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SureCall In-Building Dome Antenna 3G, 4G, 50 Ohm (SC-222W or CM-222W).

SureCall In-Building Dome Antenna 3G, 4G, 50 Ohm (SC-222W or CM-222W).

SureCall In-Building Dome Antenna 3G, 4G, 50 Ohm (SC-222W or CM-222W).

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SKU: SC-222W

Best Price Guarantee

If not purchasing Indoor Dome Antenna (50 Ohm) Expansion Kit to add to a complete cell signal booster kit, add'l parts to connect it to your existing signal boosting system are:

One Additional Dome Antenna Would Require:

Two Additional Dome Antennas Would Require:

Three Additional Dome Antennae Would Require:

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Product Description

SureCall In-Building Dome Antenna works on all frequencies including 3G and 4G. This Sure-Call part number SC-222W or CM-222W operates on 50 Ohm signal booster systems. SureCall's full band dome omni-directional antenna is unobtrusive in its design. It is for inside building use. This in-building antenna has a low profile capable of blending very easily with indoor surroundings. It has 50 ohm impedance and covers a system ranging from WLAN, 4G, 3G and 2G voice for AWS, Cellular, LTE and PCS frequencies spanning 698 MHz to 2700 MHz compatibility.

Sure Call interior antenna is best mounted on the ceiling and receives and transmits within a beamwidth of 360 degrees to all cellphones. It provides a 3 dB to 4 dB Gain or even 2 dB to 5 dB gain and a radius of 39 feet. Being omni-directional, it is easy to install thanks to the included mounting equipment. This home internal antenna covers a range of 5,000 to 7,500 square feet with an up to 20 feet vertical height. It has an N-Female connector type. UPC: 896831002890.

Range of antenna is dependent on three factors: 

1) Physical obstructions.

2) Power generated by booster/ amplifier.

3) Reception from outside signal received and distributed by outside antenna.

Besides the antenna itself, the parts include mounting equipment for either a flat horizontal surface or a wall. It should be mounted in an upright position for best results. Alternate part numbers are: Sure-Call SC222W/ SC-222-W/ SC222-W. Cellphone-Mate CM222W/ CM-222-W/ CM222-W. UPC: 896831002890. This 5-band dome antenna is designed to integrate seamlessly with the interior of your building, and receive and transmit signals to cell phones within a 360 degree beamwidth of the device's installation. This dome inside antenna is easily installed on the ceiling of your building, and includes a mounting kit. You can expect to receive a 2 to 5db gain from the dome transmission.

SureCall SC-222W Dome Indoor Antenna Set Up.

This Cellphone-Mate CM222W full-band antenna is an omni-directional antenna designed to cover 360° for 2G/3G/4G and WLAN systems for Cellular, PCS, AWS and LTE frequencies. It is a high gain indoor antenna suited for places where the signal needs to be broadcast over a central area or space. This ceiling mount antenna transmits and receives signal to cell phones.

Installation Steps.

1. Choose a location on the portion of the ceiling that is accessible from above so you can run antenna cable to signal booster or amplifier. Please make sure the location you choose for this inside antenna allows for necessary separation between this inside and another outside external antenna you have or plan to install (antenna separation is helpful to prevent oscillation).

2. Drill a 3/8 of an inch diameter hole in your ceiling. The ceiling thickness should be atleast half an inch to support this dome shaped indoor antenna.

3. Unscrew fixing nut from dome antenna. Place antenna cable through that hole. Screw fixing nut back onto antenna base and cable on an attic side of ceiling, and fasten.

4. Attach the connection from this interior dome shaped antenna to the cable leading to your amplifier or booster with connector marked, "Inside".

5. Finally, you can easily hand-tighten fixing nut to secure this internal antenna.

Storage and transportation: Place in a non-extreme room temperature and dry environment. Not to be placed near fireplace or any open flame.

SureCall SC-222W Specifications.

Frequency 698-960/1700-2700
Input Impedance 50 ohm
Antenna Gain 2±0.5dBi/5±0.5dBi
Beamwidth 360 Degrees
VSWR ≤2.0
Polarization Type Vertical
Radiation Omni-directional
Maximum Power 50W
Connector type N-Female
Cable type CM240 or CM400 
Height (inches) 3.5”
Diameter 7.25”
Weight 10.5 oz
Ground Plane Built in ground plane
Mount Mounts to ceiling
Color White


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  • Can we mix dome and Panel antenna on the same Surecall 5x ?

    Yes, however do ensure both have same impedance. Please note doing that will split or divert signal strength coming into signal amplifier from donor antenna.

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Data Sheet

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