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British & U.S Virgin Islands (VI) Cell Signal Booster Installer

Facing poor signal reception on U.S Virgin Islands (VI) or British Virgin Islands? No matter which corner you're perched atop, our prompt booster installations and quotes will find you to rescue you. 40 miles (60 km) off east coast of Puerto Rico, there nestles a cluster of three major Islands surrounded by a scatter of minor islands that together maketh U.S Virgin Is. Saint John, Saint Thomas, and Saint Criox house the majority of its population of 104,777. It comes a surprise to many then, that even with a land area of 133.73 sq. miles, US Virgin Islands is the 42nd most densely populated place on the planet with a population density of 310 per sq. km. Despite the sprawling land area, not all of it is habitable.

St. Thomas is torn into two halves at the middle by a ridge of long hills. Smaller ridges branching off from the centre crawl over most of its terrain leaving little room for flat areas. On similar lines, St. John goes up and down along an irregular terrain comprising of hills and valleys. St. Croix is more forgiving of the lot. Though it nurtures arid, rocky hills on its eastern terrain, the land gets bearable towards its central regions dotted with lofty mountains, and lush green fruit trees and ferns. No wonder population is cooped up in the few residential areas where people can eke out a living. It is in these very regions that tourism thrives and tourist in thousands come to soak in the Caribbean sun. Add to this, the recent slew of hurricanes and other natural disasters and you know why the scarce communication infrastructure faces an overload situation every now and then. The post-hurricane damage control has restored most of the cellular towers but it could be a while before an infrastructure that beats the impossible Caribbean terrains can be set up. Do you reside on U.S Virgin Islands? A wireless wi-fi and/or cellular booster or amplifier could make your life easier.

Depending on the type of booster and installation, the wifi & cell phone booster can increase signal strength even in "dead zones" within homes, buildings, businesses, and vehicles. Large commercial buildings with lots of interior spaces having dead zones may require active Distributed Antenna System (DAS). In addition to boosting consumer cell phone frequencies and bands, we provide public safety signal boosters. Public safety signal enhancement systems can be based on both bi-directional amplifying system as well as active DAS to cover all 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz SMR public safety bands within all indoor spaces. We install professionally to meet and exceed all fire code requirements. We get all necessary approvals and certifications from respective cell service carriers as well as local fire department fire marshal's office.

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List of cellular service carriers in U.S.V.I. & B.V.I. we can help boost signals for:

AT&T (USVI) Choice Wireless (USVI) Digicel (BVI) Flow (BVI)
Sprint (USVI) T-Mobile (USVI) Tracfone Wireless (USVI)

Cities where we offer cell phone booster installation services:

Adelphi Adrian Altona Annaberg Anna's Retreat
Barrett Bellevue Benner Bethany Bolongo
Bonne Esperance Bordeaux Bovoni Cabritaberg Calabash
Caret Bay Estate Carolina Cassi Hill Charlotte Amalie Charlotte Amalie West
Christiansted Concordia Contant Contant Coral Bay
Cowell Battery Cruz Bay Donoe Dorothea East End
Emmaus Enighed Enighed Ensomned Estate Thomas
Fish Bay Fort Christian Fortuna Frederiksted Fredriksdal
Frenchtown Frydendal Hermitage Hoffman John Oley
Johns Folly Lameshur Leinster Bay Lerkenlund L'Esperance
Lilliendahl Louisenhoj Lovenlund Mafolie Maho Bay
Mandal Mandal Mandal Mariendal Mary Point
Misgen Mollendal Monte Mount Pleasant Nadir
Nazareth Neltjeberg Palestina Pearson Gardens Peterborg
Raphune Red Hook Reef Bay Resolution Rosendal
Santa Maria Estate Sieben Solberg Sorgenfri Susannaberg
Tutu Windberg Zambee

Zip codes where we offer cell phone booster installation services in US Virgin Islands:

00820 00821 00822 00823 00824
00840 00841 00850 00851 00830
00831 00801 00802 00803 00804