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Drive Sleek Nominated Best Mobile Product at Media Excellence Awards

Feb 20, 2019

Drive Sleek Nominated Best Mobile Product at Media Excellence Awards

Media Excellence Awards Nominated weBoost Drive Sleek Phone Booster As a Worthy Finalist in the "Best Mobile Product" Category.

Wilson weBoost Drive Sleek

About Media Excellence Awards:

Currently celebrating its 11th anniversary, the Media Excellence Awards (MEA) is a prestigious global technology awards program which honors innovation and leadership. Nominees and winners of the Media Excellence Awards represent all areas of media and entertainment, including leaders and innovators in mobile technology. The MEA stands at the forefront of the entertainment and mobile industries by distinguishing innovative products and companies that have grown and developed over the past year. Finalists in the MEA awards represent the top tier when it comes to technological breakthroughs, advancement in entertainment platforms, strong design, and mobile innovation.

Produced by Axis PR & Entertainment, the MEA has announced their finalists for the current season, and weBoost is absolutely thrilled to announce that its cell phone signal booster, the weBoost Drive Sleek, is a finalist in the Excellence in Product category. Simply being nominated to win one of these highly coveted awards is indeed a huge honor. There is no doubt that the weBoost Drive Sleek is worthy of such a nomination, because this cell phone signal booster for vehicles is a versatile, powerful, and highly effective booster.

Why WeBoost's "Drive Sleek" is so Deserving of This Nomination?

Easy to install, this cradle booster strengthens your cell phone's voice and data connection enabling you to achieve up to 32-times improved cell coverage. With your cell phone resting in the cradle, the Drive Sleek boosts cell signal to deliver clearer calls, faster data speeds, and better battery life in areas of weak signal.

Set-up involves simply sticking the external antenna to the roof of the vehicle with a strong rare earth magnet. In the case of non-magnetic roofs, there's an adhesive disc included in the Drive Sleek booster kit. The Drive Sleek can be used in a truck, car, or any other vehicle to keep the lines of communication open. Any sized phone will fit in the cradle. The Drive Sleek will boost 3G cellular and 4G LTE signals for all USA cellular networks including Straight Talk, US cellular, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless and more. This cell phone signal booster is FCC certified and comes complete with everything you need in one simple package. There is a 60-day moneyback guarantee by, and a two-year Wilson Electronics manufacturer's warranty.

The Director of Consumer Product Line at weBoost, Joshua Barnes, said that at the very forefront of weBoost's developmental efforts of the Drive Sleek were performance and user experience. The team at weBoost recognized that more could be done in combining their market leading technology with innovative product design, and this included using materials and manufacturing processes previously unused in this category. Mr. Barnes added that the Drive Sleek cell phone signal booster is aesthetically pleasing and not only helps maintain reliable communications, it also delivers improved data rates for media, maps, and other applications in locations where users would typically have no signal.

The team at weBoost are thrilled and honored to receive recognition of their innovative cell phone signal booster, and will continue focusing on innovation and quality in all their endeavors. The Media Excellence Awards will take place in Los Angeles, CA, on February 21. If you require any further information please visit

Video Showing Easy Installation Steps To Install weBoost Drive Sleek (470135):

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  • The big thing for me is ease of installation. I have a leased vehicle and don’t need anything that will diminish the vehicle’s value when I turn it in. The Drive Sleek booster appears to be easy to install and take apart as needed.

    Nattie Baranova on
  • I drive a lot and people are always calling me while I’m driving. Unfortunately, I don’t always get a good signal. Even when I’m in the city I have problems. I thought it would just be a problem in the country but it’s not. I’m still thinking over getting a phone booster for the car but I like the 60-day money-back guarantee. If I don’t like it, I can always send it back. I never throw out the mailing packages on big items so it shouldn’t be a hassle.

    George Young on
  • I’m skeptical about factory awards because the average person doesn’t know how trustworthy they are. Are they a joke like the Grammys or something more credible like the Screen Actors Guild awards. I’m not sure where the Media Excellence Awards fall into the credibility scale, but I’ll at least check Drive Sleek out, even if I don’t give the Media Excellence Awards any credence. I’m in the market for a decent car cell phone booster and am looking at the different ones in the field.

    Serena Cooper on

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