easier to understand than articles and blogs I’ve read. Is there any chance your site could provide more infographics in its content? I like how you use videos, but these infographics are just, if not better for helping me grasp the info.

    K.T. Colvin on

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