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Smooth Talker Extreme Power Home & Building Cell Phone Signal Boosters

SmoothTalker Stealth X6 cell phone signal boosters for homes and office buildings are the highest power building boosters on the market. They are perfect for rural and remote locations that are 10 miles (15 kilometers) and up to 35 miles (60 kilometers) from the nearest mobile service tower. It improves voice call clarity. It increases data speeds for all cellular devices. It is self-regulating and does not require any extra maintenance. Various versions of amplifier kit available providing a very large coverage footprint. It can work for all locations that are within 60 km (35 miles) from the nearest cell phone coverage tower. Industry Canada IC ISED Approved, and Certified by FCC. All amplifier kits are complete kits (no other parts required for a complete installation). All signal amplifiers have been Industry Canada IC ISED Approved, and FCC Certified.