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Extended Range Technology (ERT) Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Extended Range Technology (ERT) cell phone signal boosters essentially amplify signal at the point of capture before it degrades through the cable prior to reaching the signal amplifier. These ERT booster systems either have built-in signal amplifier in exterior antenna (N-Range & Fusion2Go Max), or have inline signal booster right after signal capture by exterior antenna (Fusion4Home Max). All these types have Extended Range Technology (ERT) that help boost reception farther away from cell towers due to their noise lowering quality effect. What is Extender Range Technology? ERT redefines the typical signal booster design so as to avoid cable loss and feed a higher quality signal to your device. By doing so, ERT-enabled boosters benefit from a variety of performance improvements over non-ERT boosters. Such improvements include: 1) Higher signal-to-noise ratio (SINR) resulting in faster data speeds. 2) Twice the downlink gain. 3) More simultaneous users. 4) A larger coverage area. 5) Twice the uplink transmission power. These key benefits help keep you connected in rural homes, offices, as well as in vehicles while traveling in the most remote areas.

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