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5G Ready: 5G vs 4G / LTE For Cell Phone Signal Booster Integrators

5G Ready: 5G vs 4G / LTE For Cell Phone Signal Booster Integrators

News For Integrators: Wilson Electronics Is Ready For 5G.

5G is taking over, and is ready with Wilson Electronics products. We pride ourselves on carrying products that will enhance cell phone signals for all devices on all carrier networks throughout United States.

5G Versus 4G LTE.

5G works by transmitting data using the mmWave frequency at a much faster rate than 4G LTE, but with a smaller coverage area. As carriers start to roll out 5G, the extensive network of towers will fill any gaps in 5G coverage with 4G LTE signals already in place. The role of a cell phone signal booster is to enhance both of these signals inside homes, workplaces, and other buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions about 5G:

What does 5G stand for, and how does it relate to me?

5G is the fifth generation of cell phone standards. 5G has been eagerly anticipated throughout the cell phone world, especially given the performance advantages it can offer over the existing 4G LTE network. 5G provides connection speeds similar to fiber cables, but over the cellular network. Also, it offers real-time responses with lower latency as required by VR and AI applications, along with the density of connection to meet the enormous and ever-increasing demands for the Internet of Things (IoT).

For all its benefits, the 5G network does have one major downfall, and that is that the millimeter-wave frequency of signals drops faster than signals at lower frequencies. For this reason, 5G will not, and was never intended to - replace the existing 4G LTE network. What it will do is provide enhanced signal speed in metropolitan areas and major cities where the concentration of coverage is more important than a wide area of coverage.

Does 5G technology make signal amplification unnecessary?

No. For as long as there are barriers to cellular signals, whether man-made or natural, technology to amplify cell phone signals will remain as important as ever. This is regardless of the speed or latency of 5G or any future cellular networks. If anything, signal amplification is more important on the 5G network than on the previous 4G LTE network. This is because the mmWave technology used in the 5G network transmits at a higher frequency, making it much harder for these signals to pass through energy-efficient glass, metal, brick, concrete, and similar materials.

Also, the 4G LTE network will still be providing signal coverage to fill in the gaps where 5G cannot reach. Any signal amplification that is currently used or needed on the 4G LTE network will continue to be necessary for the future if it is in an area which cannot be accessed by 5G.

Will cell phone signal amplification devices still be necessary on the 5G network?

Yes. In many areas where coverage inside a building is limited, cell signal amplification will still be necessary. Additionally, in places where 5G cannot reach, the current 4G LTE network will continue to operate and may still need signal amplification.

As mentioned, 5G is broadcast at a much higher frequency than current signals, ultimately diminishing its ability to penetrate construction materials and insulated walls. Mid-band 5G signals will be amplified in a very similar way to the current network, with only a few new hardware components required in the existing infrastructure.

Will Wilson Electronics amplifiers work on the 5G network?

Absolutely. Mobile carriers will still need to use the existing 4G LTE network even after the 5G network is fully rolled out, to cover any gaps that 5G simply cannot reach. The new 5G/4G LTE combination is predicted to reach at least into 2030, and the signal boosters and amplifiers sold by Wilson Electronics at will work for at least that long - and well into the future.

The 5G network was designed to complement the existing 4G LTE network, not to replace it. The success of 5G depends on a level of reliance on the existing 4G LTE network and infrastructure, particularly in the event of redundancy or failover. Read more about 5G and cell phone boosters.

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