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SureCall Fusion Trek Signal Booster Review

Apr 17, 2018

SureCall Fusion Trek Signal Booster Review

Although all drivers of cars, trucks, RVs, etc. that use cellular devices while on the road at some stage experience dropped calls and spotty reception, this does not have to be the norm. Let us review the SureCall Fusion Trek in-vehicle cell phone booster that boosts the cellphone signal in any vehicle. It fills-in the mobile coverage gaps whenever you need access to a clear wireless signal.

What makes this in-vehicle signal booster unique from all the rest?

The design of this cellular phone signal booster is unique because it eliminates all components that have to be placed outside the vehicle. This allows the cell amplifier kit to be installed quickly and simply in all commuter vehicles and sedans. Even without external components (exterior antenna and cable that originates from it), this cellular phone booster still leads the industry in its class with performance second to none.

SureCall Fusion Trek Signal Booster eliminates all components that have to be placed outside the vehicle

This cellular booster kit includes an innovative, modern cradle incorporating a magnetic clip mounted on the vent to connect the phone with its built-in antenna. This unique configuration achieves maximum signal boosting by delivering the enhanced signal directly to a cell phone or any other mobile device.

With the FusionTrek, SureCall has used its powerful cellular signal boosting technology, redesigning it into a solution that is plug-and-play and fits in the back window of any SUV, truck, or car.

Who is this signal booster most suitable for?

SureCall is a premium cellular signal booster manufacturer, and their patent-pending vehicle signal booster technology has eliminated the need for external cables and antennas. Therefore, this radical new design keeps an all-around adventurer, weekend warrior and everyday commuter connected to 4G LTE data signals, text and voice that are consistent, while at the same time preserving the car's aesthetics. Those that want a quick install to move from vehicle to vehicle would find this the most portable signal booster ever. Those that drive commercial vehicles or simply those that do not want a loose wire on the roof would find this type signal booster perfect to meet their needs and requirements.

Does it work on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile network?

It boosts most voice and all mobile data signals (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE) of all cellular service carriers in USA & Canada. These include Verizon, AT&T, Sprint (except 4G LTE Sprint band 26 on lower 800 MHz frequency and Sprint band 41 on 2500 MHz frequency), T-Mobile networks in USA and Telus, Rogers, Bell, Freedom Mobile in Canada. Therefore, practically all cell signals of all North American carriers are boosted.

Which type of vehicle is it most suitable for?

Cellular signals are used now more than ever before, and this stunning piece of new technology allows all drivers of all types of vehicles to access reliable signals for all carriers on every road with spotty coverage. It does not discriminate between types of vehicles - It functions just the same for all vehicles such as cars, trucks, RVs, boats, etc.

Is it legal to use in USA and Canada?

Yes, it is certified and approved for use by FCC in USA. It is also approved and certified by Industry Canada (IC) for use in Canada.

What is the warranty period for repair or exchange?

As is the case with all SureCall boosters, the SureCall FusionTrek is covered by an industry-leading three-year warranty on parts and lifetime support.

What is the satisfaction guarantee period to return for refund?

As is the case with all products, we offer industry leading 60 days money-back guarantee for total customer satisfaction.

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  • A signal booster for the car is a brilliant idea yet I haven’t seen many of them around. I like how this works on all phone carriers so I don’t have to fret if I change my carrier!

    Thomas Loomis on
  • How reliable are car phone signal boosters? I see the reviews here for the SureCall Fusion, but I’m reluctant to spend money unless I talk to people myself. I appreciate the SureCall Trek reviews, but money is tight right now. Is there anyplace I can go to test a cell phone booster for my car? That would be helpful and make the difference between getting one and not getting one.

    Carlton Jeffords on
  • Mobile signal boosters look worth checking out and Surecall boosters sound like top-of-the-line products for when you want to boost your cell phone signal in the car. I want to be able to take calls wherever I may be when I’m driving. It’s so aggravating when you’re out and about and your call gets dropped or the other person can’t hear you. A cell phone booster for the car is just what I need and the cradle cell phone booster will help me so I stop losing my phone.

    Rodger Mitchell on
  • I don’t know if it’s just me, but a cell phone booster for the car seems like it’s becoming nearly as helpful as one for the home. Obviously, people who travel a lot and/or make a lot of business calls in the car can benefit from the improved call reception and reduction/elimination of dropped calls. This cradle cell phone booster looks right up my alley! Looks easy to install too.

    Hank Loggins on

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