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Why DAS Solutions and DAS Installations by

Jan 22, 2018

We provide optical networking DAS installations as DAS solutions to deliver reliable coverage in the most challenging environments. DAS = Distributed Antenna Systems.

Our Aim Is to Ensure That People Stay Safe and Connected in Today’s Rapidly Changing World.

Today, wireless technologies including GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE, Mobile WiMAX and DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) are sweeping the globe. They are being integrated into an ever-increasing range of electronic devices. And with this increase in mobile devices, customers fully expect operators to increase network capacity and produce reliable coverage anywhere and at any time. This is typically achieved by adding new cell sites. However, with today’s stringent local government zoning regulations and urban areas becoming even more congested, it has become almost impossible to obtain permits for new wireless cell sites.

Therefore, the question is this: How can mobile operators provide reliable capacity and coverage to these challenging and high-demand areas? DAS Solutions.

Mobile operators need to improve both capacity and coverage in hard-to-reach and high-demand locations. Today, is revolutionizing wireless networking by offering scalable and high-performance solutions to the way people communicate. DAS installations are capable of:

  • Extending fiber reach.
  • Providing high-speed wireless backhaul.
  • Increasing coverage and capacity both indoors and outdoors.
DAS installation diagram for DAS solution

Thus, has now become the go-to solution for wireless service providers, enabling them to lower churn, increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

Who are we? is a DAS integrator. We're headquartered in Houston. We are a technology agnostic organization. We design and build the best system for our customers. Our four largest customers are all the carriers themselves, so we work for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. We also work for third-party operators and enterprise customers alike. We focus on in-built wireless and DAS. We have expertise in developing DAS programs and models that enable various entities to efficiently leverage DAS.

What is a DAS?

A DAS is a network of spatially separated intended nodes connected to a common transport medium. To make it even simpler, we're building a mini cell tower inside of a building to make the cellular signals retransmitted throughout the facility to have good and adequate coverage. We typically operate these using either an off-air repeater or signal booster. Our larger systems such as active DAS and Enterprise Small Cell systems are being deployed with base stations.

Why would you install a DAS?

The most basic reason is to push the cellular service from outside macro networks to the building that needs cellular coverage within. Some of our deployments have public safety requirement to satisfy either the National Electrical Code or a jurisdiction that needs to have that coverage inside of their facility.

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  • I’ve seen blogs about doing installations for residential and commercial cell phone boosters but was unaware they do big jobs like planning out DAS solutions for people. So you’re much more than just a place that sells boosters.

    Austin Jackson on
  • “Can anyone tell me why I can never get a cellphone signal in Walmart?”—Lorenzo, I think anyone who’s gone to Walmart deals with this problem. Despite conspiracy nuts, it is not due to cell phone jammers in Walmart. If Walmart was caught using those, they would be subject to some hefty FCC fines (maybe even criminal penalties). However, while Walmart isn’t actively blocking cell phones, there are things in the store that do. The first is the building’s structure and materials. Based on what I’ve read here (and other blogs), building materials and the way they’re designed can weaken or even block signals. This means if you’re getting a weakened signal, everyone else in the store who has a phone is competing to use it, weakening the signal further. That’s why you run into this problem. Now Walmart isn’t going to redesign their stores, but they could put a cell phone signal booster in their Walmarts if they wanted to help make a better cell phone experience for customers.

    Mark Wilson on
  • Can anyone tell me why I can never get a cellphone signal in Walmart? I know I’m not the only person this happens to.

    Lorenzo Patrick on
  • DAS installations are way more complex, time consuming, and costly – I don’t understand why wouldn’t anyone not just go with passive DAS?

    Anonymous on
  • Extending fiber reach is an increasing challenge, and few companies are capable of providing the best solution. I think I would consider your DAS solution, especially for that aspect. Great read!

    Kevin on

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