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Remote Monitoring: Control & Monitor Signal Booster w/ Smart Phone App

Apr 19, 2018

Having the capability of remote-monitoring your signal booster has many advantages, the least of which is that you can now adjust your cell signal booster from anywhere and at any time using an app on your cell phone, or on desktop. SureCall has patented technology for remote monitoring of signal boosters named Sentry Remote Monitoring System.

With Signal Booster Remote Monitoring System, you're now in complete control. You can maximize the performance of your signal booster and make off-site adjustments at any location. Using Sentry web interface or the iPhone/Android app, users now have the tools to optimize signal booster performance, including band, uplink, and downlink, during installation or while off-site, which makes Sentry Remote Monitoring ideal for installers, building managers and owners. Users can now identify the strongest available signal strength and quickly pinpoint any malfunctions. You can receive immediate notification via email regarding any overpowering or booster changes.

This revolutionary advancement in installation, management and optimization of cellular signal boosters allows for seamless and fast installations. Users can now adjust the attenuation to control oscillation, overpowering, and over-attenuation.

Installers using Signal Booster Remote Monitoring can:

  • Improve installation by adjusting gains and identifying and monitoring the strongest available signal strength.
  • Quickly locate faults which may occur due to newly installed repeater systems or cellular towers.
  • Immediately notify (via email) end-users or installers about overpowering or booster failures.
  • Remotely adjust band, uplink and downlink; and optimize 3G and 4G speed.

Installers, building managers and IT administration are a diverse group, meaning that some prefer making adjustments manually, while others have quickly adopted remote monitoring.

Highlights of signal booster remote-monitoring:

  • With Performance Monitoring, you can quickly access gain readings on how much signal is feeding into your booster. Having access to these readings means you can immediately adjust the gain to achieve peak performance. There may be cases where attenuators or other hardware may need to be installed, which does mean your on-site presence may be required.
  • With Malfunction Notifications, you will be notified immediately when something has gone wrong. If your booster has been affected by newly installed repeater systems, towers, or other unforeseen circumstances, you can immediately make the required adjustments wherever you happen to be.
  • Because you will have access to the DIP switches via Sentry interfaces you will be able to adjust and monitor uplink and downlink by simply entering the new required values.
  • Using just one account, you can monitor multiple boosters. Whether you're a SureCall certified installer who's servicing 50 signal boosters across 12 sites or a building manager overseeing 5 cell signal boosters and 25 antennas, with SureCall Sentry you have easy access to each and every signal booster system.
  • Remote Monitoring for signal boosters is compatible with Desktop, Android, and iPhone. The no-frills interface is easy and simple to use.

Sentry currently comes built-in with SureCall Force 5 2.0. And, desktop software, apps, and Sentry services and support are absolutely free! All you pay for is the booster system and its installation.

SureCall signal boosters compatible with remote monitoring.

Many of SureCall's signal boosters for homes and offices are compatible with remote monitoring. It allows you to troubleshoot, monitor and even adjust settings without setting foot in the building. Remote monitoring is available in two different options. First is one of our signal boosters like the Force 5 2.0 with remote monitoring integrated directly into its hardware. Once the Force5 2.0 is installed, simply download the SureCall manager app for your phone or use the web interface to utilize the remote monitoring feature and adjust the booster settings from anywhere. The second option is a separate piece of hardware that integrates with many of our boosters like the Force5, Fusion 5s, Fusion 5x, Fusion 7, Guardian 3 QR and others, allowing you to remotely access the booster to troubleshoot or make changes.

What exactly is remote monitoring software & harware, and how does it work?

Remote monitoring is an incredible tool that saves you time and money by cutting down on costly site visits after a booster system has been installed. Imagine you installed a Force 5 signal booster in a 30,000 square foot office building. Everything is working great and the client is happy, but two months down the road, a new tower goes up nearby, causing issues. Normally, you would have to travel back to the site which would require plane tickets, hotel stays, car rentals, and other travel expenses. Not to mention having to put all of your other customers on hold just to go back to troubleshoot and adjust the booster.

Benefits of remote monitoring for signal booster installation and maintenance team.

With remote monitoring, you can simply log into the SureCall manager app or web interface, take a look at how the booster is performing, and identify any fault points. Then just make the necessary adjustments to the booster, and bam, you're done! Problem solved and you're on to the next job. Not only that but our remote monitoring technology will automatically email you real-time notifications regarding booster changes and overpowering. This will make you the first to know so you can log in, diagnose and resolve the issue. Remote monitoring is not only a great tool for installers but building managers and IT professionals as well. Once installed, an IT manager or building owner will be notified when changes arise, and they can either take care of the issues themselves, call SureCall tech support, or contact an installer such as the team to help them out. With remote monitoring, you can keep your signal booster running at peak performance and make informed adjustments anytime, anywhere.

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  • It’s incredible to think there are devices for making sure your cell phones get a strong signal. It’s also amazing how you can check on these cell signal boosters off your own cell phone and adjust the booster remotely to make sure it is doing what it’s supposed to. I’m eager to see what other technology is next!

    Rae Summers on
  • It’s good to see cell phone booster manufacturers making things easier for people who use cell phone boosters. It’s great to have a cell phone booster (from what I’ve heard), but you sometimes need to adjust them to make them work at their best. It’s a pain to have to go to the office though when you can do it remotely. This remote monitoring tool through your smart phone’s app sounds pretty handy and Surecall’s reviews look solid.

    Bret Raleigh on
  • Surecall certainly has some excellent devices for people whether it’s a home cell phone booster, Surecall accessories, Surecall indoor antennas, or Surecall signal meters. I know if I had a signal booster at an office or plant, I’d want a way to monitor it without having to go to the office in case it needed an adjustment. Surecall Force 5 sounds good for larger areas and the remote monitoring is the icing on the cake.

    Kenneth Owens Jr. on
  • It’s incredible how much we can monitor and access while we are away from home. Think of smart homes where we can check our video cameras remotely, adjust thermostats, or more. Surecall’s remote monitoring for signal boosters makes sense because why should you have to go to the office if there’s a need for an adjustment when you can do it from your current location? Surecall Force 5 seems to be keeping up with technology (actually staying ahead in my opinion). Having a Surecall signal meter at your disposal makes life a lot easier. I think whoever came up with these Surecall accessories deserves an award.

    Julie Danvers on

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