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HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster Reviews

Oct 23, 2017

HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster Reviews

Read HiBoost cell phone signal booster reviews by verified buyers that have purchased them. We review both car/truck and home/building signal boosters by HiBoost, substantiated by direct quotes from verified buyers at our website.

Whether in a car or truck criss-crossing the rugged American terrain or urban jungle in metropolitan America and Canada, a reliable cellular phone signal is a necessity. In most cases, getting a reliable signal in your building, car or boat is a hit-and-miss affair. You don't have to live with poor coverage though. At times you're not at fault when it comes to poor coverage and unreliable cell phone signal inside your car or home. The culprit most likely is something between your cellular device and the cell tower. But do HiBoost signal boosters work? How well do they work? Are they worth the cost? HiBoost is a globally known brand but are its products as good or better than its competitor's signal boosting products? Let us find out.

HiBoost is a globally recognized name across Asia, Europe and other parts of the world when it comes to cellular phone signal boosters for use in buildings and cars. The company has now entered the United States and offers cell phone signal boosters. HiBoost cell phone signal boosters are for individuals with poor signal cell phone coverage in their cars while on the road or inside buildings where a reliable coverage and connection is highly needed.

Here're HiBoost cell phone signal repeaters that claim to put the little matter of poor coverage and unreliable mobile device signal behind you. 

HiBoost Travel 3G 4G LTE Car Mobile Signal Booster Kit- C27G-5S.

Customer reviews express delight with the Travel 4G 4G LTE signal booster.

Steven W terms it as the "perfect accessory for my car! After installing this signal booster, I can now enjoy clear calls and constant high-speed data in my car."

Meagan E says the cell phone signal booster "works great! We travel to Oklahoma for weekend camping getaways with my family quite frequently. The Car booster worked amazing! My family stayed connected at the camping grounds and the whole drive to the camping site! Big difference!"

HiBoost Travel 3G 4G LTE is made for users facing poor cell phone signal in boats, SUVs, minivans, vans and cars. It comes with a 50dB gain in a repeater kit that improves the coverage in your vehicle for 2G voice, 3G data and 4G LTE networks. Per customer reviews, the result is a clear voice, uninterrupted texting on phones and faster 3G and 4G LTE downloads and uploads on smartphones. HiBoost Travel 3G 4G LTE boosts the cell phone signal for multiple mobile phone users concurrently. This ensures the calls aren't just clear and not dropped but also the data upload and download is fast in your boat, sports utility vehicle, minivan or car.

Designed for all cellular service providers.

The HiBoost amplifier is designed with all the cellular service providers across the United States and Canada in mind, from T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint to AT&T in US and Rogers Wireless, Telus, Bell Mobility among others in Canada. HiBoost Travel 3G 4G LTE works for all types of Smartphones in North America as it has done elsewhere around the world. According to customers, whether you have Nokia, Apple iPhones, ZTEs, LGs, Samsungs, Nexus models or Blackberries it combats bad reception inside vehicles just the same.

Complete kit and highly compatible.

HiBoost Travel 3G 4G LTE main benefits include compatibility with all cell phone devices, highly durable and strong metal construction and compatibility with all cellular phone service providers across North America. In fact, the signal repeater kit will arrive with all that is required for complete and successful installation. Together with the Hi-Boost Travel 4G LTE cell phone signal booster, the kit includes installation guide and user manual, DC power adapter and six-feet cable, a vehicle interior patch antenna and a vehicle roof 5dB magnetic mount.

Smart functions.

HiBoost Travel 3G 4G LTE also includes smart AGC/MGC functions. With AGC, the system gain is controlled automatically depending on your current geography's input signal. The booster power is balanced and maintained to ensure it doesn't interfere with the networks of cell phone service providers. MGC on the other hand ensures booster gain decrease or increase can be done manually. To know how the signal booster is working, the LED indicators on the interface are included. For any trouble that can be corrected or oscillation issues requiring attention, an alarm LED guarantees a warning that will help you manage your cell phone signal booster.

Great for anyone on the road often.

HiBoost Travel 3G 4G LTE is great for anyone on the road in need of a highly reliable signal not just for high-speed 4G LTE uploads and downloads but also texting and talking. Dropped calls while on the road are a thing of the past and unsent and stuck text messages will be a thing of the past. Updating emails is easier and the internet speed will increase. Great for multi-users in a car who want to keep streaming and downloading in their Smartphones from Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, and YouTube among others apps. Apart from being FCC and IC Industry Canada approved and certified, it comes with a 3-year warranty.

HiBoost Elite 7500 Sq. Ft. Voice and 3G In-Home Cell Signal Booster for all Phones/ F20G-CP.

Review from verified buyer Danny S in United States is delighted with the HiBoost Elite 7500. In his own words: "This booster did increase our signal and is a good buy."

Working and living in a commercial building, apartment or home with unclear calls, unsent text messages and poor internet can be debilitating. Per customer reviews across the web, the HiBoost Elite 7500 cell phone signal boosters ensure there's a reliable and fast 3G network data speed for efficient uploading and downloading of data. It assures clear voice calls, no more dropped calls and ability to instantly relay text messages. F20G-CP or F20E-CP is a unique in-home cell phone coverage repeater kit covering all internal spaces of between 7,500 square feet and 10,000 square feet according to the external available wireless signal.

Simultaneous compatibility.

The 70dB gain HiBoost Elite 7500 ensures 3G data and 2G voice standards are perfectly supported. Its streamlined designed brings out its compatibility with all types of cellular devices and compatibility with all mobile phone service providers in Canada and United States. In fact, it supports a total of 200 mobile device users simultaneously.

Easy to install.

Inside the HiBoost Elite 7500  installation kit includes installation guide and user manual, power adapter and supply, in-house panel antenna with a 5D-FB 15-feet cable and 50-foot 5D-FB outdoor logarithmic periodic antenna cable. The kit has all the things you need to install and no experts are required.

Top smart functions.

FCC approved and certified, HiBoost Elite 7500 comes with a 3-year warranty. It includes great smart functions courtesy of HiBoost engineering such as AGC and MGC. AGC allows you control system gain automatically as per your area's input signal and balancing the power of the cell phone signal booster to avoid obstructing cellular service provider networks. MGC functions give you much control by making it easy to decrease or increase the repeater gain manually.

HiBoost Elite 7500 is the signal wireless amplifier ensuring that your commercial building, apartment or typical home has proper and reliable 2G voice and 3G data networks for use by over 200 people simultaneously. It supports all manner of mobile devices from Kindles, Tablets to Smartphones and anything in between for those in rural and urban areas. Slow internet, loss of connection and dropped calls will be a thing of the past.

C27G-5S and C27G-CP are high quality cell phone coverage amplifiers for use in all types of vehicles and boats. F20G-CP (same as F20E-CP) is an exclusive HiBoost cell phone signal boosters for use in buildings of all sizes to about 10,000 square feet. These efficient signal boosters make data loading faster while using Smartphones and deals with the ever-present problem of dropped calls, slow internet connection and dead zones.

HiBoost Car or Truck Cell Phone Signal Booster for all Phones and Carriers/C27G-CP-Universal.

An interested cellular signal booster buyer Don B concludes that the "item sounds like what I need. I will use it on my next camping trip and fill you in."

C27G-CP is a unique HiBoost cell phone signal booster made for use in Canada and USA with all cellular service providers across the continent. It offers a chance to enjoy the clear voice calls and rapid message texting whether you’re in a yacht or boat, RV, truck or normal car. The highly affordable signal booster is a brand new repeater boosting cellular reception by 50dB gain. For instance, in areas with -100 dBm or basically poor coverage areas with virtually no bars on Smartphones, the C27G-CP improves the cellular signal strength to -50dBm with a gain of up to 50dBm. That way, you can transform any dead zone or poor signal area in your boat, truck or car to full bars on your Smartphone.

Simultaneous boosting.

Travelling as a group or a few of you inside a truck for long distances can be boring without proper internet coverage and clear signal. The C27G-CP actually improves the wireless reception in a vehicle for more than one Smartphone simultaneously. Everyone in the vehicle with a cell phone will be able to instantly text, make clear calls and update emails without a problem. Being service provider agnostic means the C27G-CP has been designed to enhance the cell phone signal quality of all mobile service providers in the United States such as T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T and Canada cellular service providers such as Telus, Rogers Wireless and Bell Mobility.

Great features.

C27G-CP includes great heat dissipation features assuring longevity with its 3-year warranty. It has been approved and certified for use in Canada by the IC Industry and United States' FCC. Booster also features MGC and AGC critical functions. MGC function allows you to decrease and increase the repeater gain manually. AGC on the other hand controls the system gain automatically as per the current area’s input signal while balancing the booster power to ensure the networks of the cell phone service provider aren't interfered with. LED indicators on the repeater's interface will help you monitor its working state. The alarm LED comes in handy when there's a problem that needs to be addressed or oscillation issues to be corrected.

Note that C27G-CP improves 2G and 3G networks without a problem and don’t enhance 4G LTE networks. It supports up to four devices and very easy to install. You actually can do it yourself without a problem.


HiBoost signal boosters therefore do match up to the competitor products per customer reviews. While there aren't long term studies and reviews from customers that have owned them over a long period of time such as 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years, we can presume safely that the quality and effectiveness would not diminish over time considering the type of producs signal boosters are. Either they work, or they do not. These do work as stipulated by manufacturer claims. This has been verified by the buyers of HiBoost USA products at our website.

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  • This review is specific to the Hi Boost 4K 5G signal booster, received July 2022. Before I installed this product, I had dropped calls and lousy internet performance, 1-2 signal bars. After I installed the product, I now have high call quality calls that do not drop, insanely fast internet, and 4-5 signal bars. I have a background in signal processing, so I am going to get a bit technical. I live on a lake, and there is a larger ridge of trees adjacent to my property that cuts into the signal for 5G. This was never a problem with LTE, but as you have heard, 5G degrades faster over distances, and stuff like trees smashes signal strength. After installing the product, signal strength increased as follows: 700MHz (LTE) 50dB, 800Mhz (5G mid band) 43dB, 1.9Ghz (5G hi band) 52dB (Verizon operates at this band), 2.5Ghz (5G hi band) 49dB (both Verizon and T-Mobile operate at this band). What does this all mean, we now get the SAME quality and insanely fast internet that folks in the cities and suburbs get, with no more dropped calls and no need to go outside or near a window to receive or make calls.

    Hank Wojteczko on
  • There are so many different brands around for signal boosters that I don’t know where to start. I’m skeptical about reviews because I don’t know how accurate they are. I also don’t know if the negative reviews have been conveniently omitted. That’s a problem for me because I don’t know anyone who owns a signal booster so I can’t get a word of mouth review.

    Edwin Rafferty on
  • I installed a hi.Boost signal booster as where we had one spot outside to get a signal now we have 3 and 4 bars no dropped calls (clear as a bell ) and internet on our tablet 3 and 4 bars also would recommend to everyone. Ken

    Kenneth Smalley on
  • It’s always good to see verified reviews whether it’s cell phone boosters or toasters. I’ve never encountered anyone who owns a hi boost cell booster so it’s good to see people sharing their experiences and whether or not the hiboost signal boosters are worth getting. I have a question, I’ve seen the terms hiboost 10k and hiboost 4k. What do they mean? Also, is there any difference about weboost vs. hiboost? I know there are some smart people here when it comes to cell phone boosters so feel free to answer.

    E. J. Thayer on
  • I am glad there is a mobile version that can be used by those who travel regularly. My husband travels a lot, it can really frustrating to try get in touch with him without success at times.

    Rachael Mills on
  • I’ve 4 properties in another state and thus we travel frequently to them. Before installing HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster calls would just disconnect sometimes and other times I was not able to communicate even when the call was active. The data speed was also below average. My friend Milly suggested I get this Booster installed. I don’t know how this technology works but it works so well. Keep up the great work guys!

    Margaret Fox on
  • Nice run-down on cellular boosters. Here’s my take on things, I am finding the car to be a travelling work station as I am on the phone constantly. I also am starting to rely on the Internet more as well, and need a strong cellular signal to keep things running smoothly. Not only is a cell phone booster a good tax write-off, but it’s a smart business tool. It sounds like I won’t have to worry about dropped calls, bad connections, or slow Internet access. I wish I had one of these back in the 90’s!

    Morgan Matthews on

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