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Subaru Motorsports USA uses weBoost Signal Boosters at Races

Jun 04, 2021

Subaru Motorsports USA uses weBoost Signal Boosters at Races

Subaru Motorsports USA uses weBoost Drive Signal Boosters at Races.


weBoost signal booster helping rally drivers.

Weak cell coverage is one of the biggest problems when racing in rally.

Video: By having weBoost in the car, what it means is we have cell coverage when we haven't had it before. But by having weBoost in the car, it has meant that we can contact the team. If there's an issue, we can let the boys know straightaway because we went from having no cell coverage to now having that coverage in the middle of nowhere, you know, out in the mountains and the forests. Thus it has been fantastic for Travis and I to have access to that.

In the news:

weBoost Proudly Associated with the USA’s Subaru Motorsports.

USA's Subaru Motorsports announced on 19th May 2021 it will be using weBoost in-vehicle cellular signal boosters to resolve cellular connectivity problems experienced during races.

weBoost is proud to be associated with The USA's Subaru Motorsports, said Bruce Lancaster, CEO of Wilson Electronics. It is an honor to be named the Official Cellular Signal Booster Partner of The USA's Subaru Motorsports and to play such a vital role in ensuring The USA's Subaru Motorsports achieve success at such important events, he added.

USA’s Subaru Motorsports announced that weBoost, the renowned industry leader in cellular signal boosting technology, will be providing cellular signal boosters for all vehicles involved in their marketing events and American Rally Association (ARA) rallies. weBoost, in support of The USA's Subaru Motorsports, will provide reliable cellular connectivity in all vehicles to ensure that drivers and their base teams can communicate in real time to convey critical information. Of course racing fans will also benefit from weBoost's cellular signal boosters in as much as they will have moment-by-moment access to the action that keeps them on the edge of their seats.

"Rallying is a fast-paced world. Poor cell signal causes delayed updates, with fans often completely left out of the loop."

Bruce Lancaster proudly stated that he knew the weBoost cellular signal boosters were the solution to problems being experienced by The USA's Subaru Motorsports. "Our solutions keep people connected", he said. weBoost cellular connectivity in vehicles like, cars, RVs, and trucks have proven to deliver reliable cellular connectivity; they are the perfect solution to poor or unreliable cellular signal.

About Rally Racing.

Some of the world's most skilled drivers are involved in rally racing. They race through snow, dirt, gravel, and on tarmac-covered roads at incredible speeds. They tackle with extreme obstacles, often with only the event organizer's stage notes to help prepare them for what lies ahead.

For these drivers to compete at their absolute best, they need instant and reliable communication with The USA's Subaru Motorsports. They need to know what is around the corner, whether it be a jump, turn, hazard, or crest. They also need to connect with fellow-drivers in other locations, as well as share real-time updates with fans on social media. Poor and unreliable cellular connectivity at many USA rally locations make these tasks almost impossible.

Team Manager at The USA's Subaru Motorsports, Tan Anctil, said that prior to the installation of weBoost cellular signal boosters, poor cellular signal at the tracks was negatively affecting the quality of general communications. It also created potentially dangerous safety issues because team management was unable to communicate with their drivers at all times. He added that, since weBoost's solution had been installed in their vehicles, they have been completely blown away by the difference it makes. Management is now able to stay in contact with their drivers throughout races, whereas before the weBoost solution they were unable to place a call. Now the team is operating at peak performance, and drivers feel safer knowing they can call for assistance at any time.

Types of Installed weBoost Cellular Signal Boosters.

USA's Subaru Motorsports race and support vehicles have now had several flagship weBoost products installed; these include the weBoost Drive Reach, Drive Reach Fleet, Destination RV, and Drive Reach OTR. All these signal boosters are compatible with North America wireless carries and support all mobile devices. The team will now enjoy faster data streaming, optimal call quality, uninterrupted texts, and fewer dead zones.

A Message from Wilson Electronics.

CEO Bruce Lancaster said that when they were approached by The USA's Subaru Motorsports about cellular connectivity issues, they knew the answer lay in weBoost cellular signal boosters. weBoost's cellular signal boosters have been specifically designed to ensure all people stay connected, whether in their homes, businesses, or vehicles.

weBoost's signal boosters have ensured that all drivers and their base teams enjoy real-time communication, allowing them to convey critical information to each other, support vehicles, and to team management.

Motorsports Manager at Subaru of America, Bill Stokes, said that delayed updates in the fast-paced world of rallying often led to fans being completely left out of the loop. However, with weBoost signal boosters providing reliable real-time communication, their relationship with fans has improved enormously. They can now receive real-time standings, stage times, videos, and other updates via social media. Subaru fans are simply the best, so we're really thrilled to offer our fans the coverage they deserve, he added.

About The USA’s Subaru Motorsports.

Managed by Vermont Sports Car, The USA's Subaru Motorsports is proudly supported by the following:

  • Yokohama Tires.
  • Subaru of America, Inc.
  • MOTUL.
  • DirtFish Rally School.
  • KÜHL.
  • weBoost.

You can follow the team online at

About Wilson Electronics, LLC.

Home of weBoost and WilsonPro, Wilson Electronics, LLC. is the industry leader in the latest cell phone signal boosting tech. Wilson Electronics is dedicated to ensuring everyone, everywhere, has access to reliable network coverage. Every Wilson Electronics signal booster is FFC-approved to boost signal to all cellular devices over all major carriers, dramatically improving signal coverage in vehicles, commercial buildings, and homes.

For over two decades Wilson Electronics has been manufacturing and developing antennas, cell phone signal boosters, and associated components, thus developing an impressive portfolio of intellectual property encompassing booster and mobile phone repeaters. All products produced by Wilson Electronics are proudly designed, assembled, and tested right here in United States.

About Subaru of America, Inc.

Subaru Corporation of Japan's wholly owned subsidiary, Subaru of America, Inc. is headquartered in Camden, NJ, at an office that proudly produces zero landfill. Subaru of America distributes and markets Subaru vehicles, accessories, and parts, via their over 630 retailers across the USA.

Subaru products are proudly manufactured at production plants that notably produce zero landfill, while Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. is proud to be named the only automobile production plant in the United States designated by the National Wildlife Federation as a backyard wildlife habitat.

Subaru of America is driven by the Subaru Love Promise, the company's vision to not only support its nationwide community of customers but to show love and respect to every person. In a period of just over 20 years, more than $190 million has been donated to causes Subaru of America cares about; in addition, employees of Subaru of America have volunteered more than 40,000 hours. The company strongly believes that it has a responsibility to do its part in making a positive impact in the world.

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  • I love rally racing and think it represents everything exciting about a race—the idea of going through various elements and challenging roads in the quest to be the fastest. I can definitely see how racers need reliable communication so these signal boosters must be a lifesaver. I know I’ve had trouble with calls in bad weather and it’s got to be hairy when you’re driving at high speeds.

    Haley C. on

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