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Wilson Pro 710i 5G Signal Booster - Making 5G a Reality for Businesses

Feb 24, 2020

Wilson Pro 710i 5G Signal Booster - Making 5G a Reality for Businesses

After laying the 5G ground-work for several years, the telecommunications industry acknowledges WilsonPro and the arrival of the Wilson Pro 710i (for price, or to buy - please contact us, because we have these in stock).

WilsonPro 710i is Wilson Electronics’ first 5G-specific signal booster. Now, 5G will become a reality for businesses by boosting cellular signal for US Cellular, T-Mobile and other carriers, making 5G a powerful experience for all commercial enterprises. The Pro 710i is an industrial class, single-band cellular amplifier designed for boosting cellular signals on the (600 MHz) Band 71. 

The WilsonPro Pro710i 5G signal booster becomes available for purchase towards the summer of 2020. However, pre-orders of the Pro 710i signal booster are currently being accepted by Therefore, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Since this 5G booster covers a single band (600MHz, Band71), it does not replace - but complements, any existing 4G cellular coverage expansion equipment already installed at any location.

WilsonPro 710i Installation Example:

WilsonPro 710i Installation Example

Pro710i and Enterprise 1300 (Common Mode) combined install example:

Pro710i and Enterprise 1300 (Common Mode) combined install example

Stand-alone installation example, providing cell coverage for band 71 only:

Stand-alone installation, providing cell coverage for band 71 only

Designed specifically for large industrial buildings where 5G cellular signal needs to be boosted, this is the first 5G-specific signal amplifier from Wilson Electronics. Notable features of the Pro 710i 5G signal booster are its powerful indoor antenna port, its indoor coverage capabilities of up to a massive 100,000 ft², and the +23 dB of downlink power. Other highly effective applications for the Pro 710i 5G signal booster would include installation in healthcare facilities, hotels, commercial buildings, manufacturing plants, residential properties, educational facilities, and so much more.

Bringing 5G Signals Inside Your Building.

Unfortunately, 5G signals are going to be as equally frustrating as 4G signals, in-as-much as they will find it difficult to penetrate many buildings. It is frustrating, we know, because many buildings have strong external cellular signal, but for any number of reasons the buildings themselves block cellular signal from reaching wireless devices within the building. And that is where the WilsonPro Pro 710i cellular signal amplifier comes into play. When you have this signal booster installed in your building - every employer, employee, visitor, and tenant within your building who subscribes to carriers operating on Band 71 will be able to access strong, reliable 5G signal. Finally, the stories of greatly reduced latency, the ability to connect many more IoT-enabled devices, and lightning fast download speeds will become a reality, fulfilling the long awaited promise of 5G.

The CEO of Wilson Electronics, Bruce Lancaster, said that the only way manufacturers will be able to access all the capabilities that come with 5G and to ensure smooth operations inside their buildings is to install a cellular signal amplifier. He added that 5G, just like 4G, will experience issues with signal and attenuation. The wireless industry as we now know it, will be completely transformed by 5G, with many more people connected than ever before. However, the only way of making 5G accessible to all users will be to have a cellular signal amplifier installed in your building.

Versatile System Configurations: Stand-Alone or Parallel with Current System.

The versatility of the WilsonPro Pro 710i cellular signal booster means that it can either be operated in conjunction with your existing Wilson Pro boosting system, negating the need to replace current amplifiers, or it can be used as a standalone product. As a separate entity, this product will support the ongoing rollout of 5G on Band 71 for US Cellular, T-Mobile, and other carriers.

Industrial System Requires Carrier Approval.

Yes, you will require carrier approval, but you will only require approval and registration by a carrier broadcasting Band 71 in your area. This is because the WilsonPro Pro 710i is certified under the Industrial Cellular Amplifier Rules (FCC Part 20). This means that installing a Pro 710i signal booster won't require approval from every carrier before installation, unlike other 5G commercial signal boosters available on the market today.

The Pro 710i signal booster by Wilson Electronics features XDR (eXtended Dynamic Range) technology, similar to most of WilsonPro's signal boosters. That feature enables automatic adjustments to alterations in external signal quality. This technology helps ensure that the amplifier will never shut down or experience signal overload.

Your Guarantee. is very confident in all Wilson-Pro products, so all purchasers receive a 60-day money-back guarantee, in addition to a three-year manufacturer’s warranty by WilsonPro. If you would like to pre-order the WilsonPro 710i, please don't hesitate to contact us today and we're ready to take your order.

Notable Features of the WilsonPro Pro 710i 5G Signal Booster:

  • The Pro 710i is a single band (Band 71) signal amplifier.
  • This signal amplifier was designed by Wilson Electronics to support the ongoing rollout of the 5G network.
  • This booster is fully certified under the FCC "industrial" amplifier regulations.
  • Each installation of the Pro 710i signal booster requires approval and registration from your local "Band 71" carrier.
  • The Pro 710i can cover up to a massive 100,000 ft² where a strong outside cellular signal exists.
  • If required, this signal amplifier can be installed in parallel with other existing WilsonPro systems.
  • No kit purchase is necessary for installers: this product is marketed as "amplifier and power supply only" for purchase by integrators.

From Wilson Electronics; Manufacturer of the Pro 710i Signal Amplifier:

The Pro 710i is a single band, commercial-grade signal amplifier developed by Wilson Electronics to boost cellular signals on Band 71 (600 MHz) only.

The highly anticipated arrival of 5G represents a new generation of wireless network technology and is being excitedly welcomed by both businesses and consumers. Almost every industry will reap the benefits of the transformative technology of 5G from public safety, first responders, financial services, healthcare, education, retail, and so much more. With higher bandwidth, faster downloads, and the ability to connect multiple smart devices, 5G will deliver a more responsive, faster, low latency cellular network and further advance the Internet of Things.

Wilson Electronics has typically been a trailblazer when it comes to wireless technology innovation, and their introduction of the Pro 710i signal amplifier will allow owners and managers of large industrial constructions to boost their business by accessing the responsiveness, enhanced connectivity, and rapid download speeds of 5G. The kit consists of Wilson 710i Amp and Power Supply. SKU is 460064. It requires carrier approval from all carriers in area that own the 600 MHz, band 71 frequency. Additional cable and antennas sold separately. Professional installation by certified installers required.

What does it do better?

The Pro 710i industrial class, in-building, cell signal amplifier provides significantly enhanced band 71 (600 MHz) signal strength, supporting 4G LTE and 5G technology. The Pro 710i can be installed as either a "stand-alone" amplifier providing exclusive band 71 amplification, or it can be combined with a new or existing WilsonPro amplifier system, supporting multiple bands. Because the Pro 710i is an industrial class amplifier, local band 71 carrier approval must be obtained for every installation.

How does it work better?

The Pro 710i incorporates Wilson Electronics' state-of-the-art XDR (eXtended Dynamic Range) technology that prevents signal overload conditions which can, in accordance with regulations, force the amplifier to shut down. When the Pro 710i senses that any incoming cell signal is too strong and threatens to overload the system, XDR automatically reduces amplifier gain to compensate while maintaining signal coverage throughout the building. The Pro 710i incorporates an easy-to-use color LCD touch screen, and both antenna ports are located on the top of the unit for simple installation. Like all WilsonPro cell signal boosters, the Pro 710i amplifier system is universal: it works for all cellular devices, all services and all U.S. and Canada cell phone carriers using band 71 (600MHz).

Call us to buy Wilson Pro PRO710i:


Check out more Wilson Pro Enterprise kits today, that may meet your business company building cellular coverage needs.

Or request cell phone signal booster service, to get started.

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  • I thought that 5G would solve all our cell phone problems such as dropped calls, on-and-off call quality, and download/upload speeds but there are still problems. It’s too bad a business had to install a 5G booster, but as that saying goes, “it is what it is.”

    The Digital Don on
  • Jim – yes, it will work as standalone signal booster just fine. The drawback of installing just this booster is that it will boost only Band 71 frequency signals and no other. That is why they say you can add-on this booster along with ANY other booster that boosts rest of carrier frequencies that you may also want to boost.

    Rich on
  • It says it is designed to be paired with one of WilsonPro’s other commercial offerings such as the WilsonPro 1100, WilsonPro Enterprise 1300, or WilsonPro Enterprise 4300. So does it just complement, not replace, these boosters, and cannot work on its own? Will this work for me standalone?

    Jim on
  • I have learnt that both Surecall Force 8 and Wilson Pro 710i will boost T-Mobile 5G Band 71 – but what is the cost difference between them? Why aren’t prices listed?

    Ely on
  • Everybody seems to want 5G but I wonder how much consumers and businesses know about it (no, I’m talking about the conspiracy theories about it being unsafe) other than what they see and hear in ads. 5G can do a lot, but 5G isn’t at the point to deliver all its promoters claim. There are also issues such as the likely need for a cell phone booster when you have one. I hope people are educating themselves before they buy one.

    Scott Rhodes on
  • Highly anticipated 5G? Not by me. Between health concerns and issues about it being released before it was ready to work, I’m not looking forward to 5G. On a good note, I don’t work in an office anymore so I can avoid being around 5G for now (although if I did, I’d tell them to get a 5G booster if they wanted their 5G phones to work well).

    Bob Forrest on
  • Looking at the benefits of 5G, I think it’s going to be particularly useful for businesses, especially those that have their employees doing a lot of work on cell phones and/or using Wi-fi. As mentioned, they’ll need to make sure they have a strong signal, but a booster system sounds like it can make this happen too.

    Gina Saunders on
  • I’ve been brushing up on 5G for the last year and while it’s a big improvement (much as 4G was over 3G), it’s extremely disappointing that users still have to deal with signal reduction or blockages due to environmental factors. I guess it’s unrealistic to expect the basic nature of radio waves to change (that is, that they’re weakened or blocked by certain things). Thankfully, boosters are still available.

    Charles Winslow on

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