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Case Study: Cell Signal Enhanced in Parking Garage for Rediviva Apartments

May 21, 2021

Case Study: Cell Signal Enhanced in Parking Garage for Rediviva Apartments

Image Properties owns the luxury Rediviva Apartments located at 111 Parkway Pl, Vancouver, WA. Management wanted to implement a prepaid system for visitors parking, while also extending the overall cellular service to help tenants stay connected, especially in cases of emergencies. deployed signal enhancing system that permanently resolved weak reception problem.

Cell Phone Signal Enhanced In Parking Garage of Rediviva Apartments - Case Study


Apartment building has a two-level concrete garage that is located below ground. Due to the garage's construction and location, there was very limited to no cellular signal in the garage.

Due to them not having any connectivity in the parking garage, tenants did not feel safe as they would not be able to call anyone from the garage in case of an emergency.

Management also wanted to implement a prepaid system for visitors parking as an additional income stream, but as this system required cellular connectivity which was not available in the garage, implementing this was simply not possible.

IT Director of Image Properties, the parent company, was desperate for a solution.

Without improved cellular connectivity, he knew they could potentially lose tenants, and would not be able to benefit from the income stream derived from charging for visitors parking.

He did his homework and approached


It was particularly important for the customer that building guidelines be followed by running all cabling through conduit and metal junction boxes. This requirement was strictly adhered to, during installation.

A system comprising of two Wilson Pro Enterprise 1300 amplifier systems together with 12 internal dome antennas were installed in the parking garage.

Exterior Donor Antenna Aimed Towards Direction of Maximum Incoming Signal:

Exterior Donor Antenna Aimed Towards Direction of Maximum Incoming Signal

View of Commercial Cell Phone Signal Amplifiers Installed:

View of Commercial Cell Phone Signal Amplifiers Installed

Indoor Signal Broadcast Ceiling Antenna Installed Professionally:

Indoor Signal Broadcast Ceiling Antenna Installed Professionally


After doing an extensive site survey and installing the Wilson Pro 1300 boosters with their associated dome antennas in the parking garage, reliable signal was available throughout both levels of the parking garage. Before the solution was installed, there was virtually no signal in the garage, but this improved to a 3-5 bar signal throughout.

Business management also reported that tenants were very grateful and pleasantly surprised that their complaints had been heard and addressed. Tenants also reported feeling much safer while in the building. This was good news, as happy tenants are more likely to stay, while it also improves the possibility of them recommending the apartments to friends and family.

Management was also extremely happy that they were able to install the prepaid visitor parking system. That additional income generated by this system is a welcome addition to the bottom line of the company.

Cell Phone Signal Reception Problem Solved in Apartment Building with Underground Concrete Garage:

Cell Phone Signal Reception Problem Solved in Apartment Building with Underground Concrete Garage

The moral of the case study: Signal boosters are good for business. If you're a commercial manager or operator and see that poor cellular connectivity is harming specific aspects of your business, look to for a solution.

If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • Parking garages are helpful, especially if you live somewhere with nasty weather. The downside is that they can be dangerous because criminals know they are a gold mine for vandalism, theft, and other nastiness. That’s why I get alarmed when I go to one and I notice my phone has no signals. Putting a cell signal booster in the parking garage was a smart move and I’m sure the residents appreciated it.

    Jon Stegman on
  • I couldn’t agree with you more George. Parking garage owners and apartment/condo owners seriously need to put cell phone boosters in all their garages. I’m starting to think maybe we should lobby our state and/or federal representatives to make it mandatory to have them. They’re a major safety feature.

    Sylvia Kuhns on
  • I think more parking garages are getting cell phone boosters because I’ve noticed parking garages aren’t the black holes they used to be for making calls. This is just some personal observations, but it seems like there are noticeable differences in some of the garages I park in. Whether it’s coincidence or the owners doing something to boost signals…I don’t know. Hopefully the latter.

    Noah Blake on
  • The time for cell signal boosters parking garages is now. We live in a world where the combination of the pandemic and other social problems makes communication a priority. I’ve never understood why parking garages are so bad for making calls until now. Now that I know, there are no excuses for people who own parking garages not to install signal boosters. Those parking garage owners make a fortune and can spend a few dollars for safety and convenience’s sake

    George Lewis on
  • These parking garage pictures remind me of how bad parking garages are for making cell phone calls, especially underground ones like those you find in shopping malls (which are almost as bad for making calls as parking garages). You can’t call while you’re shopping and you can’t call when you get to your car. I’m pleading with malls to start putting cell phone boosters in their buildings and garages.

    Cami McNair on
  • In my experience, parking garages are just awful when it comes to making or taking calls. They’re creepy enough but the thought of not being able to call for help if some weirdo pops up is even creepier. Is there any way to tell if a parking garage has a cell signal booster in it?

    Lawrence Harris on
  • This case study reminds me of another blog I saw here at dealing with how cell phone boosters are used to help increase the signal for vending machines. I always wondered how vending machines were connected in order to read your debit or credit cards and now I know. It sounds like it’s the same principle here with the parking garage’s automated payment system.

    Taylor O. on

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