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AT&T Enterprise Small Cells System for 250k - 500k sq. ft.

AT&T Enterprise Small Cells System Design and Installation.

AT&T Small Cell System

AT&T Enterprise Small Cells System Design and Installation Service.

Certified service with required approvals from AT&T Wireless.

  1. Site Survey.
  2. Enterprise Small Cells System Design.
  3. Equipment Installation & Connectivity.
  4. Testing AT&T Small Cell Deployment.
  5. Project Management.
  6. Monitoring & Maintenance.

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ATT Small Cell System Installation Design

Site Survey.

Our RF technical team consists of licensed technicians and installers. Our team always undertakes a detailed site survey before any design and installation work commences. They will use professional equipment to investigate your site and draw up a detailed list of your exact requirements. This ensures that always delivers state-of-the-art cellular capacity and coverage.

A site surveys typically includes the following actions:

  • Building and Safety Codes requirements.
  • Wireless service provider Spectrum Snapshots.
  • When required, we’ll test any transmitters on site.
  • Analysis of Principal Server.
  • Detailed annotations on Floor Plans.
  • Ambient Signal Strength Analysis.

AT&T Small Cell System Design.

We use small cell solutions to densify your network, thereby diverting traffic away from the main network to add capacity. uses different small cell technologies in suitable configurations to meet your specific requirements through a tailor-made solution.

AT&T Small Cell Installation & Connectivity.

It is easy to meet your specific requirements if you select whatever services you need from the list shown below. Being an AT&T Small Cell vendor, provides surveys, design, installation and maintenance as part of our installation and connectivity services. Any project undertaken is built on strong project management, detailed documentation and engineering expertise by a licensed installer.

Select what you need from our list of Installation Services below:

  • Verification of System.
  • System Acceptance Testing.
  • Field Construction ​ Management.
  • In-Building System Maintenance.
  • Nationwide Services.
  • Documentation required by Building Codes.
  • Complete Installation Documentation.
  • Cable Integrity checking.
  • Documenting Your Safety Requirements.

Project Management.

The PMBOK methodology developed by the Project Management Institute is used by project teams internationally to ensure that work is done to the highest professional standards.

To be able to deliver a project on time and in budget, project management is a must. That is why we require all our project team members to have PMP certification and years of experience installing in-building wireless systems.

The team members are in regular contact with customers to ensure all needs are fully identified and catered for. Detailed project close-out checklists are used to tie up any loose ends. This results in consistent system delivery.

Monitoring & Maintenance.

A high system uptime leads to increased productivity in any company. To achieve this, problem prevention is key and we do preventive maintenance regularly to this end. We will provide you with the details of maintenance done and an assessment report every year.

Using a wireless router provided by us, 24/7 AT&T DAS Small Cell monitoring of all SNMP messages is performed.

When a problem occurs on your system, it is accessed remotely and a technician who will check alarms, identify the problem and if possible, fix it remotely. If it is not possible to resolve the problem from our offices, a technician will be sent to do repairs at your site.

Our support team is trained continuously to enable them to resolve AT&T Small Cell DAS issues fast and efficiently. Our support plans all contain various choices for keeping hardware spares. Keeping spares likely to be needed on site minimizes downtime due to repairs being done quickly.


Get a free, no-obligation estimate for expert signal enhancing system design and professional installation of AT&T Small Cell signal enhancement system. Excellent for any size non-profit governmental or for-profit private company commercial / business property. Enjoy a turn-key start to finish design, installation, and maintenance service by industry leading experienced team covering a nationwide footprint in USA & internationally across Canada.