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Pro IoT 2 Band & 5 Band Wilson M2M Signal Boosters

Wilson M2M or machine to machine communication and "Internet of Things" (IoT) require wireless data exchange between object and infrastructure, such as a vending machine and a warehouse. Cellular networks are common conduits for IOT or M2M. However, a weak or spotty cell connection can adversely affect inventories, revenue, and even security. Wilson Pro cell signal boosters detect any available signal and amplify it so that M2M or IoT communication can take place over the mobile network, ensuring a reliable wireless connection for uninhibited data transfer.

The IoT 2‐Band and IoT 5‐Band, formerly the Pro Signal 3G and Pro Signal 4G, link with data modems as direct‐connect amplifiers. Configurable to almost any IoT communication system, they are designed to fit into the tight spaces of ATMs, movie‐rental kiosks, vending machines, and more. Both offer multiple kit options, auto‐power control, and boost signal to and from cell towers. The IoT 5‐Band also features passive RF bypass failover. Below, browse WilsonPro M2M signal boosters available for USA & Canada. Please contact us if you need any assistance with your purchase. Thank you.