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Our Step by Step Process to Design & Install a Commercial Cell Booster

Jan 09, 2020

Our Step by Step Process to Design & Install a Commercial Cell Booster

There're a lot of elements that go into a commercial cellular amplifier system design and installation. Watch the video below for a brief overview.


If you consistently have to deal with low Internet speeds, poor or non-existent cellular signal quality, and dropped calls in your commercial building, installation of a commercial cell phone signal booster may help resolve these issues and ensure users achieve strong and reliable cellular signal connectivity.

How to Have a Commercial Cellular Signal Booster Installed in Your Commercial Building.

Now that you know the solution to your poor signal strength can be resolved by having a cellular signal booster installed in your commercial building, the next step is to research the design and installation process so you know exactly what to expect. is a professional dealer and installation expert, ready to discuss your signal boosting requirements with you. Your building will be assessed, and a system design will be proposed for your specific building and signal amplification needs.

The following is a brief outline of what to expect when you have a cellular signature booster installed in your commercial building. The very first step is to arrange for a Site Signal Survey to be conducted on your building.

No. 1: Conducting A Site Signal Survey.

An experienced dealer you speak to, should request a copy of your building's floor plan. This will assist the professional installer of your signal booster in getting an idea of what to expect before they attend your property.

When an installer visits your commercial property, they will use a professional tool known as a Signal Meter to take signal strength readings from both the rooftop and various locations within the building. These precise signal strength readings will indicate the signal strength outside your building, in addition to locating the rooms within your building with the weakest and strongest signals.

No. 2: Design and Installation of Your Commercial Cellular Signal Booster.

Part of the Site Signal Survey process is to determine the type of signal boosting equipment you need, and where that equipment should be installed. Your new cellular signal boosting system for your commercial building will consist of three main pieces of equipment:

  1. The donor, also known as the external antenna, which will be placed on the rooftop of your commercial building.
  2. The cellular signal booster, also known as the amplifier, which will amplify the cellular signal.
  3. The broadcast antenna, also known as inside antenna, which will transmit the boosted cellular signal to devices inside your commercial building.

Working from information gathered during the Site Signal Survey, your professional installer will determine the best locations for the above three components. At the same time they will also estimate the cable requirements and accessories required to get your new signal boosting system up and running.

No. 3: Planning and Quoting on the Best Signal Boosting Option for Your Commercial Building.

Information garnered from the Site Signal Survey conducted on your commercial building, in conjunction with the floorplan of your building and the existing external signal strength of your building, will enable your professional installer to create a rough design of your signal boosting options. Your final product will be a customized boosting option, specifically designed for your building. This is very important to understand because a commercial building can vary in size from 20,000 ft² right up to 200,000 ft². As an example, your commercial building may only need one donor (external) antenna but multiple broadcast (inside) antennas joined with cable splitters. Commercial buildings differ in size and shape, and signal boosting solutions differ according to user's requirements.

Your professional installer will then discuss with you a customized solution recommended for your specific building. They will describe in detail the installation locations, the specific types of equipment required, their plan for running the coaxial cable, and explain the function and final appearance of your signal boosting product. If you, as a customer, are completely satisfied with the plan as detailed, including costing for installation and materials, you will be provided with a detailed quotation and installation of your signal booster to proceed to the next step.

No. 4: Moving Ahead With A Formal System Design Layout.

At this step after you have agreed to a final plan for the installation of your signal boosting solution, including the costings involved, the installation process can now move forward. Please note that we may need to order and ship some products which could affect lead time. However, installation of your boosting solution will typically be quite straightforward.

The success of your signal boosting solution lies entirely upon the correct positioning of each component, as well as the effective connection between the outside antenna with broadcast antennas and amplifiers. All equipment provided by is FCC-approved, so commercial clients can rest assured that their entire signal boosting solution has been fully authorized for installation.

What to Expect from Your Signal Boosting Product.

Your cellular signal booster will deliver improved data and voice signals on all cellular-enabled devices, including tablets, phones, and cell modems, on all cellular carrier networks in North America.

The professional installer of your signal boosting product will be proactive in assisting with planning and design to ensure that the right signal boosting product is correctly installed so as to deliver the very best results.

If you’re experiencing signal loss in your commercial building, contact today and let us help you by recommending the right signal boosting solution for you. You will always receive great customer service and professional guidance from, and we will ensure that your signal boosting system for your commercial building is the right one to ensure the smooth running of your business for many years to come.

If you're ready to take the first step to improving cellular reception in your building, please submit cell phone signal booster service questionaire. We will contact you next, for site survey.

For homes across USA, we offer single package installed cell phone booster kit at lowest cost to resolve cellular coverage issues for good.

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  • I think the process for a commercial cell phone booster installation shows you everything you should consider when you’re thinking of getting something to help a weak cell phone signal. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a cell phone booster for your home or one for your car, there are certain steps that are useful including the pre-planning aspect. Naturally, a commercial cell phone booster is more involved and requires a professional installer, but the basic template is useful.

    Thomas Cardona on
  • Amy, as far as your comment “I’m thinking of getting a commercial cell booster so I’m guaranteed a good signal. Any recommendations?” Yes, DON’T GET A COMMERCIAL BOOSTER. Sorry about all the capitals but you never want a commercial booster for your home (house or apartment). Commercial ones are designed for larger areas and require different permissions than a regular cell phone booster for your residence. The first thing you want to do is test your signal to make sure you’re getting a signal at your home. If not, a booster will not help as it does not create a signal, but increases one. There are a number of blogs here that deal with which residential booster to get including prices on boosters and 2-in-1 deals that feature a booster and installation together. Good luck.

    Walt Kovac on
  • My cell phone service at my home is atrocious. I’m thinking of getting a commercial cell booster so I’m guaranteed a good signal. Any recommendations?

    Amy Royal on
  • If I owned a large office or factory, I think I’d want a cell booster. I would have no clue how to go about getting one, or how to pick cell booster with an installation package. Now I do. All I need now is a large office or factory to install it in.

    Paul Heywood on
  • Ha! I’m glad I read this because I thought this was going to be about a DIY commercial cell booster. From what I know about commercial cell boosters, you need a professional to install them or the FCC will come breathing down your neck. This is an installation you want to leave to the pros if you want it done right.

    Sarah Gray on

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