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Komatsu Mining Corporation R&D Lab Cell Phone Booster Case Study

May 01, 2019

Komatsu Mining Corporation R&D Lab Cell Phone Booster Case Study

Location Details.

After facing serious cellular signal problems in their metal building with very poor cell coverage, if any, Komatsu Mining Corporation Research and Development Lab had one of the most powerful cellular signal boosters available installed by completely ending their voice, text and data signal problem.

Major Concern.

The client's building is a long metal structure more than 300 ft. long with another attached office building (75 ft. x 75 ft.) with walls made of cinder blocks. Throughout the metal building and cinder block-walled building, cellular penetration was very poor, if any. Browsing Internet with a Smartphone or calling and texting from mobile devices was impossible.


A careful and intensive site survey was done to ascertain the main problem to help come up with the best possible solution. Due to significant problem with no cellular penetration in both the central core cinder block walled labs and the long metal building, SureCall Force 5 2.0 cell phone signal booster with 7 dome and 2 panel antennae was selected. The survey also helped establish the best route for the cable, antennae systems and amplifier placement areas.


Exterior LPDA Antenna Installation

Exterior Antenna Installation

As indicated, the choice signal booster was SureCall Force5 2.0 cell phone signal booster with 7 dome and 2 panel antennae. The 4-dome antennae went into the office building with one set covering the interior labs surrounded by cinder block walls. The other 3 covered the other offices (break room and work cubicles).

Long Hallway with Office Cubicles

Long Hallway with Cubicles

The 200' x 15' x 8' ceiling internal hallway in the R & D area was covered by three dome antennae. An additional panel antenna was included at the end of the hall which densified coverage in the completely open area (100 ft. long x 60 ft. wide) where a giant earth moving equipment is operated.

Internal Hallway with Dome Antenna

Internal Hallway with Dome Antenna

Other panel antenna was added on the second level above the hall to densify coverage in two landings.

Force5 2.0 Amplifier Being Installed

Force5 2.0 Amplifier Being Installed

Results of installing SureCall Force5 2.0 amplifier kit.

Results of installing SureCall Force5 2.0 amplifier kit

Installation was highly successful and the selection of SureCall Force5 2.0 and its elaborate 7-dome and 2-panel antennae system is highly effective in ending poor cell signal and dead zones. Workers can now access full bars on their Smartphones and enjoy zero dropped calls, smooth texting and top speed data processing.


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  • Let’s see. Walls made out of metal and walls made out of cinder blocks. Sounds like this company would have no problem getting cell signals through. I’m glad there are cell phone signal booster systems because otherwise, I don’t know what this company would do. There’s got to be a better way of setting up buildings so you can get cell phone signals in. The problem is that metal and cinder blocks are far too effective at weakening or blocking cell phone signals. I don’t know if there’s any solution other than installing a booster system.

    Pat Tompkins on
  • That place must be hotter than an oven in the summertime. I certainly hope they have a good air conditioning system or they’re really going to need a cell phone booster so they can call an ambulance. Anyone whose worked in a place like this will tell you it can get unbearable if it’s not well-ventilated (and many places refuse to put in AC). At least a booster will help with the signal when you’re convulsing from heat stroke. LOL.

    Roderick Collazo on
  • “A long metal structure with walls made of cinder block.” Is it any surprise that the people inside couldn’t get a signal? I’m no expert but even a layman like me could tell you they were asking for problems with their wireless service. I don’t understand why construction companies don’t know about this and if they do know, why they don’t warn the client. Maybe the construction company is looking for a referral from an electronics firm to fix the problem. Whatever the case, I’m glad they solved their problem.

    Yong Shao on

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