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Can a vehicle cell signal booster be installed in home or office?

Yes, but there are several things that first need to be considered:

  1. Take a reading of the cellular signal strength outside the building where the outside antenna will be mounted.

The cell phone signal must be stronger than -95 dBm for the mobile booster to work properly. A wireless signal less than -105dB means the cell signal booster will not provide a boost to your device and is not recommended, even if a home unit is used. Worse yet, the max gain vehicle cellphone boosters can provide is 50 dB whereas indoor cell phone signal boosters can provide minimum 60 dB gain so indoor signal amplifier kit will be required in many instances when outside signal is very weak.

  1. Wireless vehicle cell boosters provide signal coverage for a very limited area - only the size of a vehicle interior. Therefore, it may be very inconvenient to use them indoors as you would have to get close to within 4 feet of interior antenna to realize mobile reception improvement.
  2. When using a cradle cellular booster, the cell-phone must remain in the cradle to utilize the signal boost. This may be inconvenient indoors as there will only be one place in the house to keep the phone (in cradle) to ensure it consistently receives good cellular network connection.


Therefore, while it is possible to use vehicle cell signal booster in home or office, it is best to use vehicle cell signal booster in vehicles and indoor signal booster in homes and offices because they are designed to comfortably provide good reception respectively. If you have a vehicle cell signal booster and would like to use the same portable one for your home, that is fine as long as you're aware of its limitations. We always recommend that you get cellphone booster that is most suitable to meet your coverage requirements in respective situations where you may find yourself with weak cellphone signal. If you don't know which model(s) is best for your situation, please contact us - we will be glad to help. Or choose from home and car booster options tool