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Sprint Coverage Map and How to Improve Cell Phone Signal

Sep 06, 2019

Sprint Coverage Map and How to Improve Cell Phone Signal

Learn how to improve Sprint signal in your home, office, or car using the coverage maps below and our cell phone signal booster recommendations. The most economical Sprint cell phone booster starts at $299.

This post has everything that you will need to know about the Sprint coverage maps and how to improve cellular service indoors and in vehicles. Check 3G & 4G maps below or check Sprint coverage by zip.

Sprint 3G Coverage Map:

3G Sprint Coverage Map

Sprint 4G Coverage Map:

4G Sprint Coverage Map

Sprint On & Off Network Roaming Coverage Map:

Sprint on and off network roaming coverage map

Why Sprint?

Sprint is one of the only 4 major cell service providers. It may not have the largest coverage that is offered by their competitors, but Sprint Mobile uses an off-network roaming feature that allows gaps in coverage to be filled on the coverage map. However, roaming may not be available for all Sprint or MVNO plans.

Boosting its competitiveness, the standard 4G LTE and 3G coverage through Sprint have plans that include various accesses to LTE data roaming, talk and text in Canada and Mexico. This is often the one thing that makes Sprint a preferred mobile service provider for people who happen to travel outside of the country.

Why Use Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Even though there's a great roaming coverage area, there are areas that may be unreliable when it comes to accessing internet or making calls from many locations. If you happen to have poor signal inside of your vehicle or your home, then you may need to have a booster that provides a better signal as well as reliability, quality and speed that you have been looking for. Many factors including concrete building walls and metal roofs block signals making our signal boosters an indispensable tool.

Please note that the 4G cell network from Sprint Mobile is one of the strongest within eastern part of United States, with most of the coverage being within eastern coastline. Yet, many western parts of the country do not have as good of the coverage. This is why Sprint Mobile has partnered up with off-network roaming partners who're able to fill in the service gaps within these locations.

Although, it is important to state that off-network coverage by Sprint Mobile’s partners are not going to be guaranteed by the Sprint Mobile network. The carrier has warned that the speeds for this can be different from the more standard expectations of speed. The off-network roaming may also not be included within the MVNO or Sprint Mobile plans.

Just like with other mobile carriers, if there are no 4G signals available, then the phone will connect to either 2G or 3G, if they are available. Even though these speeds are much slower than the 4G that many people are used to, they are still able to support texting and voice calls, and it may also allow for slow internet browsing.

The 2G and 3G coverage maps look similar to the 4G coverage, however there's an emphasis on the coverage towards the eastern part of United States and spotty coverage as you go towards the western part of United States.

Sprint Mobile does rely strongly on the off-network coverage in order to create the type of mobile coverage that it has, which it talks about in advertising and on their website. Yet, roaming coverage is not included in each plan, making Sprint Mobile coverage map appear slightly misleading.

MVNOs Choice of Provider is Sprint Mobile.

Besides being able to provide Sprint coverage using its own service, Sprint is also a service provider for some Mobile Virtual Network Operators or MVNOs. These MVNOs do not have their own cell towers. Instead, they purchase wholesale minutes and data from a nationwide provider that they can then resale to their customers. Sprint is a nationwide carrier for many MVNOs like Virgin Mobile, Net10, Boost Mobile and many others.

Even though these MVNOs may include a coverage map which includes the third-party roaming service from Sprint within the coverage map, the off-networking roaming areas may not actually be included within the plan that you have.

MVNOs and all the major carrier networks they use, including Sprint:

Virgin Mobile Sprint
Twigby Verizon, Sprint
TracFone Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint
Ting T-Mobile, Sprint
The People’s Operator T-Mobile, Sprint
TextNow Sprint
Tello Sprint
Straight Talk Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint
ROK Mobile Verizon, Sprint
Red Pocket Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint
Project Fi T-Mobile, Three, U.S. Cellular, Sprint
Pix Wireless AT&T, Sprint
Net10 Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, U.S. Cellular, Sprint
FreedomPop AT&T, Sprint
Boost Mobile Sprint

Understanding Coverage Maps of Sprint Mobile.

The coverage maps may include a third-party roaming partner, mobile coverage maps, and what may be seen as being the wrong picture of a service coverage that a person may experience when using Sprint Mobile. Instead, the coverage maps are seen to be a best-case scenario type of estimate.

The best-case scenario when it comes to mobile terms for cell users means flat topography or no mountains, no trees or landscape interference, and the user must be standing in the street and not in a vehicle or building. This also refers to not having any type of weather interferences.

Sprint’s State by State Coverage:

State Percentage Covered Miles Covered (mi2)
Alabama 35.90% 18,582 mi²
Alaska 0% 0 mi²
Arizona 23.68% 27,084 mi²
Arkansas 31.3% 16,664 mi²
California 36.44% 57,715 mi²
Colorado 22.6% 23,559 mi²
Connecticut 94.43% 4,751 mi²
Delaware 94.49% 1,929 mi²
Florida 82.63% 48,487 mi²
Georgia 44.42% 26,109 mi²
Hawaii 59.10% 4,040 mi²
Idaho 21.59% 17,922 mi²
Illinois 78.45% 44,201 mi²
Indiana 80.89% 29,297 mi²
Iowa 35.21% 19,869 mi²
Kansas 24.39% 20,070 mi²
Kentucky 56.23% 26,278 mi²
Louisiana 56.23% 26,278 mi²
Maine 84.71% 7,073 mi²
Maryland 90.75% 9,903 mi²
Massachusetts 84.62% 7,065 mi²
Michigan 55.07% 32,841 mi²
Minnesota 52.05% 43,990 mi²
Mississippi 95.25% 45,426 mi²
Missouri 56.21% 39,145 mi²
Montana 0% 0 mi²
Nebraska 7.7% 6,044 mi²
Nevada 7.17% 7,991 mi²
New Hampshire 31.94% 3,083 mi²
New Jersey 95.96% 7,419 mi²
New Mexico 15.52% 18,627 mi²
New York 50.86% 24,904 mi²
North Carolina 58.18% 29,442 mi²
North Dakota 5.99% 4,193 mi²
Ohio 81.46% 33,262 mi²
Oklahoma 44.38% 31,021 mi²
Oregon 18.57% 18,054 mi²
Pennsylvania 65.96% 29,888 mi²
Rhode Island 92.96% 1,092 mi²
South Carolina 61.27% 19,126 mi²
South Dakota 3.25% 2,499 mi²
Tennessee 50.16% 21,120 mi²
Texas 52.84% 140,984 mi²
Utah 18.49% 15,427 mi²
Vermont 31.42% 3,022 mi²
Virginia 71.77% 29,287 mi²
Washington 27.95% 19,127 mi²
West Virginia 58.99% 14,286 mi²
Wisconsin 42.79% 23,973 mi²
Wyoming 2.01% 1,994 mi²


Extending the Signal Strength for Sprint Mobile.

Even though Sprint is at hard work trying to improve the LTE speeds and call clarity, there're instances at certain times and certain places where this does not happen due to natural or man made obstructions. Natural obstructions include valleys, hills, trees and bad weather. Man made obstructions include skyscrapers and steel, stucco, brick housing. Therefore there will be places around the country whether in urban areas or rural settings where Sprint signal may not be as strong as desired. Cell phone signal boosters cover that gap so that the data speed and call clarity can be improved inside Sprint coverage areas.

If you happen to have decent coverage with Sprint Mobile, but you have found that your signal in your vehicle, home or office is not that reliable, then you may want to think about investing into getting a signal booster. Take your time to explore our phone boosters that are great for your vehicle, home or even your office. Contact us if you need assistance.

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  • I don’t think I’ve ever used Sprint before. However, their coverage looks pretty thorough except near the West Coast. I tend to think of Sprint as one step above Consumer Cellular but I’ve always been an AT&T or Verizon snob so that probably says it all.

    William Brown on
  • Why can’t providers supply boosters at little or no extra cost? Phone service is very expensive as it without the added cost of a booster especially when the provider boasts of how well their coverage is. Just a thought!

    Otis on
  • I have had sprint for a long ass time, and I have always bragged about good service. However, in the last couple of years,( I guess merging has happened), service has become progressively worse. Note.. I do live in the country, and rely on cellular service for everything. We do have Hughes Net satellite internet, but it’s even worse so I never use it unless sending emails for work. I think it’s all a racket and anything cellular or satellite is a rip off because they control the speeds of data. If a booster exists that can improve your service for the service you already pay for , your provider should feel obligated to supply you with said booster. They and the booster manufacturers are sleeping together, and it’s ugly. My opinion only, agree to disagree is fine. 😎

    Matt on
  • I was at a big box electronics store (won’t name names but now that I think of it, there aren’t that many around). Anyhow, I heard someone ask about getting a prepaid plan that runs off Sprint and the salesperson said it does run off Sprint but you can expect your data to run slower than regular Sprint customers. This had me wondering whether cellular providers still slow down data speeds at times. I thought that was illegal but I hear it keeps happening.

    Brad Williams on
  • They still have 2G coverage? I thought that went the way of flip phones. Sprint appears to have some serious gaps in its coverage area. Am I reading the map the right way because if there are that many gaps, I can see why people switch from Sprint or get something like a cell booster to help them out.

    Glenn Valley on
  • @RyanS. Look at the last two paragraphs above your comment which includes “Cell phone signal boosters cover that gap so that the data speed and call clarity can be improved ****inside Sprint coverage areas****.” ROFL!

    Sol Rosenburg on
  • The bottom line is that no matter how good technology may be and Sprint’s coverage (or any other carrier) may be, you’re going to run into situations where your cell phone has trouble picking up a signal. Do signal boosters help? Yes but they can’t make a signal out of thin air so in some cases you’re out of luck. Make sure you know this before you think a booster is a magic bullet fix for everything.

    Ryan S. on

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