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HiBoost 4K & 10K Plus & Pro Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation Video

Jan 14, 2020

HiBoost 4K Plus, 4K Plus Pro; HiBoost 10K Plus, 10K Plus Pro cell phone signal booster installation video:

HiBoost 4K Plus/ Pro 10K Plus/ Pro Signal Boosters and their Installation.

The HiBoost Plus series, our precision-engineered cell phone boosters are built to carrier grade specifications. Its newly featured indoor antenna system allows users to customize their signal booster setup with up to two different antennas. Users can either simplify their installation by only using the powerful built-in antenna, or they can extend their coverage area using these different combinations of antennas. To maximize performance and durability, HiBoost has engineered a unique aluminium alloy chassis, in effect, a giant heatsink, allowing the booster to work continually at maximum power while protecting the booster’s sensitive electronic components from excessive heating.

Front of the booster.

The front of the booster is equipped with LED indicators and an LCD display that allows you to see real-time signal readings. The left column displays all the frequency bands that different carriers operate on. The right column displays the power output level in decibel milliwatts, and the middle two columns display the uplink and downlink gain in decibels.

Each Plus series kit includes the following components.

A user manual. Booster unit. 200 low-loss coaxial cable. A powerful 9 dBI gain directional antenna that can reach towers up to nine miles away. Booster mounting hardware. Outdoor antenna bracket. Power supply.

Installation Steps.

To begin the installation, download the Signal Supervisor app from Google Play or the App Store and create a new account. You may use the quick installation guide found in the Signal Supervisor app to guide you through the installation process step-by-step. On the Signal Supervisor app, go to the My Device tab and select Add Device. Follow the prompts on the app to register the booster.

Connect the outdoor antenna to the booster. Make sure that the connections are tightened firmly From the roof of your building, find the best location for the outdoor antenna. Make a complete 360 degrees scan of the horizon. Use the power meter tool on the app to locate the strongest signal. Slowly pan the antenna back and forth until you see the power levels peak.

Fix the antenna in place and connect it to the booster using the coaxial cable provided in the kit. You can extend the coverage of your Plus booster's internal antenna with our slimline wall mount antenna kit. Mount all cables to the booster and make sure the power is on. Using the app, test the signal values again to make sure that the system is operating properly.

Call for FREE consultation: 1-855-846-2654

Or submit installation questionnaire for quote to have it installed by qualified and experienced HiBoost 4k/ 10k Plus/ Pro installers.

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  • I wish more places issued rebates. They were common back in the 1980’s, 1990’s, and even early 2000’s, but they seem to have disappeared. I know that some people were too lazy to send them in, but some of them were worth too much not to.

    James Page on
  • I’ve looked at other signal boosters before and this one stands out for me. I like the way it looks. It’s smart-looking and the antenna is nondescript (also doesn’t look gawky). The second thing I like is the ability to adjust one or more antennas to fit my home’s requirements.

    Doug Moore on
  • When I see something like a heat sink, I figure the signal booster has to give off some major heat. Is that something you find in all signal boosters or just select models? If I get one of these, is there any kind of deal where you can get it installed professionally?

    Yvonne Anders on

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