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Video of how to install SureCall N-Range vehicle cell booster

Mar 04, 2020

The SureCall N-Range is quick and easy to install. Watch the video below for illustration to make it easier to understand its installation process.

3 Step Installation Process Illustrated:

Three Step Install Process Explained:

Install exterior magnet mount antenna.

First, attach exterior antenna to the roof of the vehicle. Its five powerful magnets will keep it secure on a magnet-friendly body. Now, run the N-Range antenna cable into the vehicle through a door. Open the door and gently separate the rubber gasket. Feed the cable through and replace the gasket. To hide the cable, tuck it underneath the trim along the inside of the door and run it all the way down the pillar to the floor. This should be easy to do without removing any trim.

Install interior cradle antenna.

Easiest option for installing the interior cradle antenna is to use the included adjustable vent clip. Mounting patches are also included if you need them. With the cradle antenna in place, run its cable between the console and the seat to the floor of the vehicle. Now, locate the end of the N-Range antenna cable and connect the two cables together. We suggest running these cables under seats and floor mats to hide the cables.

Attach the power cable.

Now you're ready to attach the power cable into the cradle antenna and then plug the power adapter into your 12-volt outlet. Press the red button and look for a red light on the power adapter. That is it. When your cell phone is on, inside antenna would receive the most powerful cell phone signal boost to keep you connected in weak signal areas of the road. Wherever life takes you, the N-Range will keep you connected to the people you care about.

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  • Dang that three-step install process is quick. I really do like it. It’s solid. Thanks for the simple video.

    Rohan on
  • “I’m a bit wary of putting a wire/cord in if it’s going to mess up the molding, leading to leaks, etc.”
    No worries because the wires are extremely slim and resilient because they are intended to be inserted in the rubber moldings of door openings. Yes, the moldings magically snap back to the original position as if there’s no wire inserted into them.

    Noah Edmunds on
  • Janice, you ask “Does this one come with a warranty or is it possible to buy one?”
    Yes, it comes with a 3 years manufacturer warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee from this company. Looks like you’re all set…

    Lawrence Dwan on
  • This looks super-easy to install. I like how the wires are kept out of the way for the most part because when you have kids in a car, you don’t want them playing around with wires. Hey, why isn’t my cell booster working? As far as putting the wire through the molding area, will the molding snap back into place. I’m a bit wary of putting a wire/cord in if it’s going to mess up the molding, leading to leaks, etc.

    Rappin' Rodney on
  • This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I am on a budget so I was waiting for the car boosters to come down under $300. This is right within my price range. Does this one come with a warranty or is it possible to buy one?

    Janice I. on

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