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Differences in how consumer & commercial signal boosters work

Jun 26, 2017

Let us explore the differences in how consumer grade cell phone signal boosters work versus commercial grade or industrial grade cellular signal amplifiers work.

How do SureCall enterprise cellphone amplifiers work?

Cellphone reception is becoming a standard necessity in the 21st century workplace. Sometimes, however, the building we work in doesn’t always play by the rules.

Built with proven linear design to support multiple users, SureCall cell amplifiers by Cellphone-Mate provides a family of 3G 68dB to 80dB building cellphone amplifiers and accessories to enhance any size building’s cellular needs for every carrier. Led by the 5-band Force-5 Cellphone Amplifier, combining 2G, 3G and 4G for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, SureCall also provides more specific 2G/3G and 4G solutions.

Cellphone boosters use decibels, or dBs, to increase the range on a cellular frequency between cell phone users and the booster. The more decibels, or dBs, a cellular booster contains, the greater the area of coverage the booster can provide. The beauty of SureCall boosters is you can adjust dB gain to maximize reception based on your individual situation. Another feature of our commercial amplifiers is automatic shutdown, which safeguards against oscillation and interference to cell towers.

First to market in 4G solutions and patent-pending on a multiple of cellphone amplification products, SureCall amplifiers hold a industry-leading 2-year warranty and the lowest product return rate in the industry.

Review our 5 band amplifier multi-band 4G and LTE amplifier solutions for your reception problems and increase cellphone coverage in your office or building today.

How do SureCall residential cell phone boosters work?

It is irritating when you suddenly lose cell phone reception stepping a few feet inside your home or office from the front steps.

Many factors can reduce cell phone reception. It can be the construction materials of the home itself, if it is located in the mountains or in a canyon, or a combination of any of those factors. Whatever the reason, it stinks.

Rather than ramble around the house or yard finding a good connection, the ideal solution is a room/office or home cell booster kit by SureCall.

Unlike sound amplifiers which increase volume, cellphone signal boosters use decibels to increase the range on a cellphone frequency between cell phone users and the booster. The more decibels, or dBs, a cellphone booster contains, the greater the area of coverage the booster can provide.

For homes, homes office and small commercial office buildings, our adjustable 65dB FlexPro kits will enhance 2G and 3G up to 6,000 ft. All kits come with a cell booster, inside and outside antennas, coax cable, power supply and mounting kit, all for assuring reliable cell phone coverage.

Our 62dB kit provides coverage from 2,000 to 6,000 square ft and our 68dB kit ensures coverage for up to 20,000 square ft and is the ideal solution for a large home or small office building.

You should also know that SureCall provides 4G and LTE boosters for every major U.S. carrier: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Along with improving voice, they have proved to double download speed in areas that did not have enhanced cell coverage.

No matter what the size of the area needing reception, SureCall signal boosters can be easily set up. With patented technology, a industry-leading 3-year warranty, you can rely on SureCall boosters to boost your cellphone reception at home or at the office.

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  • The bottom line is that if you’re having trouble with making cell phone calls or downloading/uploading data (and it’s not your phone that’s the problem), there are cell phone booster solutions for everyone out there.

    Stewart Langley on
  • This is my takeaway on the blog. In the world of cell phone signal boosters, there are signal boosters for home and commercial cell phone boosters. A signal booster for home sounds like something I would like to have because I get frustrated with poor reception and dropped calls. A commercial cell phone booster would be nice for someone who owns a business and has the same problems. However, I only need one for home and have to decide which brand to buy—Wilson vs. Surecall, Weboost, etc.

    Marcus Danvers on
  • It’s amazing how much range these devices can project. I wanted to know how to increase my cell phone signal strength and I feel like this was a helpful start.

    Dean Stewart on
  • I can’t believe the range on the commercial cellular boosters. Talk about powerful. I only need one for the home (at least for now), but would like to see a commercial one in action. Does anyone ever wonder if these will become commonplace in businesses as business owners realize it’s important to have clear connections for clients and employees?

    Morgan Matthews on

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