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Best signal booster for iPhone & iPad models.

iPhone Signal Booster

Looking to increase the signal receiving power of 3G, 4G, 5G network in iPhone? While there's definitely the best signal booster among those listed below just for your Apple iPhone & iPad model, which is that best one can only be determined based on a few factors unique to your indoor location where you need your signal improved, or the type of vehicle within which you want to improve your signal strength.

Apple iPads and iPhones are incredible devices which are usually a joy to use - but not if you have weak cellular signals. Poor cell phone signal at home, in the office, or in your vehicle can make your shiny Apple device quickly go from a technological wonder to just a huge frustration. Whether it is a hardware problem or one concerning its operating system, people all over the world are commonly facing an issue of not being able to receive good enough cellular signals in decibels.

Many iPhone signal booster apps are available at iTunes or Apple app store to boost iPhone or iPad signal, but downloading it and using it does not help for most. The reason such applications do not help is that they merely disconnect cell service or put phone/ tablet computer in a mode similar to an airplane mode. Then it reconnects the service so the tablet or phone searches for signal from nearest cell tower again. This seldom improves signal because it does not really do anything of value to enhance the phone signal at that location.

The simplest and most effective way to resolve this ongoing problem is to purchase a signal amplifier which is a decibel booster. As long as there's some signal outside (measured in decibel milliwatts - dBm), this miraculous device will help you gain upto 32 times better signal strength, whether you're within a building or travelling in a vehicle. While there're wide range of signal boosters listed below that work for all Apple models, choosing the best one for yourself can be based upon a few factors unique to your indoor location where you need your signal improved, or the type of vehicle within which you want to improve your connectivity.

Best "In-Building" iPhone Signal Booster for homes, offices, buildings.

Scroll down to pick the best Apple iPhone signal booster for your home or office based on the coverage area you need to boost. Most boosters below state the coverage space within which they can improve reception. Secondly, if the signal is extremely weak outside, pick the next one up offering more square feet coverage space because the coverage space listed is based on good signal outside the building.

The biggest cause of weak signal is often not the cell tower providing it, but the building you are in. The cause of your low bars is far more likely to be due to the construction materials used in your home or office. Cellular signals have a hard time passing through metal and concrete. If you can get signal outside your building, on the roof, or from an upstairs window, but not indoors, then the problem is likely to be building materials interfering with your signal - and a cell phone signal booster could effortlessly fix the problem.

A cellphone signal booster can amplify mobile network signals giving your smartphone a better signal strength to make clearer calls with reduced noise and distortion. Modern smart phone signal boosters also minimize technical noise in voice calls giving you a clearer and improved voice over the phone. To view our range of the best Apple iPhone signal boosters, scroll down below. Most of our boosters state the coverage space within which they can improve reception. If the signal is extremely weak outside, pick the smartphone signal booster with more coverage space because the space listed below is based on good signal outside the building.

Best "In-Vehicle" iPhone Signal Booster for cars, trucks, rvs.

Scroll down and click the "Vehicle" tab below. Pick the best car, truck, or RV signal booster below based on the type of vehicle you have, where you plan to install it. The same effect can also be seen in a car, truck or RV. The metal frame of the vehicle blocks electromagnetic fields and frequency waves, making it difficult for cell signal to penetrate inside. To view our selection of signal amplifiers for a vehicle such as a car, truck or RV, scroll down below and click on the "Vehicle" tab.

All our iOS signal amplifiers work for all iPhone & iPad (wifi + cellular) models (see current list below), simultaneously.

Original i-Phone (A1203) i-Phone 3G (A1241) i-Phone 3GS (A1303) i-Phone 4 (A1332, A1349) i-Phone 4S (A1387)
i Phone 5 (A1428, A1429) i Phone 5c (A1456, A1507, A1526, A1529 or A1532) i Phone 5s (A1453, A1457, A1528, A1530 or A1533) i Phone 6 (A1549, A1586 or A1589) i Phone 6 Plus (A1522, A1524 or A1593)
iPhone 6s (A1633 or A1688) iPhone 6s Plus (A1634 or A1687) iPhone SE (A1723, A1662 or A1724) iPhone 7 (A1660, A1778 or A1779) iPhone 7 Plus (A1661, A1784 or A1785)
iPhone 8 (A1863, A1905, A1906) iPhone 8 Plus (A1864, A1897, A1898) iPhone X / iPhone 10 (A1865 GSM, A1865 CDMA, A1901, A1902) i Pad Air (A1475) i Pad Air 2 (A1567)
i-Pad Mini (A1454, A1455) i-Pad Mini 2 (A1490) i-Pad Mini 3 (A1600) i-Pad Mini 4 (A1550) i-Pad Pro 12.9 inches 2015 (A1652)
iPad Pro 9.7 inches 2016 (A1674, A1675) iPad Pro 10.5 inches 2017 (A1709) iPad Pro 12.9 inches 2017 (A1671) iPad 9.7 inches 2018 (A1892)