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Cell Phone Signal Booster Demo Info | Demonstration Kit For Installers

Sep 04, 2019

Cellular Amplifier Demonstration Kit Information & Details.


Cell Phone Signal Booster Demonstration Kit For Installers.

Information posted in PDF format above details the contents of the kit and its specifications. If PDF has not loaded above, please reload this page and PDF should load properly. Cellphone booster demo kit is for professional installers to demonstrate benefits of installing a commercial cell phone booster kit in a real life setting inside a building or large home / office. Please contact us to buy cell phone signal booster demo kit to show your clients instant advantages of cell phone signal booster installation service for cellular reception improvement practically inside any building structure.

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  • I didn’t know they have cell phone booster demos, but why not? People want to know what a device does so this makes sense. Quick tangent. I love PDF’s. They’ve really changed the way we can access things like technical manuals, especially with tablets so common.

    Hugh K. on
  • I think many people would buy cell phone boosters if they saw how much they can for them. Demo kits sound like the perfect way for installers to show their stuff. Boosters aren’t for everyone but they can make such a difference that people will invest the money to get one.

    Chris M. on
  • I don’t know anything about demos but from what I’ve read, there are times when you not only can benefit from an experienced installer, but you’ll need one due to federal regulations. I believe you need a professional installer anytime you have a commercial or industrial booster set up. I’d get it professionally installed just because I don’t want the trouble of wondering if I’m doing it right. These boosters can help, but why not go the distance and get a professional to install it?

    Heather Katz on

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