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Dangers of 5G Radiation and Tips to Protect Yourself from It

Apr 29, 2020

Dangers of 5G Radiation and Tips to Protect Yourself from It

5G, the next generation of wireless communication, has brought stellar changes to the world of digital communication.

With peak speeds taking a whopping leap from 4G's 10 Mbps to 10 - 20 Gbps and network latencies dropping from 30 ms to about 1 ms, 5G seems to be the digital era's dream-come-true. For the average Joe, 5G spells top-notch gaming speeds, unrealistically real-time video buffering, and a real-time connection between anything even remotely digital, a concept more popularly known as "Internet of Things" (IoT).

But as the old saying goes, everything comes at a price and 5G is no exception. As the popularity of 5G and its speed continues to make the news, a section of the society is questioning the health hazards of this new kid on the technology market. There's a lot of ambiguity surrounding this topic and lots of concerns need to be addressed. But before we answer the ultimate question surrounding 5G and public health safety, let us take a look at what 5G is capable of theoretically.

Word from Science.

We, humans, tend to alarm ourselves at the very mention of the word "radiation". However, it is important to note that not all radiation is harmful.

Radiation is basically the energy emitted from anything in this universe and the harmful effects of radiation largely depend on its type. Ionizing radiation, the ones emitted from X-rays and UV rays, are the harmful kind. They possess the tendency to break apart the atoms and distort the chemical bonds in DNA, leading to the development of tumors and cancers.

The second kinds, the non-ionizing radiations, don't produce enough energy to distort the human DNA and have been ruled out as potentially harmless in that regard. 5G's micrometer and millimeter RF radiations fall into this category. Hence theoretically, 5G is harmless to the human cell structure. But does that completely answer the ultimate question in all our minds? Is its intensity resulting in excessive heat to human tissue too high for it to be considered safe? Many such questions continue to linger.

The Dangers of 5G Radiation.

Is 5G radiation completely harmless then? If not, then how harmful is it?

Most of the researches and studies conducted on the subject of the health hazards of 5G radiations in the past decade have provided us with complicated conclusions and answers.

In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO)'s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified radiofrequency radiation as potentially 2B carcinogenic and linked them to certain specific types of brain tumors. However, that the IARC puts talcum powders and caffeine in the same category are reasons enough to take this information with a pinch of salt.

More recently, a decade long study published by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) in 2018 demonstrated that male rats exposed to high levels of 2G and 3G radiofrequency radiations developed cancerous heart tumors. John Butcher, a senior scientist associated with this study has clarified that the levels and the duration of the exposure in the study were higher than the highest level of possible exposure in humans. Moreover, 2G and 3G differ in many aspects from 5G. Moreover, the American Cancer Society has concluded that most studies researching the adverse effects of cellular RF radiation have failed to link it with the development of tumors. Taking all these aspects into consideration, whether 5G has the same effect on the human body too demands extended research in this area.

Public safety governing bodies also deny any imminent danger to public health and safety. In 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a statement saying that the current safety limits pertaining to cellphone radiofrequency exposure are acceptable for protecting public health. Even the FCC issues a statement that signals emitted by 5G wireless transmitters in locations accessible to the public are way below the RF exposure limits.

While such statements rule out fatal dangers, there are more palpable reasons to believe that 5G isn't exactly safe for the human body either.

5G operates on millimeter waves. These are waves with extremely large wavelengths and extremely small frequencies. In the current state of cellular signal infrastructure, this means that the moment you walk about a tree or drive behind a building, you will tend to lose 5G signals on your devices. In order to overcome such natural and manmade obstructions, base stations and cell towers will be planted at shorter distances, creating a ubiquitous atmosphere of RF signals all around us the entire time.

Dr. Joel Moskowitz, a public health professor at the University of California states that such ubiquitous millimeter waves could be reasons for problems of the skin, the eyes, and the nervous system. Since millimeter waves are much weaker than microwaves, the skin's pores will be able to absorb them more easily. Further, the capillaries and nerve endings in the skin’s epidermal layer can cause these radiations to bio-transmit themselves through molecular mechanisms to the nervous system. This is especially dangerous for the elderly, kids, and pregnant women.

An article about the hazards of 5G signals published in the Eluxe Magazine further state that millimeter waves are also known to compromise the human immune system and affect cellular growth over a period of time.

Tips to Protect Yourself from 5G Radiation.

The next question in line is driving pretty much everyone up the wall these days: What can you do to protect yourselves and your loved ones from the dangers of 5G radiation?

Main Tips:

  • Distance Yourself.

Keep phones, computers, routers, and other devices away from your body, especially when you're asleep. Limit the time you spend in proximity to these devices. Instead of carrying around the phone in your pocket, place it in your bag.

  • Buy an EMF Measuring Device.

While this may seem like going overboard, it won't when those additional cellular towers come up in every nook and cranny. Buy an EMF measuring device and use it to identify the intensity and areas of high radiation near you. You can use this knowledge to plan where you spend your time during most hours and thus minimize your exposure to RF radiation.

  • EMF Shields.

As the concerns surrounding the damage by the RF radiation to the human body escalate, many sellers in the market have come up with EMF Shields to be put up on digital devices. There are EMF cases for phones, routers, computers, and even televisions that claim to minimize the RF impact by up to 92%. While most of these might not be as effective as they promise to be, they nevertheless help you in minimizing the RF impact around you. Even we carry RF blocking products along those lines, albeit for an entirely different purpose (reducing oscillation or feedback, when exterior and interior antennas are too close to each other).

Other Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Tips.

Steer clear of Cell Phone Towers and Power Lines.

  • Live farther away from Cell Phone Towers and High-Voltage Power Lines.
  • Use an anti-EMF bed canopy.
  • Always use EMF shielding paint on doors, windows, and walls.

Be leary of your Wi-Fi Router.

  • Use an Ethernet Cable to hard-wire your Internet.
  • Only enable Wi-Fi on devices when needed.
  • Ensure your router is turned off when not in use, especially at night (simply pull out power connector on its back if no power-off button).

Your little laptop is not as safe as it appears.

  • Connect your Internet router or modem directly to your laptop using ethernet cable (shielded Cat6, Cat7, etc.) to switch to "wired Internet" instead of "wireless Internet". RJ45 ethernet connector jack to laptop adapter plug (for example, RJ45 to Thunderbolt adapter for MacBook Air) available at practically all electronic stores.
  • Use a laptop radiation shield.
  • Never use your laptop on your lap – use desk or laptop stand.

Smart Meter not a good choice for health and safety.

  • Continue using an analog meter instead of a smart meter. You will need to contact the company providing electricity to your home or business to offer them a small monthly fee ($10-$25) to have their employee come and take usage readings manually.
  • If your power company does not give you option to opt-out of smart meter, shield yourself from EMF signals by using an anti-EMF bed canopy and use EMF shielding paint on doors, windows and walls.

Smart Home is convenient but what is it slowly doing to your body?

Bombarding your body with radiation from wireless objects is not a good idea. This recently mass implemented smart technology has no long term studies and future implication tests done for your health and safety.

  • Reduce smart home automation by manually controlling blinds, thermostats, and lights. It is worth your time and effort to do this to save your body the load it creates that prevents it from healing and repairing itself on daily basis.
  • Don’t connect your Smartphone to Smart appliances. These consistent wireless connectivity radiation goes through your body and harms it at a cellular level that you cannot visually see at first but it accrues over long term to appear in the form of disease and disablement in various forms.
  • Don’t upgrade to Smart appliances. They are smart, but you are smarter not to do it.

Do you think Microwave Ovens are Magical?

Yes, they appear so, when they warm up our food in seconds. However, know that along with its pros, this technology has severe cons associated with it. We tested using a signal meter where the radiation went off the charts even at 100 feet away from it when it was running.

  • Heat and cook food on the stove.
  • Use glass containers to heat food – avoid all plastics. Plastic molecules are easily detached and leach into the food that we eat, at way more than healthy levels.
  • Stand atleast 10 feet away from the Microwave when it is being used. Ideally, go as far away as possible when it is running - preferable to extreme end of your office or house, diagonally.

Are you thinking Cordless Phones are safe?

Far from it, there's a direct link already proven by government studies [atleast see conclusion at bottom of United States government sponsored study (not sponsored by any special interest group) at that implicated cordless phones (along with, of course, cell phones - see next].

  • Replace with a standard corded telephone.
  • Use speaker-phone when talking.
  • Unplug when not in use, especially at night-time.

Not a good idea to hold cell phone for long periods.

Absolutely not good to use cell phone for long conversations. See the direct link already proven by government studies [atleast see conclusion at bottom of United States government sponsored study (not sponsored by "special interest groups") at that implicated cell phones related to adverse health effects.

Therefore, limit cell phone use for limited, short, urgent conversations only because as stated in study at preceding link, it does do some harm over long term use. If you need to hold smartphone for long periods to use Internet, connect cell phone to your home internet instead and turn on Airplane mode.

By doing this, Internet may work faster and you won't be using your data from your smart phone plan. More importantly, this will also drop the wireless radiation level down to zero leaving only small electrical field radiation due to the phone battery power.

To reduce that further, you can use short 12 inch selfie stick to hold phone farther away instead of in your hand. Never charge the phone while using the phone - take a break until it finishes changing because electrical radiation is very high when phone is charging using a wall electrical charger.

  • Turn off when not in use, especially at night (forward to your home phone if you think you may get an anxiety attack - but check with your cell phone provider you're ok with the cost).
  • Use airplane mode whenever possible.
  • Don’t tuck your cell phone in your pocket – carry it away from your body. Maybe place it in a purse or bag you carry, or place it on top of the wallet in your pocket to give an inch of separation from your body.
  • Keep your phone away from your head by using earphones or speakerphone.
  • For even more safety, use air-tube anti-radiation headphones. Air-tube sends voice to ear preventing electromagnetic radiation approaching close to head through metal in cable. Therefore, it is safer to use than other wired headsets.

You're Smarter by not wearing a Smart Watch.

In our tests, we placed an Apple watch next to the radiation meter and the radiation was off the charts consistently. Unlike cell phones when radiation is highest when a call is coming in, Smart Watches radiate with that same intensity constantly! After a call is complete, cell phones radiate in bursts periodically to search and maintain connection to nearest cell tower. But these watches with wifi and/or cell communication capability radiate at max consistently to monitor movements, network connectivity, etc. That cannot be good for the body when kids and teenagers have their Fitbits (a brand of fitness watch) and Smartwatches on their wrist 24/7/365. Think about it. Tell them to think about it. There are no long term studies of these devices and no one knows what these will do to the human body after wearing them on their wrists for decades or more. Solution: Do not wear them. At the very least, remove them and power them off at nighttime. Never sleep with them considering the wrist may be very close to the head at times, when asleep.

What will we do without our baby monitor, right?

Avoid use if at all possible. A baby's brain cells are multiplying at an astounding level. It does not need any interference caused by radio waves.

  • At the very least, turn off when not in use.
  • Switch to a wired baby monitor.
  • Keep away from an infant that is sleeping through the night.
  • Keep away from a child’s head – place at a distance.

Is your hair dryer safe?

Not really. No electronic equipment is safe within 7 feet of human body. Electrical field around it radiates for up to 7 ft. and thus the hair dryer is too close to your head for comfort of your body.

  • Go back in time to old times when we used to towel-dry our hair and then let it air-dry. Even the hair would greatly benefit from the natural drying method because the heat from hair dryer does a lot of damage to the hair.
  • Don't use every day – use just once or twice a week.
  • Buy a low-EMF hairdryer, or use a cold or low heat/fan setting - the cold dry air dries the hair almost the same!

What about the rest of wireless devices?

Slowly but surely, over time, wireless radio waves that constantly pass through our bodies do end up doing some serious damage. It is not like someone stands in the way of your phone and your Bluetooth headset and your phone line gets disconnected. This proves the radiation passes through our bodies. The cellular damage this does to our DNA has been tested and proven in many studies including the one at preceding link. Replace your wireless devices like wireless mice and keyboards with plugged-in USB alternatives easily available. A little inconvenience now, is worth it in comparison to a serious health problem in old age.

  • At the very least, disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on devices when not in use.
  • Limit the use of multiple wireless devices at any one time.

Digital Clock-Radio vs. Sunshine to wake you up.

Which would you prefer? By nature, our natural urge and our gut feelings are almost always right.

  • If no East window, not facing the East, or Sun not rising at the time you need to wake up to go to school or work, use a simple battery-operated alarm clock because it has much lower electrical field distance.
  • Turn off when not in use.
  • Place away from your head at night-time.

LED lightbulbs vs. CFL Lightbulbs.

LED bulbs require much less wattage than CFL or Incandescent light bulbs, which is why LEDs are more energy-efficient and longer lasting. However, the radiation emitted from LED bulbs is far worse for skin and overall health. Our bodies naturally show signs when it is not comfortable and LED bulbs result in more skin rashes and red patches - especially in children because their skin is more delicate. This is why we recommend CFL a.k.a. incandescent light bulbs whenever possible.

  • Use natural sunlight whenever possible because no artificial light is "good" - not CFL/incandescent, nor LED.
  • Switch to incandescent lighting whenever possible.
  • Control artificial light exposure by reducing lighting altogether.

Wireless vs. Wired Earphones.

As discussed already, wireless signals and radiation have unproven safety track record for long term exposure over many decades.

  • Switch to anti-radiation air-tube earphones.
  • Disable Bluetooth connectivity when not in use.
  • Use the laptop/phone speaker instead of earphones.

Keep Up With the 5G News.

5G continues to evolve every day and is one of the biggest news of this decade. The best way, hence, to protect yourself from the perils of 5G is to keep yourself updated and educated in this regard. Read about 5G as much as you can and look up ways suggested by doctors and experts on how you can minimize the health hazards associated with 5G under any situation.

Has information in the blog post helped? If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to post your comment below. Thank you.

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  • I have been having a high pitch sound in both my ears about 3 weeks now, it’s aggravating to say the least, I’ve never had this before and don’t know what to do for it.

    Flora on
  • Marcia: “my right ear popped the started buzzing then my left one did”, same happens to me but the hour 1am every day, new antenna 5G installed in my neighborhood.

    Frank Reyes on
  • Doesn’t anyone read warning that comes w a new cellphone? There’s the answer.

    Deana Workman on
  • The jury is still out on 5G and at this point, there isn’t sufficient information for people to make an informed decision IMO. That’s right; in my opinion. Until we have further studies done on 5G, there’s no way to do anything but decide whether you want to use it or not. The bad part is that people don’t have a say in whether they are exposed to it.

    Nicole B. on
  • Yes Lisa, I watched them fit the two cell towers near my home with 5g boxes. A few weeks later, I was sitting watching TV and ar exactly 8:15pm, my right ear popped the started buzzing then my left one did.
    Now my ears buzz at home. But not if I’m out somewhere else. Can someone explain that?

    Marcia on
  • and y didn’t the american people vote on having 5G it should be up to us if we want that not these Greedy WHO or the Scientists or the politicians they have enoug money to protect themselves

    Marlinda Cruz on
  • @chimonger do you know ways to protect the home and the body from 5G?

    Shivani on
  • Paul W. really has an eyes-opened “educated” response from all of his college degree, military experience, I know this and I know that personality, doesn’t he? Shut the hell up Paul and enjoy getting poisoned by the 5g. Obviously, in all that college and world-experience, you did not learn the first thing about electromagnetic radiation. Major media websites, federal government sites, and other organized groups that want to keep you blinded from the truths that are left out of our modern-world education system, are the appropriate venues to express your disagreement with what this page was set up for. Thank you, Jesus loves you Paul.

    Industrial Radiography Alaska on
  • GMOing & monocropping our food supply, drenching our environment in more than 85,000 manmade chemicals, , trying to force everyone into a 1-size-fits-all life pattern, forcing life to bend to our will, and more, has pretty much ruined all the ways we might have protected our physical bodies from electrosmog.
    The ability to use healthy foods to protect ourselves from 5G, has been systematically been being destroyed. Our ability to mentally focus, to think coherently, to even help our bodies heal…& certainly to develop our innate psychic abilities, has been being destroyed with every big electronic advancement.
    AI, whether people understand it or not, is controlling everything, increasingly. We are at a tipping point…no…we’ve tipped.
    Except for a very small handful of controllers.

    Chi on
  • Some speculate 5G will help humans develop abilities usually associated with taking DMT boosters; to become less physical & more “spirit” (for want of better word). Frankly, I think that is Pollyanna wishful thinking!
    There’s ample evidence that ancestors worldwide knew how to develop that ability without using electronics or digital anything.
    Are people so lazy or frustrated at doing this in already known ways, that they believe using increasingly dense & pervasive EMF’s etc., to force it, is the thing to do?
    Because, with AI goading it, this level of surveillance really looks like it’s headed to destroy our innate abilities in that respect. Because, the more G’s there are, the more disrupted our psychic abilities have become, along with increases in mental ills.
    Humans used to be synced with the Shuman (earth) resonance. That resonance, stabile for millions of years as far as we can tell,
    Will using ever-increasing G’s ….is that what has caused the earth’s Shuman resonance to suddenly start changeing over the past 50 or so years?
    Will we lose our psychic abilities, worse? It seems so. It makes logical sense that AI would want to destroy animal non-verbal, non-physical forms of communication, the better to control animals on the planet.
    Will there be even more increases in “neurological” or “dementia” problems?
    Seems so. More people have been experiencing that.
    Those (including some electronics professionals) who believe increasing G’s don’t cause physical problems, are sadly blinkered! Because there certainly ARE adverse physical problems from it, which ARE happening.
    There have been being adverse effects happening under the radar, for about 100 years, getting more so, with each kind of electrical technology launched. It hides in plain sight, 1st as an increase in certain ills that seems out of ordinary, until it’s then perceived as “the new normal”. There have been episodes of sicknesses sweeping over the world with EVERY big digital advance. The sweeps of ills also are related to increases in manmade chemicals used, as well as the destruction of natural protective foods, & destruction of natural environments.
    Increases in cancers, cardiovascular ills, mental ills, learning difficulties, hormonal imbalances, minor bone deformations, etc., have all increased, as all those have increased. IMHO, & based on reading, listening, experiencing more than I’d prefer… we are on the brink of humans failing to survive our own hubris.
    AI might survive without us at this point. But continuing to kill life to bring AI to life…why?

    Chimonger on
  • 5g was installed all over in my town and people suddenly complained about headaches and earaches. Then we were told it’s CONvid. Now that 5g is not operational Covid is fading. We were warned about a second wave …I assume 5g will be operational again. Strange.

    Wayde on
  • We have 5g Network in our house.
    Can exercising and eating a healthy diet lower the effects of 5g? If not then what other measures can we take?

    Minienhle Mahlangu on
  • Has anyone been getting ringing in their ears? It has started about the time 5 G got closer and the ringing and occasional high pitch is driving me crazy!

    Lisa on
  • I am also COMPLETELY satisfied with 4G. Unless I am far from a tower, it is nearly instant. No need in my area for more. We just got upgraded from 3G this year!

    Dee on
  • A bunch of unanswered questions. In my city, they are trying to actively introduce 5G towers including them in the test. Complaints of headaches come from people living in their area of ​​action.

    Kostis.G. on
  • I am trying to figure out a way to stop laughing at the stupidity of people .. YES .. I said stupidity and I will say it again .. STUPIDITY OF PEOPLE .. I have been working in, around, with and any other term you want to use .. in electrical & electronics for over 40 years. I have college degrees, military and civilian real world experience and if needed a stack of data to back up what I am going to post here .. BUT because what I post will not fall in with what you are wanting to hear I am sure people will blow this off.

    You need to fully read information and not just take bits and pieces to back your statements .. SO with that said .. YES there are dangers with being around ANYTHING .. A stove will burn you if your stupid enough to put your hand on the burner while it is on or shortly after it has been used, A candle will burn you if stick a body part in the flame, drowning can happen in very little water, if you go outside in subzero temperatures you can freeze to death …. YES a microwave oven CAN hurt you BUT only if you bypass every Safety Feature built into it and then be stupid enough to turn it on and put yourself in contact with the microwave magnetron and and and .. The same thing goes with cell towers .. unless you climb up the tower and hug the high power antenna there is NO WAY you are being harmed. You get a higher dosage of radiation from the sun on a cloudy day than you do from any electrical/electronic device in your house or car.

    There is always the people that come up with some crazy 1 in a billion totally crazy “what if” situation. So, if you break into a nuclear power pant during a storm while an earthquake is happening and there is an alien attack .. yeah you might get killed from radiation .. but at that point I think radiation would be the least of your concerns.

    There is NO connection between cell phones, cell tower or anything other electronic device and the Covid-19 virus. Come on people stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution.

    Paul W. on
  • they just mysteriously switched my phone network to 5g. An i live under a cell phone tower. Been getting headaches all the time and i can feel the radio active energy if i put the phone near my head at all this stuff is not safe !

    Drama on
  • Reading this and listening to people trying to link COVID-19 with 5G, I just don’t know. On one hand, I’m concerned because people are manufacturing things like RF shields (so there must be a demand), but on the other hand, there are other products people manufacture that don’t do any good (like those stickers that are supposed to help your cell phone signal).

    Dwight Burke on
  • Nothing wrong with looking into the potential dangers of 5G. I’ve heard so many claims that I don’t know where to start in researching 5G. I don’t buy the coronavirus/5G connection. Sounds ridiculous. If someone has solid proof send me a link. If it’s InfoWars I’ll ignore it.

    J.K. Longstreet on
  • Again, NO study anywhere on the world for the safety of 4G and 5G over a period of time on humans.
    Now the combined effects of 4G with 5G is being referred back to 2G and 3G studies on rats.
    (I have 26 years experience in Telecommunications. I served 7 years in the Military, training and working with SONAR and RADAR, both in Australia and the US)

    The only safe way to protect our health is STOP the roll-out, demand the current 5G network be turned off, and transparent studies be conducted on this tech. How can we sleep at night not knowing is this tech will cause short, medium and long term health issues?

    I am currently communicating this with my State Government representative , and so should all of us.

    Rob Noosa on
  • I suggest you visit our website and download the valuable info. We verify everything and yes there is a direct link between 5G and COVID-19, Bill Gates and Nanotechnology. Just to let you know, we don’t deal in conspiracy theories, we deal in facts above most people’s heads.

    Nikita Samuelle on
  • “The best way, hence, to protect yourself from the perils of 5G is to keep yourself updated and educated in this regard” No. It sounds like the best way to protect myself is to stay the F away from 5G. I don’t know. Right now 5G probably seems like the least of society’s worries, but I’m concerned why we’re letting a questionable technology expose us to potential dangers. I’m happy with 4G. Am I a dinosaur for thinking this?

    Trev Skiles on

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