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New Cell Signal Booster for Large Homes to Medium Size Buildings

Apr 10, 2018

New Cell Signal Booster for Large Homes to Medium Size Buildings

Now Available: New Performance Leading Signal Booster for Residences and Small-to-Medium Size Offices and Commercial Buildings in Both Urban and Rural Areas.

The new Fusion5X 2.0 cell signal booster is a large cell booster that covers all cellular service carriers and is the most up-to-date, technologically powerful booster in its class on the market today. Designed for large residences and mid-size commercial buildings, it covers two times more area than its closest competitor. SureCall Fusion 5X 2.0 covers all North American phones and carriers and amplifies text, voice, and 4G LTE data signals. Technical support for it will be covered by the industry's leading warranty 3 years warranty.

Featuring maximum cellular amplification power, it delivers increased downlink power, thus providing more reliable cellular coverage over a larger area. An added bonus of the new SureCall IQ technology is that the Fusion5X 2.0 won't overpower or shut down as others do, in areas where there’s already a strong outdoor signal.

New Cell Signal Booster Comes with SureCall's Proprietary SureIQ Technology.

SureIQ technology enables this new cell phone signal booster to balance incoming signals, thus maximizing its performance and preventing shutdown in environments where the signal is already strong. It is capable of performing amid the strongest upload and download signals that either fail to deliver a strong signal when required or cause inadequate signal boosters to shutdown prematurely. This new technology will ensure that, regardless of a customer's location, everyone will receive the most reliable and powerful signal possible.

This cell signal boosting kit comes as a welcome relief for frustrated mobile users in urban areas, because in even the most challenging cellular environments the SureIQ technology self-adjusts to deliver signal amplification around-the-clock.

Benefits of SureCall's Fusion5X 2.0 Cell Signal Booster System.

  • Maximum Coverage Area.

    When compared to its closest competitor, this system covers more than twice the area and delivers +16 dBm downlink power.

  • Around-The-Clock Peak Performance.

    With the combination of SureIQ technology and auto-adjusting gain, the signal amplifier unit delivers 24/7 uptime at peak performance.

  • Remote Monitoring.

    As many others by SureCall, this signal amplifying kit is compatible with SureCall Sentry, allowing both installers and users to monitor the performance of the booster. Alert notifications can be set up via the monitoring app, and settings can be adjusted from anywhere, at any time.

Features of the new Fusion5X 2.0 Cell Signal Booster Kit:

  • Boosts 3G & 4G LTE signals, text, and voice for all cell carriers in North America (except 4G LTE Sprint band 26 on lower 800 MHz frequency and band 41 on 2500 MHz frequency).
  • With automatic dB gain/reduction in signal strength, it enhances booster performance without use of dials.
  • Maximum gain, download (downlink) and upload (uplink) power.
  • It improves 4G LTE data speeds and reduces missed and dropped calls.
  • The built-in technology ensures extended battery life and increased signal strength for all cellular devices.
  • It can provide coverage for large houses and small to mid-sized buildings of up to 20,000 ft.² Multiple signal amplifiers may be installed as deemed appropriate by our certified installers to expand coverage as much as needed.
  • A three-year warranty is included with every cell amplifier kit.
  • It is FCC and industry approved for all carriers in North America.

Today, we're seeing a greater demand being placed on existing mobile infrastructure due to the increasing prevalence of data-heavy smartphones. SureCall's new smart phone signal booster will now be there to support cellular customers as both their needs and their cellular devices evolve.

As with all of SureCall's products, purchasers of the Fusion5X 2.0 will receive lifetime technical support and an industry-leading three-year warranty.

Need More Information?

Check out for further information on SureCall's award-winning line of cell phone signal boosters.

About SureCall.

SureCall was founded in 2001, and today it is the award-winning, multi-patented performance leader in cell phone signal boosters. With a combination of its innovative product designs, top-quality materials, and unmatched service and support, SureCall has been providing users of mobile devices with reliable cellular signals in their offices, homes, and cars.

Many large institutions, such as NASA, Duke, Stanford, Kaiser Permanente, and organizations in the hospitality, oil and gas, technology, and automotive industries rely on and trust SureCall’s FCC-approved cell phone signal boosters to help increase their signals.

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  • The combination of kids needing to do homework and parents working at home has exposed the problems of heavy cell phone use and traffic. The pandemic is thankfully slowing down, but I think more people are considering buying a cell signal booster in case something happens (not a pandemic) like a lengthy storm or something similar that confined them to their homes.

    Morgan Wilson on
  • Mick, your question—How do I strengthen my connections? is something I’ve asked about too. The easy answer is to camp out next to your nearest cell tower. Just kidding. Your phone’s signal comes from the cell tower so the further away you are, the weaker it gets. Also, things like landscape, the things your home is made from, and even signals in your home can interfere. You can do a number of things. You can map out your house to see what the best area is for getting and making calls, you can switch your phone from airplane mode and back (sometimes that helps), you can try an app for boosting your signal, and you can get a cell phone signal booster. A booster (as the name implies) increases the signal you’re getting so you’re much less likely to have dropped calls. It also will likely save battery life for your phone too. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Ed Peterson on
  • These look cool. However, I’m looking for the answer to a specific question—how to improve your cell phone connectivity? I’m also having dropped calls. How do I strengthen my connections?

    Mick Sellers on
  • I know there are cell phone boosters for homes and there are cell phone boosters for cars, but I didn’t know you could get cell phone signal boosters for large buildings (or in this case, medium size buildings). It seems to make sense that a medium size building might have an even greater need, especially with all the things that can interfere with cell phone signals. Does anyone know the best cell phone signal booster out there? I’ve seen Wilson cell phone boosters, AT&T cell phone boosters, and WeBoost cell phone boosters, but I don’t know which one to choose. Some help would be appreciated

    Kenneth Colt on

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