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The "Neutral Host" in DAS Installations

Apr 11, 2016


With Neutral Host in DAS installations, ownership of system is shifted from carrier to a third-party system provider, a DAS integrator, or the building owner. In today's globalized world, the continuing demand for improved technology means there's always a new product or solution which requires a new name, and it can be difficult to keep up with all the terminology.

Consequently, introducing Neutral Host DAS. Industry trackers are now saying that DAS installations whether Active or Passive, could easily approximately double or triple by next year. The cost of both deploying and maintaining today's DAS installation is constantly growing. This is driven partly by service expectations and also by rising bandwidth requirements. This means that the entire wireless industry is looking for different options when it comes to service delivery models. Such options that will offset the high costs whilst simultaneously providing reliable in-building capacity and coverage.

About Neutral Host DAS Installations.

Neutral Host DAS installations is receiving a lot of attention because the ownership of the system is shifted from the carrier to a third-party system provider, a DAS integrator, or the building owner. With a Neutral Host DAS, all technical, legal, regulatory, and financial responsibility for installing and maintaining the system is assumed by an independent third-party host. In turn, the host leases access to the system, or space, to one or more operators.

With a Neutral Host DAS, there are some desirable benefits for all parties involved:

  • When multiple carriers are involved, the number of end-users increases because more users can utilize their own carrier's network.
  • With the Neutral Host DAS being third-party installed, owned and managed, all carriers have the same advantages.
  • With DAS suppliers, DAS integrators, and venue owners serving as neutral hosts, there's a huge increase in the number of participants willing and able to satisfy the market's rapidly growing demand.

Currently, most information regarding Neutral Host DAS concerns installation, usage and ownership rights, funding models, and the complex relationships that can occur between the neutral host, carrier operators, and the venue owner. In another post related to distributed antenna system installations, we will look at some of the technical issues involved in the designing, installing, commissioning, and maintenance of a Neutral Host DAS installs.

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  • When it comes to more complex things like DAS, the idea of a third-party/neutral host has its appeal. I won’t mention them because the article does a good job with that. Distributed antenna systems (DAS) are very useful in certain situations, but they sound complex when it comes to installing them, maintaining them, and complying with regulations. I think having someone who is an expert at them do all the work (and take the liability) has much to offer.

    Barbara Lane on
  • No need to look up “neutral host” at Wikipedia when has everything you might ask about what a neutral host is, what are neutral host das providers, and what neutral host companies are out there. As the blog mentions, there are going to be many more DAS installations out there because it is a great way to deliver consistently powerful cell phone signals in buildings, especially certain types such as sports facilities. I would say if you’re looking for information on neutral host small cells or a neutral cell business model, this is the place to go.

    Ralph Patterson on
  • I’ve wondered if places that operate large facilities like stadiums know that DAS installations are a good way to ensure strong cell phone signals throughout the facility. There’s no need for people to go to a stadium and not be able to use their cell phones whether it’s to call from the big game or access some data on a player on the field. People want strong cell phone signals and DAS systems are designed for such areas. So why aren’t they common? Anyone know?

    Victor Roberts on
  • It’s amazing how software is turning into leasing rather than buying (such as leasing Microsoft Office), so I’m not surprised there are things such as Neutral Host DAS. Whether it’s DAS installation or DAS design, people aren’t always familiar with things. It makes sense to have someone else assume the liability, particularly if you don’t have the staff to deal with issues related to regulations and such.

    Dennis Cortez on

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