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DIY Signal Boosting - The Cell Phone Signal Booster Sticker.

Aug 22, 2018

DIY Signal Boosting - The Cell Phone Signal Booster Sticker.

Cell Phone Signal Booster Stickers: Legit or Scam?

Scams come in all shapes and sizes, promising massive results at an ultra-low price. Unfortunately, most of these promises are too good to be true, and this is certainly the case with cell phone signal booster stickers. It is 2018 and we're shocked to see that it is still being sold at Amazon in a 3-pack for $9.99. Therefore, we decided to write about it to hopefully help those that are clueless and still decide to buy them.

Resembling a circuit board, the stickers look legitimate and seem to be backed by science, but they fail miserably in performance testing. Today, there are plenty of affordable solutions on the market for amplifying your cell signal, but this DIY cell phone signal booster isn't one of them. In this piece, we will share the truth behind cell phone signal booster stickers, so that you don't waste time and money on this product.

The Signal Boosting Sticker: How Does It Work?

At first glance, the product looks like a normal sticker with a shiny metallic coating, and it promises to prevent radiation from leaving your phone. Ostensibly, this improves the phone's signal strength and overall performance, but there isn’t any real data to support this claim. Most of the "tests" have been performed by TV personalities, who made a phone call without the sticker, and then made another call with the sticker, comparing the perceived results. However, in every measured test that we found online, the cell signal remained the same or decreased with the sticker applied.

Maybe it works for those that "think" it will work and it does for them only (from the idea in documentary, "The Secret" where it explores the conviction that "thoughts become things")? We're not so sure about that it this case, though. However, we would like to be totally objective and give it the benefit of such ideology based doubt. Maybe some can actually think "hard enough" to get it to actually work? Perhaps how levitation is seen possible or bending of a metal fork by focussing on it as seen in a YouTube video (don't know whether real or altered). Possible by chance, but extremely slim chance in our opinion. If you believe along those lines, go ahead and buy it to see if it works for you(!)

Understanding How an Antenna Functions.

Think of a cell phone antenna like a piano tuning fork. When you strike a tuning fork, it resonates at a specific frequency and produces a tone. Conversely, an antenna conducts electromagnetic waves from the air and resonates accordingly. To do this, the antenna compares the radio waves' incoming peaks with the ground potential.

For best results, the length of your antenna should measure as close to ½ or ¼ of the desired radio wavelength. This allows you to conduct the highest possible voltage from the wave, as compared to the cell phone battery (which typically acts as a ground). Then, the cell phone processes the wave frequency and converts it into images, videos, and other software data.

To fit an antenna inside today's slim smartphones, manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have designed complex programs that interpret cellular reception within a tiny space. In fact, a smartphone antenna looks similar to a DIY signal booster sticker, but the copper design interacts directly with the phone's radio.

Debunking the Signal Booster Sticker.

Here're a few more common-sense reasons why the DIY cell phone signal booster sticker is not a legitimate accessory:

  • The sticker is not directly connected to your cell phone's radio, so it has no measurable impact as an antenna.
  • If the sticker is placed precisely in the path of your phone's existing antenna, it will make the antenna directional and require you to point the phone directly at a cell tower to acquire a signal.
  • If the sticker is placed away from your phone's existing antenna, it may resonate and create interference, such as phase cancellations that minimize the incoming and outgoing signal.

How to Truly Boost Cell Phone Signal?

As we stated previously, there're real solutions for boosting a cell phone signal that use actual antennas and amplifiers (and not a plastic sticker). If you need stronger cell coverage at home or work, you can install a cell phone signal booster for home to dramatically increase your reception, as proven scientifically and trusted to work by FCC.

Our experts want to help you find the perfect signal booster for your needs. Try our risk-free signal boosters today, with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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  • Guess what? Amazon still has people selling these stickers. Something tells me the technology hasn’t improved where they do any better in improving your signal than when this was first written. It’s astonishing that Amazon will list these worthless products. Not everyone needs a cell phone signal booster but if they do, that sticker isn’t going to help.

    Ruby Sanborn on
  • These comments sum this sticker thing up well-it’s a waste of your money. There are ways to help boost your cell phone’s signal strength for free and at the other end, there are cell phone signal boosters you can buy (not sure if you can go to places like Walmart or Best Buy). However, there’s no middle ground that I know of like buying some stupid sticker. Save your money and explore the free options and if those don’t work for you, look into a cell phone signal booster.

    Edwin Rodriguez on
  • I am going to give my own cell phone signal booster sticker review. Take your money and put it in a basket and hang the basket out of a car window while someone is driving. Or if you need kindling for your fireplace, take the money you’d spend on an internal cell phone antenna booster sticker and light those bucks up. These stickers have repeatedly been shown to be worthless. Just read the cell phone antenna booster sticker reviews and you’ll see what a scam these things are.

    E.J. Ritter on
  • This sticker reminds me of people who want to make a homemade cell phone signal booster. Cell phones rely on strong signals for maximum performance whether you want clear audio and no problems with dropped calls. If your phone isn’t getting a strong signal, you’re going to have problems like dropped calls and slow data speeds. A ridiculous sticker isn’t going to do anything, regardless of whether it claims to be a super internal antenna booster or whatever. There are a variety of ways to improve your signal, some are free, and some cost money (such as a cell phone booster). This sticker isn’t one of the ways to help.

    Henry Baxter III on
  • This reminds me of the saying, “A fool and his money are soon parted.” I saw an ad for a super internal antenna booster one time and couldn’t help but think, “I don’t know about that.” If those things work so well, why wouldn’t cell phone companies put them in all their phones? Seriously, cell phone signal booster internal antennas like this sticker are obviously a waste of money. I am glad your site explained why they don’t work. I’m sure there are people who are trying them because they don’t know better. While I don’t know if I’m going to buy a mobile signal booster, I know I’m NOT going to get a stupid sticker.

    Eric Desmond on

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