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Can I Get Help with Installation of My Cell Phone Signal Booster or Amplifier Kit?

The instructions for our home, mobile, and SOHO boosters and kits are very straightforward and they are easily set up if you follow the user guide or manual. There're many videos we have at this website that help with installations. Simply search for what you need and look under "News & Information" tab. An example is the video provided below that wil help you to calculate signal booster coverage area.

Installing amplifier kits or simply calculating cell phone coverage area to determine which booster to buy or to install the one you have bought, should become easy with the help of such videos. If you still feel you would like us to come install the cell phone booster system in your home or commercial property, please submit a booster installation quote request. We will gladly provide quote and if acceptable, we will arrange timing and come to install the system for you at your location.

Watch the video below to figure out how to calculate signal booster coverage area.