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5G Ready Cell Phone Signal Boosters

All of the following cell phone signal boosters are 4G and 5G Phone Compatible - They boost voice and 4G LTE data signals on 5G phones and devices. What does "5G Ready" mean? It means that all cell phone signal boosters listed below will work in a 5G world because Carriers will continue to rely on the 4G LTE network to provide service for the majority of subscribers well into 2030 and beyond. "5G Ready" in boosters also implies that where 5G network is not available (this includes places on map where 5G exists per the Carrier, but there's no service at a specific spot due to factors such as building materials, trees, etc.), the 5G device will automatically use default available 4G or LTE network which will, in turn, be enhanced by these boosters to provide better coverage if it is not already optimum. All of our 4G boosters are 5G ready if carriers decide to re-purpose their existing non-5G bands that are on bands 2/4/5/12/13. Since there's nothing showing that the actual 5G bands are in use, technically our 4G LTE boosters are ready for 5G in case the carriers upgrade their networks on to 5G with their existing frequencies. In summary, all of the following boosters cover exact same frequencies that all other boosters listed elsewhere which state "5G Ready" beside them.